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Fighting white spots on teeth

white spots on the enamel of teeth

The appearance of spots, stripes of a different color on the enamel is a sign that signals the adverse changes in the human body. White spots on the teeth are no exception.

The most common reason for this phenomenon is the development of caries. There are other factors that require immediate attention and treatment. Why there appear spots on teeth and how to get rid of them?

What are the kinds?

It is quite easy to identify such sites on your own. Despite the fact that the natural enamel color is white, or close to it, the spots are very visible. They are dull and lack the glance.

These changes occur as a result of part of enamel demineralization. In other words, it loses minerals and becomes white. Similar phenomena are manifested in the form of spots, dots or stripes. They can appear anywhere.

If their cause is caries, it is necessary to look for them around the cervical area of the tooth. Rarely, only one tooth is affected, usually, the whole mouth cavity is exposed to this phenomenon.

What do they mean?

Studying the origin of this phenomenon, doctors assess the condition of the teeth and are interested in a prenatal development of the child. There are the main causes of white spots, which include tooth decay, fluoride excess, and hypoplasia.

They can also appear as a result of external influences. There were noticed similar formations in adulthood, as well as among children with milk teeth. Let us consider why this is happening.

In adults

Similar formations indicate the development of:


On the first stage, it appears as spots on the enamel. Their color can range from dull to bright and shiny. At the same time, the damaged surface can be smooth. There appear chalk-like spots when insufficient oral hygiene was being held, resulting in the forming of microbial plaque on the enamel.

While digesting food remains by microorganisms organic acids are released, that wash away calcium from the enamel. It becomes porous and fragile, mate areas are formed.

To see such a plaque is possible on the front lower teeth or in the cervical area. The most noticeable they are when drying the enamel. If not to begin treatment timely, these spots will darken to black color.


Fluorosis is the reasonThis condition indicates an excess of fluoride in the human body. Its excess expresses through mate spots and stripes on the enamel surface. These changes happen due to disorders that affect the mineral composition of teeth.

People living in areas where drinking water contains a large amount of fluorine are exposed to the disease. In this case, fluorosis is considered to be endemic.

If it gets into the human body through the air, as a result of living near the plants or in areas where there is an excess of fluorine, the disease is called a professional. Usually, fluorosis occurs on the permanent teeth.


Any impact on the enamel can lead to its destruction. As a result, mineralization process in the teeth is disturbed. People at any age can be affected by the phenomenon. If in children it occurs after the injury, white spots can occur in the adult on molars already.

In children on primary teeth

The child’s enamel color is influenced by many factors. The most common causes include:

Enamel hypoplasia

The disease is laid in a child already during fetal development. It all depends on the condition of the expectant mother. Viral diseases of mother, rubella, heavy toxemia during pregnancy or injury may lead to this.

Chronic diseases of a digestive tract of child’s mother also lead to hypoplasia. Lack of vitamin D, leading to rickets, is also the factor influencing the formation of whitish spots. The disease develops in premature babies or people with allergies.

Influenced can generally be front baby’s teeth. Hypoplasia manifests itself usually within the first 3 years of life. Teeth are covered with ruts and grooves, and their color is dull.

Weak immunity

In children with frequent episodes of viral diseases and colds, the destruction of the enamel may begin. Such changes lead to a loss of minerals. As a result, the teeth begin to form chalk spots.

To find the cause of their formation is not easy, it requires a dentist’s diagnosis. Your doctor will help to determine at what point the destructive process has begun.

Orthodontic treatment

Artificial structures often lead to the fact that the teeth part behind them is not in contact with the saliva. As a result, in these areas there is demineralization, leading to the emergence of mate strips. They are discovered after removing the braces, rings, or other settings.

Whitish dots or spots also occur in children at an early stage of dental caries, fluorosis or insufficient oral hygiene. Depending on the reasons leading to their emergence, their elimination takes place. In any case, it is impossible to ignore such a symptom as the destruction of enamel will continue.

How to get rid of it?

treatment of white spots on the teethPurification of enamel from destructions of a white color can be carried out at home. It all depends on the cause of their formation. To get rid of chalk spots, you can resort to the following steps.

With an excess of fluoride in the first place, you should change the water. If it enters centrally, then you should install the filters that trap such elements. You can also switch to bottled water.

Toothpaste should be changed to normal, which does not contain fluorine. If you make use of vitamins or other drugs containing fluorine, it is necessary to consult a doctor for replacing them with others.

It is recommended to add fresh fruits to the diet, vegetables, milk. For children, it is useful to get a course of multivitamins and drink fish oil. It is necessary to exclude spinach, fish products, fatty meat and strong tea from the menu.

If the spots are formed as a result of malnutrition or lack of hygienic procedures, so to eliminate them bleach is used. This may be a toothpaste, but without fluorine components in the composition or the special strips, which can be purchased at any drugstore.

If the white coating has formed in a child before the eruption of the teeth, it is removed by micro abrasion. To make this therapeutic paste is acquired and abrasive particles, containing an average acid level. It is applied to the damaged area and performed with rubbing movements.

At the final stage, a gel that contains fluoride is applied. These actions allow concealing blemishes. If this does not work, then additional whitening procedures are conducted.


If the cause of enamel coloring is dental problems, it is impossible to deal with it without the help of a doctor. This happens when the spots are formed due to caries. It is necessary to visit a doctor to cure the affected tooth. Early treatment will stop its development.

If the child is still small, spinning around, and the doctor cannot perform the necessary procedures, then the method of silvering of milk teeth or cover their surface with protective substance are conducted. At the initial stages of the disease drugs with a high content of fluorine are enough.

Methods of treatment depends on the factors that have led to the mate plaque:

  • If stripes and dots appeared as a result of the loss of minerals, you should visit a dental clinic. In this case, remineralization is carried out, which restores enamel and gives it strength. The process of the procedure is an application of special pastes onto the enamel, which forms a protective layer. Gradually, saturation with minerals takes place and tooth decay stops.

    When fluorosis, remineralization is carried out by electrophoresis and applications. As medical drugs and natural compounds and medicines are used. If the clinic makes an individual mouthpiece, the patient will be able to carry out the procedure at home.

  • how to remove white stains from teethWhen hypoplasia, patients resort to such techniques as silvering, fluoridation or coating dentin with special substances. It is necessary to preserve the thinned enamel. Protective treatments help to keep milk teeth, which are then replaced with permanent molars.

    The methods of treatment also include changes in the diet of children. The main condition – is the use of large amounts of foods containing calcium. It should be remembered that the treatment of the disease is carried out for patients under 18 years old. The completion of therapeutic procedures can be micro prosthetics and set the crowns.

  • When severe fluorosis, the intervention of a dentist is also need. Since on the stage of neglect the destruction of the teeth takes place, the doctor will resort to the installation of thin plates. To strengthen the dentine, compositions, which include phosphorus, calcium and zinc are applied.

    To return the former beauty to a smile, dental clinics offer a restoration procedure. It allows you to remove spots, maintain a healthy appearance of the teeth and their functionality. Also, an art restoration whitens the enamel.

Preventive methods include regular visits to the dentist and conducting hygiene quality. If the stains are still there, you should immediately consult your doctor. This will not only keep the aesthetics of the teeth, but also will prevent them from destruction.

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