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A “Pip” on a tongue: the causes and ways of its treatment

how to treat a pip on a tongue

Often, the desire to tell your friend “may you get the pip…” is spoken in the form of jokes, without thinking about the fact that instead of wishing “many years of life” you wish a person an unpleasant disease.

A “pip” is called in medicine glossitis and can have quite unpleasant symptoms. The disease is connected not with lies, as it was thought in the 16th century, but only with non-compliance of hygiene standards and factors associated with the formation of sores in the mouth.


The growth of pathogenic microbes in the oral cavity due to unwashed hands is the main source of the disease.

In the future, harmful bacteria enter the wound, and in its place glossitis is formed. Often after an acute respiratory infection or flu on the background of a weakened organism a nasty sore can appear.

A “pip” may indicate other, more serious diseases, such as stomatitis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, problems with the digestive tract, helminthic infection. Problems with the immune system may be a common cause of glossitis that appears from time to time, acquiring a chronic form.

Sometimes glossitis may occur during pregnancy or blood diseases, rheumatism and lupus erythematosus.

The following reasons may provoke or aggravate:

  • damage to the mouth with a fish bone, seeds, nuts;
  • damage to the muscular body of a cavity with incorrectly installed crowns or dentures, periodontitis;
  • bonbons;
  • burns;
  • hot spices in food;
  • excessive use of alcohol;
  • excessive smoking irritates a tongue with heavy metal salts;
  • allergy, for example, due to poor toothpaste;
  • vitamin deficiency.

It is important to know that a median rhomboid glossitis, which is a congenital anomaly cannot be cured!


symptoms of glossitisWhen glossitis painful burning sensations, tongue numbness appears in a mouth. Sometimes the syndrome is enhanced with painful swallowing and chewing. The muscular body in the mouth is swollen and covered with white plaque, edema appears on it.

If the disease is not prevented in time, glossitis can become chronic, and that will be much harder to cure it. Papillomas in forms of blotches appear. Diagnosis of a qualified dentist is required to assign the correct treatment.

Glossitis may occur for various reasons, and, consequently, its accompanying symptoms can be very different.

Thus, the surface manifestation of the disease is characterized by furred, swollen tongue. Taste is violated, there appears salivation. Because of the pain in the mouth, it becomes hard to talk.

In a complicated course of the disease, the inflammation extends from the tongue to the throat, chin, and neck.

In case of migrating disease, on the back and sides of the tongue, red lesions appear, surrounded by a crown. For three days, the ulcer heals itself and appears in another place.

Outbreaks can change the shape, merge with each other, and resemble continents on a map. Symptoms include a burning sensation and pain.

Symptoms of the disease may be the following: from the back of the tongue to the middle line there appears a bright red section, with a blue tint, reminiscent of the diamond, which emerges at the surface from time to time. In the future, it may overgrow with papillomas.

A disease of birds can be accompanied by reproduction and hardening processes, similar to the hair with the length up to 1 inch. of yellow or black color. The patient has tickles in the throat, sore tongue, there is a frequent urge to vomit.

If hypovitaminosis occurs during glossitis symptoms appear depending on what vitamin is not enough in the body:

  • With a lack of vitamin A – a dry mouth, painful cracks.
  • If the body lacks vitamins B, the tongue becomes red, sensitive, painful.
  • With a lack of vitamin C – the blood vessels are greatly noticeable on the muscular organ in the mouth.

The methods of treatment

  • Give up rough, spicy, salty foods, carbonated beverages irritating the mucous membrane of the tongue.
  • Eat more fruits, berries and vegetables, especially rich in vitamin C. For example, beets – inexpensive, an affordable vegetable that is good for the immune system and enriches the body with vitamins.
  • If the cause of the glossitis is traumatic for a tongue crown or prosthesis, it is necessary to correct this defect at a dentist.
  • Forget about cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Complex treatment using folk remedies and / or medication by means of rinsing and applications.
  • To strengthen the immune system, take drugs Imupret, Immudon, Immunal.
  • A balanced diet. Reduce the number of flour, sweet and salt in your diet. Try to eat foods compatible with each other.

The use of folk remedies

Nature generously gives its means to defeat the unpleasant diseases. Basil, sage, coriander, these and countless amount of other plants are designed to cure glossitis.

Peach or buckthorn oil, rosehip oil are good folk remedies to combat glossitis. They can be applied as a compress on the tongue.

Rinsing with infusions of herbs such as St. John’s wort, chamomile, celandine, calendula, nettle effectively heal wounds. Regimen should be carried out not less frequently than every three hours.

A good antiseptic and analgesic are an oak bark.

medications from pipThe herbal infusion should be properly prepared. Grass or bark is pour with boiling water and put in a water bath. Then it’s covered with a lid made for 15-20 minutes, for the grass to give all her strength to the broth. Rinse the mouth every three hours with cooled broth.

Propolis is also a powerful tool against the glossitis. It can be kept in the mouth for a long time for healing wounds.

Folk remedies can be alternated with each other. For the disease to pass faster than you can do rinsing, and applications, alternating them in between.

Infusion or oil of eucalyptus soothes and heals glossitis.

You can make the healing ointment of grated potatoes with vegetable oil. The mixture is applied as a compress on the affected area of a tongue. Alternatively, the juice of raw potato can be used as a mouthwash.

The easy and affordable method of treatment is to rinse your mouth with a solution of soda, one tablespoon per cup of warm boiled water.

A warm decoction of the leaves of horseradish also eliminates the pain and heals wounds.

Gathering herbs can be combined with each other to enhance the effect.

For example, raspberry leaves, coltsfoot, mallow are brewed 3 to 1 for rinsing the mouth and plants, added enhance healing qualities and have a positive impact already in less than a day.

Thus, whatever folk remedy is used for the treatment of glossitis, it can surely be considered a strong, healthy and not harmful to the body.

Medication methods to cure the disease

For a comprehensive and competent treatment of glossitis inspection by a qualified physician for proper diagnosis and prescribing treatment, a course is required.

The modern pharmacy can boast an extensive list of medications that can cure glossitis on the tongue.

The solution of furatsilin or Iodinol is used for rinsing the mouth, effectively helps with glossitis. A tongue can be lubricated with oxolin ointment or “Stomatofit” ointment.

Retinol acetate is an excellent tool to combat the disease of birds. It is necessary to open the capsule and put the contents on the wound.

In severe forms of glossitis antibiotics that can be prescribed only by the doctor are used.

Antifungal agents help if glossitis is caused by stomatitis.

Antiseptics are applied locally. Very helpful is the treatment with sprays. For example, Geksaspray heals wounds and pain. Injecting spray causes no difficulty, there is no need to prepare it, as in the case with a decoction of herbs.

Antiviral drugs in some cases, also help in to fight against glossitis, provided that they are prescribed by your doctor.

With a strong tongue edema, edematous medicine is allowed.

If glossitis is accompanied by fever and general malaise, apply anti-inflammatory drugs.

Analgesics are used as a medication or locally to eliminate pain. For example, it is possible to rinse the mouth with lidocaine every three hours.

Prevention of the disease

Prevention of the glossitisIncreased immunity is the main condition for getting rid of the glossitis. Without this component glossitis may become a frequent companion of your tongue, appearing again and again.

Healthy living without nicotine and alcohol will help maintain health and not to detect from time to time a nasty sore in the mouth.

To help strengthen the immune system pharmacy tools are used. For example, available, an inexpensive mean is Echinacea.

Observe oral hygiene. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening and after every meal. For prevention, it is necessary at least once a year to visit the dentist.

If there are symptoms that cause concern, it is the best to contact a qualified technician. After all the usual glossitis may be a sign of serious illness, as a minimum, herpes or stomatitis.

After taking antibiotics you need to take a course of probiotics or daily eat dairy products.

Do not activate a chronic disease.

An interesting fact is that the name glossitis appeared due to special growths on the beak of birds, allowing them to peck grain. To avoid the unpleasant growths not needed for a person, you need to follow the rules of hygiene, and without neglecting the people’s wisdom, “to preserve the purity of a tongue”, not cursing and condemning others.

After all, a good mood, friendly attitude towards others, will prevent sores and give well-being and health.

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