The wedge-shaped defect of the tooth. How does it look like and why it appears?

Beautiful and healthy teeth can surely be called the hallmark of a man. However, dental science distinguishes the set of diseases that severely affect the health and appearance of the oral cavity. For example, the most common is caries, when due to various factors the process of decay of hard dental tissues begins. Tooth decay […]

What is tooth wedge-shaped defect?

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How can you cure a fistula on the gums?

Dentists consider this phenomenon as one of the most dangerous diseases that require emergency treatment. There are three main reasons which cause its occurrence – it is a consequence of not timely cured caries, tooth perforation or poor-quality of filling of the tooth roots. Externally fistula looks like an opening at the gingiva that is […]

Fistula on the gum. How to cure it?

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Teeth grinding in sleep: causes and treatment

Quite often people face the phenomenon of grinding teeth during sleep. It occurs for both adults and children (even very small babies). This phenomenon has different names – odonterism, bruxism. The second term is more common in the medical definitions. Teeth grinding is really a serious problem, if it repeats often with same intervals, as […]

Why does a person grit the teeth while sleeping?

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What is the best medicine for a severe toothache?

A toothache can cause a lot of trouble. It is an inability to eat normally, to work, the occurrence of insomnia and more. In addition, it can also be accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms – fever, inflammation of the gums, general malaise. When the pain in the mouth, especially in the area of the teeth, […]

The medicine against a toothache

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Symptoms of eruption of wisdom teeth

The most difficult both when cutting and during their life, the so-called wisdom teeth. Yet they are called simply “eights” because of the location on the jaw – and the top and bottom on both sides, they are eighth. Start to grow such teeth much later than the others – between the ages

What are the symptoms of wisdom tooth growing?