The causes of cracks on the tongue

A pure tongue, without cracks and plaque, indicates normal functioning of the human body. The appearance of any change suggests serious violations in the work of the internal organs. The causes of these changes are different, ranging from congenital predisposition, ending with metabolic

Why do cracks occur on a tongue?

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Why does white plaque appear on the tongue?

Quite often during, before or after brushing teeth, people notice that there is a white plaque formed on the tongue. Do you need to worry when finding such a phenomenon? Or, perhaps, it is normal. To understand the issue and to answer these questions, you need to know why the tongue is

Why does white plaque appear on the tongue?

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Should you be afraid of red spots on the tongue?

If eyes are the “mirror of the soul”, the tongue – is a reflection of the state of human health. A little foolish look, people, who carefully observe the tongue, which doesn’t differ with a special beauty. But this should be done, because it is even more foolish to miss a serious illness,

Why do red spots appear on the tongue?

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A “Pip” on a tongue: the causes and ways of its treatment

Often, the desire to tell your friend “may you get the pip…” is spoken in the form of jokes, without thinking about the fact that instead of wishing “many years of life” you wish a person an unpleasant disease. A “pip” is called in medicine glossitis and can have quite unpleasant symptoms.

How to treat a “pip” on the tongue?

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Causes of brown tongue coating

Our body is designed so that it can send us signals indicating the development of serious diseases. One of these signs is the emergence of the brown plaque on a tongue. Let us consider why a tongue can be overlaid with brown plaque, what to do in such cases, and how to get rid of […]

Why is the tongue coated with a brown plaque?

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Yellow tongue coating: the causes and ways of treatment

Since childhood, it is well known – to show a tongue is not appropriate. With the only exception: if so is requested by the doctor. And no matter how many years we have, we dutifully show a tongue in the hope that the people in a white robe will see and understand something important.

The causes of yellow coating on the tongue

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