Methods of treatment of periodontal disease using folk remedies

Periodontal disease is accompanied by soreness of the gums and bleeding. The consequence of not treating the disease can be a loss of teeth. In addition to the recommendations of the dentist, there are folk remedies to help improve and facilitate the patient’s condition.

Treatment of periodontal disease with folk remedies

How and using what medicine to treat the stomatitis in adults?

The inflammatory process that occurs in the oral mucosa, which is manifested in the formation of ulcers, vesicles or even whitish plaque, most of all is diagnosed as stomatitis. Until recently, the disease predominantly has affected children’s organisms, but declination of population’s immunity, environmental degradation, and many other related factors have influenced to the wide […]

How to treat the stomatitis in adults?

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The wedge-shaped defect of the tooth. How does it look like and why it appears?

Beautiful and healthy teeth can surely be called the hallmark of a man. However, dental science distinguishes the set of diseases that severely affect the health and appearance of the oral cavity. For example, the most common is caries, when due to various factors the process of decay of hard dental tissues begins. Tooth decay […]

What is tooth wedge-shaped defect?

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Causes of acetone smell from the mouth of an adult

The unpleasant odor that occurs during breathing is a phenomenon which is somewhat alarming. However, if the smell reminds acetone it is even worse. It is almost impossible to get rid of it by just brushing your teeth, even using a paste with bright aromatic components. The reason for this is simple – there is […]

List of acetone smell causes from the mouth in an adult

How can you cure a fistula on the gums?

Dentists consider this phenomenon as one of the most dangerous diseases that require emergency treatment. There are three main reasons which cause its occurrence – it is a consequence of not timely cured caries, tooth perforation or poor-quality of filling of the tooth roots. Externally fistula looks like an opening at the gingiva that is […]

Fistula on the gum. How to cure it?

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Causes of brown tongue coating

Our body is designed so that it can send us signals indicating the development of serious diseases. One of these signs is the emergence of the brown plaque on a tongue. Let us consider why a tongue can be overlaid with brown plaque, what to do in such cases, and how to get rid of […]

Why is the tongue coated with a brown plaque?

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