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Causes of brown tongue coating

how to treat coating on the tongue brown

Our body is designed so that it can send us signals indicating the development of serious diseases. One of these signs is the emergence of the brown plaque on a tongue.

Let us consider why a tongue can be overlaid with brown plaque, what to do in such cases, and how to get rid of it?

How does it appear?

The surface of the tongue is rough because it has small taste buds on it. If a person is healthy, they are of white color. The tongue itself has to be pink.

During the meal, the food particles stuck between those taste buds. As the result, a favorable environment for the development of a variety of bacteria is created. This process looks like a plaque of different shades.

Type of food can affect the color of a tongue. For example, if you drink coffee or eat chocolate, it becomes brown. After cleaning the mouth, it should go away.

If after cleaning the tongue brown color does not go away or comes back after a time, you should look for the cause of this phenomenon.

Doctor, examining the mouth, pays attention to the tongue color and the thickness of the plaque:

  • If the layers are thin, it means that a person begins to develop a viral disease.
  • Thicker formation suggests that the patient has a chronic illness.


It may appear as a result of the use of colored food or as a result of serious chronic diseases.

Typically, the brown plague speaks of the digestive system disorders. The more intense it is, the more acute stage of the disease is.

Let us consider the causes that are not a serious reason for concern.


tongue coating in smokersFor heavy smokers not only the fingers but also teeth get colored. Coloring components appear as dark brown spots. There are traces left on a tongue after intensive smoking.

The resins contained in tobacco can change the natural color of the mouth. Therefore, after smoking uneven staining of a tongue in a dark color can be seen.


If you notice that a tongue has unusual color, remember what medications have you taken lately. Many of them give a side effect, and information about it can be found in the annotations to the drug.

For means that form a light and dark brown plague we include:

  • Faringosept. Appointed with a sore throat or for the treatment of angina.
  • Malawit. After stopping taking the medicine, a natural color returns.
  • Antibiotics. Also, give brown tint, after passing the course, the side effects go away.

Brown plaque, which was formed as a result of taking any medicines, is not a cause for discontinuation of therapy or changing medication.

Coloring drinks

First of all, it’s tea and coffee. Abuse of these drinks causes temporary staining of the teeth and tongue. This plaque is removed very easily. It is enough to clean the oral cavity by means of a conventional toothpaste.

In such cases, brown tint should not be a cause for concern. To reduce its occurrence, it is not recommended to drink strong tea, eat a lot of chocolate or drink a few cups of coffee a day.

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With a yellow tinge

To properly diagnose which disease a person has, pay attention to the tinge of the plague. Impurities yellow tones appear in the presence of:

Fungal diseases

As a result, of mycosis mucosa during the early stages of the dense coating can be observed, which is difficult to remove. Initially, it is white and does not cause great anxiety.

Delays in treatment of fungal diseases lead to the fact that it starts to get dark. As a result, in the middle of the tongue, the yellow-brown overlay is formed.

Diseases of the digestive system

Quite often, this is a consequence of dysbiosis or poisoning. In this case, the patient experiences the following symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • heaviness in the stomach;
  • intense pain;
  • the sense of bitterness in the mouth;
  • the patient has diarrhea or constipation.

These reasons require treatment, folk remedies, or cleaning the mouth will not help here. When a plague layer appears a therapist examination is required.

Among the causes of occurrence of yellowish plague also noted is the abuse of alcohol, chemicals or the use of large quantities of medications. Also, the lungs and bronchi examination are recommended.

Dark brown

Reasons for this phenomenon may be hazardous to some human body diseases:


This can occur if a person has long ignored diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Do not think that heavy drinking will correct the situation.

Dehydration treatment is held only under the supervision of a physician gastroenterologist. In this case, the doctor monitors the plague.

The successful treatment indicates its decrease and reduction of color intensity, from dark to light.

Lack of vitamins

vitamins for tongueIn this case, a coating can take a very dark color, to black. An additional symptom is a formation of cracks on the tongue. These signs indicate that the human body lacks vitamin B. Delays in treatment lead to the fact that the layers become red.

These symptoms require an immediate visit to the doctor because the symptoms are indicators of very serious diseases. Among them are diabetic coma and Addison’s disease.

This color can talk about the development of pellagra. This is a dangerous disease which means that the body receives a small amount of nicotinic acid.

These layers can also say that a person has kidney disease, gallbladder or liver. SARS may be accompanied by the formation of plaque, especially in the early days of the disease.

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Light brown

Its presence indicates that the person has problems with joints, namely, inflammatory processes occurring there. Also, it may indicate that the patient has a disturbance of lymph drainage.

If a person is prone to chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, such a plague is a signal that the disease has worsened.

If it constant happens in the morning

After sleeping a healthy person normally can have a white plaque or with a small tinge of brown. It is removed, as a rule, easily. It’s enough to brush your tongue with conventional hygiene products.

The rich brown color on the tip of the tongue indicates diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs. If the layers are closer to the root of the tongue, it is necessary to look for the cause of their appearance at the gastroenterologist.

One of the reasons for the plague is a nasty disease of the mouth – stomatitis. In the initial stages, the patient notices layers of white plague. They can be removed, but a person experiences a severe pain. These symptoms should alert the patient and be a reason to go to the doctor.

If these symptoms are ignored, then the coating darkens, and the patient’s condition deteriorates. There are sores in the mouth and increased body temperature.

Among children

Its origin could mean the development of the same diseases as among adults. On examination, the child’s doctor first determines the thickness of the layers and its localization:

  • Tip of the tongue. This means that the child needs to check the bronchi or the lungs.
  • Symmetrical patches. May indicate the pneumonia development.
  • Centre of the tongue. This localization suggests that a child has problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Brown staining occurs as a result of receiving the dye products. Quite often it happens when a child is introduced to a new food.

If the child’s stomach cannot cope with its responsibilities, it can result in a chronic illness, and a tongue at the same time acquires a brown tint.

How to get rid of it?

how to remove brown plaque from the tongueIt is to be understood that the patient’s task is not just to get rid of layers, but to eliminate the cause of their occurrence. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Make a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity. Use hygiene products treating teeth, tongue, gums.
  • Then observe the condition of the oral cavity. If the plaque is no longer there, then it is caused due to medication or the use of coloring products.
  • The return of brown color and its complicated removal is a reason to visit the doctor. The plague, which lasts for 3-5 days, is an evidence of the problems that are to be treated by a gastroenterologist.
  • As preventive measures do herbal decoction of chamomile and calendula. Propolis has a bactericidal effect which destroys germs causing plaque decreases.

Preventive measures

Since the plague occurs after the formation of bacteria in the oral cavity, it is necessary to use the methods that will stop their development:

  • To check your diet and eat healthy foods. Avoid fatty foods, limit the intake of alcohol and coffee.
  • Add fiber diet, plenty of water and dairy products.
  • Replace the black tea to green or herbal.
  • It is better to start the morning with a glass of water and divide eating within 3-4 times.
  • Do sit-ups for a week and exercise – “bicycle”.

If you have a brown plague on the tongue you should thoroughly clean your mouth. If it does not go away in 3-5 days, changes its hue or becomes more intense, you need to be examined and look up for the cause of this phenomenon.

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