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Crumble teeth, what to do in such a case?

crumbling teeth what to do in this case

This phenomenon has no age boundaries. Crumbling teeth are observed not only in the senior age, but it occurs in young people and children. A variety of reasons contributes to the process of destroying.

Treatment of the disease is aimed at eliminating these factors. Let’s consider why there occurs the crumbling of permanent and milk teeth, and what measures should be taken.

Why does it occur in adults?

Only a doctor can identify the cause and prescribe the adequate treatment. Therefore, the first action to be taken by the patient, who has crumbling teeth – is to visit a dentist.

The main factors influencing the destructive process, include:

  • Injuries. If during the impact or effect on the teeth with a hard object, an enamel cracked, then this crumbling will not stop.
  • Dentist failures. Improper treatment often leads to destructive phenomena. This can happen even during the installation of the seal, if the caries cavity was cleaned not properly.
  • Age-related changes. Older people enamel is not as strong, that is why decay processes start.
  • Pregnancy. One of the most common causes. Every second woman when bearing a child, faces dental problems. Since the skeletal system suffers the most, doctors carefully monitor the amount of calcium in the body of the pregnant woman.

Why does it occur in children?

crumbled tooth boyWhen milk teeth begin to break down, the parents conclude that the baby does not have enough calcium. A right decision will be to take your child to a dentist because the causes of crumbling can be totally different. Here are the main ones:

  • Reduced immunity. A condition of the oral cavity, as well as other organs, depends on the body’s resistance to external factors, viruses, bacteria. A weak immune system can serve as an impetus to the processes of crumbling.
  • Malocclusion. As a result of these anomalies abrasion of incisors or canines occurs. Over time, they begin to disintegrate and crumble.
  • Metabolic disease. This phenomenon has generally a negative effect on the entire body. When metabolism is disordered, the state of the oral cavity also changes. It creates favorable conditions for the development of pathogenic microbes, which lead to the destruction.
  • Malnutrition. It is not without the reason so much attention is given to the diet of a baby.  Childcare centers strictly follow the meal table, which specifies permitted products and their quantity. Such a regime is often violated at home, offering the child sweets and fizzy drinks. These foods lead to the processes of crumbling.

What to do when teeth crumble?

An interesting fact is that an enamel is the strongest tissue in the human body. However, its cracking can occur under certain conditions. This process is not only accompanied by discomfort, but by pain sensations as well.

Dentists distinguish between different types of teeth crumbling. In order to timely stop the process of enamel crumbling the following measures should be taken:

  • To save a piece of the crumbling enamel. A doctor needs it to diagnose correctly. Apart from a tooth crack, dentists distinguish a fracture of the tooth, which can result in serious problems.
  • Visit a dental clinic. Doctors insist that the first two days after the tooth crack are crucial. Delayed treatment can lead to infection and loss of the entire tooth.

You should also know that there appear small cracks or fractures invisible to a human eye. In accordance to this, you should visit a dentist regularly for an oral examination. If there was a large fracture, it touches a nerve.

As a result, the person starts to react badly to food, especially hot or cold. These symptoms require a visit to a doctor.

Home Help When Chipped Enamel

If it is impossible to immediately visit the dentist, it is possible to alleviate the patient’s condition. To do this, follow these steps:

  • If the destruction leads to pain, you should take a pain-killer. Nurofen and Ketanov will be suitable.
  • To protect the mouth from the development of infections it is necessary to perform rinsing. As an anesthetic saline is used.
  • Quite often, when the enamel cracks soft tissues may be affected. This leads to bleeding. It can be stopped by a conventional gauze, which is applied to the wound for 10 minutes.
  • To reduce the sensitivity, it is necessary to close the site of cleavage. You can use the chewing gum at home.
  • If swelling occurs, it is possible to apply a cold compress to this place for some time.

If taken measures do not reduce the pain, then you can use anti-inflammatory agents.

Dental Treatments

restoration of tooth enamelSince an enamel cleavage is one of the known causes, leading to destructive processes, modern clinics offer different technologies to dealing with this phenomenon. The most popular methods include:

  • Art restoration. It is carried out with the help of a seal installation. This choice is suitable only when there is a slight degradation. A filling material is not considered to be strong, so it is not set to stop the crumbling of posterior teeth.
  • Tabs or crowns. They help to rectify the situation with heavy damage. This technology gives the normal appearance of the teeth.
  • Veneer. It is used in the case when the front teeth crumble. What does this material make? It completely covers the damaged surface, giving it a healthy and attractive appearance.

In addition, the doctor may resort to additional measures. For example, if in the process of destruction, the nerve was damaged, it is necessary to initially remove it. Then, the dentist performs a cleaning of the channel and the installation of the crown. The result is a strong and healthy tooth.

Since the main task of the doctor – is to increase the strength of the enamel of the patient, such methods as silvering, fissure sealing and the application of special varnish are used.

If examinations show the existence of internal causes leading to the destruction of the enamel, then, in addition, there is a need to consult a dentist, an endocrinologist, a cardiologist and other experts.

What if this problem concerns children?

Many parents believe that if a child has baby teeth crumbling, there is no need in a special treatment because they will fall out anyway. In fact, this phenomenon requires a visit to the dentist. The doctor will conduct the necessary procedures to strengthen the enamel.

To prevent the destructive processes in the oral cavity it is necessary to properly care for the baby’s teeth:

  • To timely teach a child to clean the mouth. The treatment begins with the appearance of the first tooth.
  • To limit the consumption of sugary foods by a child or does not teach him to eat such foods at all. After sweets, a child should rinse its mouth with a purified water.
  • Once the baby reaches one year of age, it is necessary to wean it from the night feedings. It is not necessary to replace them with tea, yogurt or compote. The best would be to exclude eating and drinking at night.
  • Give your child own dishes. Do not feed the child from a common dish, or lick his pacifier. Otherwise, the bacteria that can cause tooth decay or another disease penetrate in a baby’s mouth.
  • Ensure adequate intake of vitamins. It should be understood that in winter or after an illness the child may require special medications which prevent the development of avitaminosis. Such medicines may be prescribed by a pediatrician. Typically, these are multivitamin complexes presented as chewable candy, a syrup or pills.

In addition to proper care, you should wean the child from the habit of taking their fingers, toys or hard objects to the mouth.

Preventive Measures

how to keep your teeth healthyAny disease can be prevented if preventive measures are taken. Since the main cause of the destruction is a poor diet, trauma and low strength of the enamel, the methods of protection are simple.

Doctors recommend the following measures:

  • Taking care of a proper nutrition. Lack of foods containing vitamin D and calcium is the first step in the destruction of the enamel. The diet must necessarily include fish products, milk, nuts. They enrich the body with fluorine and calcium. You can also ask the doctor to prescribe drugs that include vitamin D.
  • The correct hygiene procedures. These include teeth brushing twice a day. The process of purification of enamel lasts for 3 minutes. The cleanser should be thoroughly rinsed out.
  • Getting rid of bad habits. These primarily include smoking. Recent studies have shown that tobacco reduces the strength of the enamel.
  • Therapeutic rinses. Herbal teas help to strengthen the gums and mouth protection against the formation of bacteria. A chamomile tea combined with tea tree oil really help.

To reduce the traumatic situation, you should use your teeth as directed. Do not use them to crack nuts or open bottles.

Tooth decay can occur for various reasons. Regardless of these factors, you must first visit the dentist. The task of the doctor is to stop the process because it leads to a loss of the whole tooth. Often, this treatment does not end there, because the human body can thus signal a serious illness.

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