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How can you cure a fistula on the gums?

fistula on the gum how to cure that use

Dentists consider this phenomenon as one of the most dangerous diseases that require emergency treatment. There are three main reasons which cause its occurrence – it is a consequence of not timely cured caries, tooth perforation or poor-quality of filling of the tooth roots.

Externally fistula looks like an opening at the gingiva that is associated with the formation of sores. The development of the disease can lead to the exit of pus, to avoid this you should know how to treat a fistula on the gums.

How can a dentist help?

Since the disease is associated with an inflammatory process that occurs near the root of the tooth of the patient, his therapy requires medical intervention. Only a dentist will be able to determine the presence and type of fistula because it is of two kinds: external and internal.

The first kind is easy to detect by visual examination, but the second diagnosis is impossible without studying the X-ray. You should consult the dentist when the factors stated below are the cause of fistula.

Not on time held therapy of pulpitis or caries. Since the infection goes beyond the tooth, this leads to the formation of purulent inflammation. The appearance of the fistula opening is accompanied by the following symptoms: acute pain, swelling, sensitivity when biting food with a damaged tooth.

Treatment is done by removing the infected pulp teeth. After that, the doctor proceeds to seal the root canal.

An occurrence of not a physiological hole, which may arise as a result of errors in the dentist’s work on root canals. Tooth Perforation also leads to the formation of fistulous, which is accompanied by the formation of pus. The complexity of care is in the late consultation of a doctor due to the fact that the dentist hid this phenomenon.

For treatment of a fistula with perforation to be successful, it should start at the early stages. It should be carried out using expensive materials, which are used for sealing.

Poorly conducted filling. Statistics show that up to 60-70% of the procedures performed lead to these results. Most often, there is not a single channel closure seal area. As a result of developing there is an infection that extends beyond the teeth and leads to purulent formations.

treatment of fistula on the gums at the dentistThe main symptom of this phenomenon is painful tooth when biting food. Treatment, in this case, begins with unsealing channels. Then they are placed with a large number of anti-inflammatory and disinfectant medications.

For the desired effect they are left with them for a long time. As soon as the inflammation subsides, you can start sealing channels.

After all the procedures, the doctor applies a special ointment to stop the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause purulent formations.

It should be understood that unsealing of a channel is not an easy procedure. It is complicated in the case of the installation of the pin in a tooth root. It cannot always be removed, and the whole procedure is accompanied by additional financial costs. The doctor may decide on the operation for resection of the root apex.

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What can you do at home?

The first step is to stop the inflammatory process. Therefore, for a home treatment, you should be using drugs of an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.

They are necessary for the treatment of damaged surfaces and killing germs. Drugs that have antihistamine effects give good results. These include Tavegil, Tsetrin, Suprastin.

To reduce inflammation and swelling you can do daily rinsing prepared with salt or baking soda. For this purpose, for a glass of water add a tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of iodine. Such a solution requires several times a day usage, for rinsing the mouth. The liquid should be of a pleasant temperature.

Rinsing can be performed as well with pharmacy solutions. To do this, Chlorhexidine Miramistin, Betadine will help. To consolidate the results use pastes or gels with antiviral action. They in a small amount are applied directly to the affected area. Among the drugs with antiseptic effect Metrogil dent, Asepta, Solkoseril are highlighted.

It is impossible to cure fistula with drugs intended for home usage. Their action is aimed only at eliminating the unpleasant consequences of the disease and symptoms.

The use of folk remedies

To remove the signs of the disease, traditional medicine uses the following recipes:

  • Decoctions. Made from herbs that have strong anti-inflammatory and healing action. These include yarrow, dandelion, tansy, calendula. In a glass of water 1 tb sp of the therapeutic composition is brewed. The prepared broth is cooled to room temperature and is used to rinse the mouth.
  • Herbal ointment. For its preparation, it is necessary to grind yarrow, calendula, tansy, sweet clover, sorrel root, dandelion leaves and a root. Then to the mixture, the same amount of the ointment Wisniewski (Ichthammol Ointment can be replaced) and calendula oil is added. All components are thoroughly mixed and left for 12 hours. Thereafter, the medicine can be applied to the affected gingiva.
  • Eucalyptus ointment. the simple recipe used to draw pus. For its preparation, it is sufficient to prepare a eucalyptus – 40 gr, sunflower oil -1 tablespoon and onion – 1. Grass must be ground and connected to the oil. Then allow the mixture to brew.

    After a day add cream and a finely chopped onion. By applying the drug to the fistula, it should first be correctly rolled up in a gauze. Daily use should lead to a tightening of the damaged area.

  • Drug mixture. To obtain it, you need to grind 3 aloe leaves and kalanchoe. Then add the chopped garlic clove. The slurry is to be wrapped in gauze and applied to the affected area to a maximum of 10 minutes.

than is usually treated with fistulaAmong the side effects when you use eucalyptus ointment note the appearance of sores on the mucosa or irritation. In this case, the procedure should be stopped or the amount of eucalyptus should be reduced twice.

Traditional methods are not recommended as the main treatment for fistula. They are used in combination with medical treatment to bring the patient to a fast recovery.

Use of antibiotics

If the disease is passed to a complicated form, the cleaning the channels will not be enough. To stop the inflammation and pus, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. They are able in a short time to destroy the bacteria. The course of treatment is 7 to 10 days.

Most often they are discharged in the form of tablets or injectable intramuscularly. For this purpose, Gentamicin or analogues of the drug are used.  2 ampoules per week to relieve inflammation are enough.

Type of antibiotic can be prescribed only by a doctor. To do this, he evaluates the condition of the patient, studies a blood test and X-ray.

To enhance the effect, use more rehabilitation measures. These include exposure to a gum an ultrasound or performing laser treatment of damaged tissue or cauterizing them.

How to help your child?

The only right thing to do in the appearance of a fistula among children is the removal of milk teeth. It is done to prevent the release of pus, which damages the surrounding tissue, and then enters the stomach and leads to serious consequences. Also, it will help to protect the permanent tooth from breaking, which is inevitable if untreated fistula.

If you do not cure a disease, the child experiences severe pain and becomes irritable. Children carry heavy fistula on the gums because it not only gives discomfort but generally reduces immunity.

With the untimely removal of the tooth, there is a complication of the disease that will require antibiotics. This will further undermine the immune system of the child.

The consequences of fistula formation of a child are serious, so you should teach your child to properly care for the oral cavity, and control the process. The unpleasant complications include:

  • with the defeat of the milk tooth root tooth erupt not properly, which leads to deformation and retention;
  • the location of the fistula at the molar may result in the loss;
  • wrong treatment leads to overgrowing the outer surface without removing the inflammatory process, so the pus continues to spread in the internal tissue.

Fistula in the gums of the child requires a mandatory visit to the dentist. Self-treatment procedures will only harm. Recipes of traditional medicine are not recommended when curing children who are under 2 years old.

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Preventive measures

fistula preventionFor the formation of a fistula a favorable environment is required – the presence of germs and bacteria. Therefore, the best preventive measure is the regular examination by a dentist. Every six months it is recommended to perform professional teeth cleaning in a timely manner to remove the stones.

Proper nutrition will also prevent the development of microbes. It is recommended to include to the diet a large number of products containing calcium. They help strengthen the immune system and reduce the growth of harmful microbes.

In the case of a fistula, you must prepare for the fact that every six months you should see a doctor. This disease requires treatment, which can be delayed for a long period.

Regular preventive maintenance will protect the patient from re-occurrence of fistula.

Resorting to any of the treatments, it should be remembered that this process is long and requires a doctor’s supervision. Procedures to remove the fistula are painful and unpleasant. Therefore, you must have patience and tune yourself for the recovery.

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