How does the numbering of the teeth take place in dentistry?

A visit to the dentist can turn into a surprise when you hear the doctor’s diagnosis. The fact is that each tooth has the number assigned to it, with two-digit value, for example, “39”, “48”. Naturally, it causes a bit of surprise at patients because everyone knows that a healthy person

How does numbering of teeth is held in dentistry?

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Description of the structure of a human tooth

Teeth are not only bone formations for mechanical processing of food, but also they are indicators of health and well-being of a human. Since ancient times, people have had to eat hard food, which needs to be carefully shredded and processed. In particular, white, straight teeth with pink gums

What is the structure of teeth of a human?

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Dental caries: symptoms, stages of the disease and photos

Caries – a pathological oral disease due to lesions of the tooth enamel by acids, alkalis and other harmful compounds formed as the result of the reaction of existing microorganisms in the mouth with carbohydrates. As a result, the enamel is gradually destroyed, and the teeth are spoiled spoil.

How does each stage of tooth decay look like on the photos?

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Fighting white spots on teeth

The appearance of spots, stripes of a different color on the enamel is a sign that signals the adverse changes in the human body. White spots on the teeth are no exception. The most common reason for this phenomenon is the development of caries. There are other factors that require immediate

Why do white spots occur on teeth?

Crumble teeth, what to do in such a case?

This phenomenon has no age boundaries. Crumbling teeth are observed not only in the senior age, but it occurs in young people and children. A variety of reasons contributes to the process of destroying. Treatment of the disease is aimed at eliminating these factors.

What should a person do, if the teeth crumble?

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Sore wisdom tooth: what to do in this case?

Rarely a period of the wisdom teeth growing goes unnoticed. Usually, it is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. Unfortunately, severe pain can occur not only at the stage of their formation. Due to the physiological characteristics, “eights” are located in the mouth not properly,

What is necessary to do if wisdom teeth hurt?