Yellow tongue coating: the causes and ways of treatment

Since childhood, it is well known – to show a tongue is not appropriate. With the only exception: if so is requested by the doctor. And no matter how many years we have, we dutifully show a tongue in the hope that the people in a white robe will see and understand something important.

The causes of yellow coating on the tongue

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Symptoms of eruption of wisdom teeth

The most difficult both when cutting and during their life, the so-called wisdom teeth. Yet they are called simply “eights” because of the location on the jaw – and the top and bottom on both sides, they are eighth. Start to grow such teeth much later than the others – between the ages

What are the symptoms of wisdom tooth growing?

How to treat periodontal disease at home?

The term “periodontal disease” is popularly used to refer to a fairly wide group of diseases characterized by degenerative lesions of periodontal – periodontal tissue. As a result, the teeth, are so to say, put forward from the bones, acquiring pathological mobility.

Treatment of periodontosis in domestic conditions

Methods of treatment of parulis at home

In a situation when the cheek is swollen and hurts no one laughs anymore. And the pain is not humorous. The only right solution is immediately to go to a doctor. But sometimes, for various reasons, a visit to the dental clinic is delayed. And here some home treatments that can

The treatment of parulis at home

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