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What if a toothache appears after tooth filling?

after filling have a severe toothache

Most people take care of the condition of their teeth and promptly pay visits to the dentist in order to conduct a proper treatment. Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that such interference becomes the cause of pain (as a result of tooth filling).

Why may a toothache appear after the filling

Sealing itself is quite a complicated procedure, together consisting of the following actions of the doctor:

  • cleansing the tooth crown from the tissue, which is damaged by caries;
  • drying it before applying an adhesive substance;
  • laying the material of a seal.

However, even the observance of the right technology does not guarantee that after a while the pain will not repeat.

Why a toothache appears after the filling? To answer the question, we must know all the nuances of each situation. Pain can be different, and it is expressed in the sensitivity to certain foods characteristics:

  • heat or cold,
  • acid or sweetness.

The sensation of pain is also aching or sharp.

In addition, pain is able to occur after 1-2 hours after treatment, or can appear the next day.

Practical experience shows that in the case of pain as a result of the treatment by the dentist it is extremely important to provide the correct diagnosis. It often happens that during this period the patient is worried about the phenomenon of phantom pain.

If the gum sores after tooth fillings, the swelling subsides over two days and is accompanied by severe pain, you should immediately consult your doctor.

How long it may last?

It is often a certain period needed for a person after the treatment of caries for pain to leave. After sealing the pain worries, if:

  • the tooth is under pressure – pressing on it, biting food;
  • manifested reaction to temperature changes;
  • the patient eats sweets or spicy food.

In this case, you must try to avoid the situation that provokes pain. Similar phenomena can last for several days, in the worst case – weeks and then it stops. It means that nerves were damaged as a result of the intervention procedures in the whole structure of tissues.

Important! If the tooth is sensitive non-stop for 3-4 weeks, it requires a medical examination and the conclusion.

With appropriate medical indications, there is possible to conduct population and cleaning of channels. If they are normal and there is no damage to the nervous tissue, the dentist may recommend a toothpaste, which helps to reduce the sensitivity of the enamel, or recommends conducting a fluorination process.

It happens that the pain evolves because a patient is allergic to components of the seal. Besides the discomfort and pain, in this case, other allergic symptoms: itching, rashes etc. are usually present.

modern dental fillingsWhen such symptoms appear there is a need to remove the seal and put a new one that does not contain allergens. By the way, a light fillings on front teeth is one of the know-how in the dental practice.

In the cured tooth pain may occur due to damage seals. All materials tend to resist the wear and tear resulting from the operation, and the seal is not an exception.

After a while it ceases to be tightly closed cavity of a tooth, the tooth is removed directly from the wall, and food parts begin to get beneath it. Thus, the inflammation develops with the defeat of its walls and decay begins, and then the pulpitis.

Unfortunately, the deterioration of the filling material is rarely detected at home, as a specialist, examining a patient, sees that the seal needs to be replaced.

The fresh seal is able to cut off, if the tooth cavity is a subjected to bad preparation, for example, the walls of the tooth were not dried enough or retain moisture. In addition, the seal may be damaged by biting – due to neglected dental care and eating food immediately after treatment.

Lack of plugging slurry seal reserves access of harmful microbes in the root canal. Moreover, a badly set seal creates an excess pressure, accompanied by characteristic pain.

When having the pain in the tooth after filling, it is better to visit a specialist, who will explain the cause of discomfort and assist if necessary.

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When it comes a need to treat root canals

Long-term pain from temperature changes, which do not release for minutes, are suspects in terms of inflammation of the dental nerve. Pain is able to grow slowly, emerged after the installation of a seal or due to a serious defect as a complication after a cold, due to the fall of immunity, in a stressful situation.

When there is a pain in a particular tooth in the process of eating the food or the pressure, we can talk about inflammation of tissue around the root or periodontitis.

In this case, it does not matter whether it is the wisdom tooth or the front one after sealing – to delay with a visit to the dentist is not recommended.

To prevent inflammation and its transition to the surrounding area, it is required:

  • Cleaning the canals.
  • Their treatment with medications.
  • Setting the seal.

It is not recommended to delay the treatment of teeth, because in severe cases serious complications, ranging from osteomyelitis, and cellulitis ending may develop.

Timely removal of the nerve or damaged tissues significantly reduces the risk of tooth loss.

On the results of the nerve removal

The most common myth among the majority of people is that the lack of nerve warrants killing the pain. There is some truth here, however, it is not so simple.

The case is that the nerve fibers, extending through a hole in a tooth root, then are connected to a common trunk. It is they who are responsible for the excessive sensitivity.

Thanks to them, the spread of pain runs through the whole trajectory of the nerve even while the source of inflammation is in just one tooth. The impulse transmission applies to the following nearby areas:

  • ears,
  • the temporal lobe,
  • eyes,
  • eyelids,
  • forehead and so on.

devitalization processDepulpation or removal nerve of is a direct pulling of it off from the main stem.

This is an absolute tissue injury. The moment when the tool passes through the tooth is not felt as channels are cleaned under the influence of an anesthetic composition.

Lack of adequate control of this process may lead to the fact that in the tooth root apex hematoma may form. It will cause painful compression syndrome in the upper and lower jaws.

The feeling of pain after depulpation is normal only for two days. Well treated tooth cavity alien to the pain of heat or cold, pronounced pain throbbing or aching ordinary.

If the dentist wisely removes the nerve, he produced of high-quality processing of channels and set with medication, no pain should disturb.

If however, after the procedure, bright pain appears, worse at night, the patient’s root channel should be cleaned and the tooth retreated.

Strong throbbing pain on temperature irritants

Root Canal Treatment includes:

  • Processing.
  • Purification.
  • Drying.
  • Filling of special materials (dentists use the paste with the additives, having an anti-inflammatory effect).

Channels are sealed to prevent the creation of such an environment in which bacteria multiply. If the particle tissues that are infected at the time of processing channels will fall by the tip of the root, the inflammation spreads to the bone.

Pain manifests itself almost immediately after canal treatment and has a distinct characteristic:

  • pulsation,
  • twitching,
  • gaining from hot food.

The sensation of pain symptoms indicates the necessity of retreatment of canals since the medication with anti-inflammatory effect helps only for a short period of time.

By following the right technique, the doctor should provide a qualitative treatment of root canals, and then you’re unlikely to come across such a complication again.

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Inflammatory process in the bone after processing canals

The pain may be aggravated in the course of a meal, and the patient complains of a feeling of pressure, and in such cases almost always inflammatory processes occurring the root or in the bones.

This occurs when nerve fibers are destroyed, rot and infection proceed to a bone tissue. The inflammatory center is formed (this could be a cyst or granuloma).

In such a case it requires extremely serious treatment, but despite this, the tooth can be lost in the future.

If there is a chance to eliminate the inflammation, the treatment of root canals leaving gauze trailer in them, containing the anti-inflammatory agent for the temporary seal, takes place.

treatment of dental root canal fillingAfter 1-2 weeks the doctor conducts canal filling using permanent materials already.

Sometimes the pain manifests itself after a certain time. Medications tend to have a delayed effect so that the tooth does not feel pain during the first days after the procedure.

Typically, in such a situation dentist assigns additional treatment.

Do not be afraid to remove the nerves or treat canals. Today’s new generation of painkillers allows the whole process in the absence of pain very effectively.

The main condition is qualitatively conducted all necessary medical procedures. Thus, treatment of dental cavities, preparation of hard tissues, a treat and filling of a root canal must be carried out according to modern technologies.

It should be remembered that it is the right treatment that gives guarantee for preservation the teeth.

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