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What is the best medicine for a severe toothache?

medicine against a toothache in people

A toothache can cause a lot of trouble. It is an inability to eat normally, to work, the occurrence of insomnia and more. In addition, it can also be accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms – fever, inflammation of the gums, general malaise.

When the pain in the mouth, especially in the area of the teeth, you should immediate visit a doctor for a proper treatment as soon as possible.

The thing is that a toothache is just a manifestation of dental disease and no treatment can lead to extremely undesirable consequences, up to a tooth extraction.

However, there are situations when a visit to the doctor at the moment of severe discomfort is not possible during weekends and holidays, when clinics do not work, a business trip to a place where there is no possibility going to the dentist.

In this case, you need to eliminate or, at least, reduce the pain yourself, as it brings very great harm to the body, especially when strong and durable.


The pain does not appear out of anything. It is a consequence of an illness, a kind of warning signal about the problem. Therefore, it is necessary to know its basic reasons in dentistry, to be able to effectively deal with it.


If the disease is at an early stage, it is characterized by rather weak painful sensations that usually occur in response to hot, very cold or sweet food and drink.

If the pain is deeper, it can last longer and occurs even during tooth brushing and eating, any kind of food. If the feeling is not too strong, it is better not to take any medication, and wait until the visit to the dentist.

Thinning of enamel

In this case, most of the teeth become hypersensitive and pain appears when eating, and in the case of beverage consumption when it is not even too hot and cold. Temporary soothing rinsing can help.


medication with pulpitisThis is an inflammation of the soft tissues of the tooth – the pulp. There are lymph vessels, and nerves there. Feelings can be very strong, and appear regardless of external factors and last a long time.

In addition, the pain may be felt not only in the area of the tooth but also in the jaw and temple. If you cannot find a medical help, you should take one of the available drugs.


This is a disease in which tissue surrounding the tooth are inflamed. Pain in parodontitis has pulsating character. Most often, there is a fairly strong inflammation that can lead to loosening of the teeth.

There are unpleasant sensations in the early stages when pressing on the gums or the tooth itself. In the future, these feelings become stronger. Temporary relief will bring anti-inflammatory rinsing.

the treatment of parulis at homeMain principles of the parulis treatment at home will be named in our article.

We will speak in detail about wisdom tooth symptoms.

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It is a consequence of neglected caries and pulpitis. In this disease, tissues that are near the root of the tooth and the root shell are inflamed.

Pain, in this case, is quite accurately localized. It is of a pulsating nature, is constantly growing. In the case of pressure on the tooth, the pain can become very strong, even impossible, not only to food but also to drink. It is necessary to use means that have the strongest effect, perhaps anesthetics.

There are several completely different methods of getting rid of this problem:

  • The use of drugs – gels, tablets, injections.
  • Folk or homemade remedies, which are mostly non-drug, or based on herbs.
  • The treatment or removal.

The first two of them allow you to temporarily get rid of unpleasant feelings, however, require visiting the dentist immediately, as soon as possible.

Drugs for adults

The simplest and most effective method is medication. However, in each case, it is necessary to comply with dosage and carefully read the instructions to the drug. After all, some of the common diseases can exclude usage of this medication.

So, what can help to remove a toothache? A list of the popular painkillers


This is the simplest of the means, plus, not expensive. Analgin does not help with severe manifestations that occur in the acute stage of pulpitis and periodontitis. However, quite effective in non-acute and aching pain.

The medicine is available in pills, and it must be taken inside. Do not follow the advice to put it chopped on top of the tooth. This can negatively affect enamel (although a temporary relief will come) and lead to more serious consequences.


It refers to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Available in the form of pills and solutions for injection. After taking the pill, its action begins in maximum 30 minutes, more often – quicker. The effect is rather long.

However, the drug does not involve long-term use and reception of more than 3 pills per day. Do not use during pregnancy, asthma, ulcerative diseases of the stomach and duodenum and personal intolerance.


 what to accept when a toothacheIt refers to the non-narcotic analgesics. It appears to have an antipyretic effect as well. Among other things, the structure includes analgin. A similar composition and effect have widely known Spazgan, Spazmalgon, and Trigan.

With a very pronounced two pills taken at the same time will give effect. Pain will go quickly, and it lasts for a long time. However, it should be remembered that more than 6 pills per day should not be taken.


As it relates to anti-inflammatory agents, other than it helps with a toothache, it helps to reduce the inflammation of the gums, which is especially important when the pulp, periodontitis, and periodontitis.

The main active ingredient in the preparation is codeine. It operates very efficiently even with strong feelings. The analogs of this drug are Solpafleks, Advil, ibuprofen, Profinal, and others.


One of the strongest, which helps even at the acute dental pain. In exacerbations of pulpitis and periodontitis, one pill will help in a half an hour. Do not take more often than once every six hours.

As with many of these drugs, this should be taken symptomatic and is not intended for long-term treatment.


It refers to the Nimesulide group. In addition to the rapid and long-term analgesic effect, also has a strong anti-inflammatory action. It is recommended for relieving the symptoms of such diseases like periodontitis and pulpitis in their acute stage.


It removes the pain itself and inflammation in periodontitis, pulpitis, and other dental diseases.

Drugs for kids

Children’s bodies are much more vulnerable than those of adults, especially if we are talking about very small children. Therefore, we must be very careful with drugs that a child takes.

To remove a toothache in children and facilitate strong discomfort a package of measures is needed.

The first thing to do – is a thorough examination of the oral cavity, in particular, the place pointed by the child.

In some cases, the sensation of pain can be given by a small foreign body which is stuck in the interdental space. Then you should use a toothpick or dental floss to remove it. The unpleasant sensation that remains after the procedure disappears rather quickly.

Do a warm rinse with the filtered infusion of sage, baking soda and salt. Before rinsing solution should be a little hold in the mouth. This has a beneficial effect in slack inflammation, also cleans the cavity from the excess of food and germs.

If gums are stored where the teeth are not yet completely cut through, such medications as Vinylinum, benzocaine, Kalgel can be used before meals. They should simply be applied to the gum before eating.

If there is no inflammation, but after eating the baby’s tooth aches suddenly, the probable cause may be solid particles in a mouth cavity. When examining in this case, the tooth will have a dark spot on it.

It is necessary to remove rests of food and rinse with soda. After this discomfort will disappear, but it’s necessarily at the earliest opportunity to contact your dentist.

When neglected caries, pulpitis and similar problems, a strong pain occurs that a child should not tolerate. Then you should give your child Nurofen. Syrup Efferalgan or Panadol can also help. If the child is already 15 years old, it is possible to apply the Ketanov.

increased salivation causes treatmentWe will talk about the causes and treatment of increased salivation in adults and kids.

In this article is told about leukoplakia mucous coat of the oral cavity.

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Drugs in case of pregnancy

medicine in dentistry for pregnant womenDuring pregnancy, in order not to harm the child, taking drugs should be very careful. It is better to use methods that do not involve medication. However, severe pain can cause to the body of a mother and her child even greater harm.

Antispasmodics such as No-spa or Drotaverinum are often used, having a very similar effect. It is unlikely that they will ease a very intense pain, but it is effective in many cases. Also, take Riabal and Papaverine, which also have an antispasmodic action.

Paracetamol also in most cases gives a good result, if the pain was not too strong. It is one of the safest drugs since it causes absolutely no harm to the baby. Among other things, it has well expressed anti-inflammatory effect, which is important in many dental problems.

With a strong need in the first three months, when most of the drugs and procedures are contraindicated, Grippostad can be cautiously used. It consists of caffeine, ascorbic acid, and acetaminophen.

Ibuprofen and Nurofen are taken during pregnancy if the pain is quite strong. With its very strong manifestations in the 4-6 months, it is possible to have a single dose of Ketanov.

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