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How to perform stomatitis treatment at home?

how to cure stomatitis at your home

Stomatitis is an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of any of the oral cavity structures, including the cheeks, gums, tongue, and palate. In the broadest sense, the disease may have many different causes and symptoms.

Many pathological factors lead to the development of stomatitis and the disease itself gives a man many inconveniences.

Causes and symptoms

The emerged inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth usually occurs for the following reasons:

  • violation of oral hygiene rules;
  • deficiency of protein in a diet;
  • poorly installed dentures;
  • injuries of the mouth mucous membranes, such as burning with hot food or drink;
  • allergic reactions to medicines;
  • radiation therapy;
  • infections of various etiologies (bacterial, fungal, viral);
  • severe anemia.

Lack of iron, vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid in the body can cause a decrease in the genetic regulation of these elements, which leads to disruption of the epithelial cell regeneration.

Stomatitis can pass easily and be localized or pass seriously and be widespread, but in any case, it is very painful.

The disease is characterized by swelling and redness, the appearance of painful ulcers on their surfaces. They cause difficulties when swallowing, chewing food and often causes dehydration and malnutrition.

The disease is accompanied by fever, sometimes up to 104 degrees, salivation, difficulty when swallowing and chewing, bad breath. Depending on the kind of stomatitis ulcers may be from white to bright red color.

General recommendations for patients

how quickly as possible to cure stomatitisTreatment of stomatitis is usually successfully carried out at home. Therapy in the case of this disease can be medicine, i.e. with pharmaceutical medicinal substances (pills, ointments, gels, powders and others), and folk, i.e. traditional medicine.

Before treatment, one should comply with all the general recommendations.

  • Safety of family members. When detecting erosions and ulcers on mucosal membranes it is important to take care of the protection of other family members. A sick child should be given a separate set of linen and set of dishes for the meal.

    After each meal dishes must be carefully washed out and process with boiling water, and make sure that the towel of a sick child is used by no one of family members.

  • Compliance with special diets. A diet of a child during the period of the disease should be gentle, rough or spicy foods should be avoided so as not to injure painful sores in the mouth. You should also give up sweets, hot or cold food, plus it should be pureed, like mashed potatoes.

    The diet should include vegetables and fruits with a soft structure (e.g. bananas, peaches, melon), soups, juices, low-fat dairy products. After drinking milk thoroughly rinse your mouth.

  • It is necessary to take vitamins to strengthen the immune system. It is important to prevent infection spread to the entire oral cavity.

How to help children?

Children stomatitis occurs quite frequently. The reason for this is the weak immune system of the child, the habit of dragging his hands into the mouth and to taste everything.

Sometimes it can become a disease of an accompanying character. In this case, treatment is carried out parallelly.

Children stomatitis can be successfully treated on an outpatient basis, but it is important for the disease to be detected at an early stage and for the treatment to be started promptly.

Treatment of the disease using drugs at home should be directed to:

  • a reduction of pain in the oral cavity;
  • reduction of disease symptoms.

To effectively treat a disease without staying at the hospital the following medications are used:

Substances for pain elimination. Allowing reducing painful sensations and restoring the appetite (because when stomatitis children often refuse to eat). These tools include:

  • lidocaine, benzocaine, trimekain;
  • aseptic, instillagel;
  • lidohlor, kamistad.

Substances for cleansing mucosal ulcers. Bacterial plaque makes healing wounds and ulcers more difficult. For the disease not to pass in the ongoing sluggish form, the mouth should be regularly treated with special drugs. These medications include:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • carbamide peroxide;
  • chlorhexidine digluconate.

Antimicrobic substances. The use of such drugs is useful when re-infection of the mucous occurs. This method is aggressive and is not used for small children.

stomatitis how to cure at home in childrenUsing folk recipes for the treatment of children’s stomatitis, it should be remembered that not all herbs are equally useful for the child’s body. Many of them can be poisonous or toxic to children. Before you start to use medicines from folk therapy they should be discussed with your doctor.

Popular methods include rinsing broths and solutions.

  1. Herbal broth. The most effective herbs are chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort, calendula, oak bark. Broths can be self-prepare by taking all the plants in equal proportions, or buy ready-made collections at a drugstore (e.g. Stomatofit, Rotokan, Evkarom and others).
  2. The use of propolis and honey. Based on these products ointments for the treatment of child stomatitis are prepared. One tee spoon of each honey and vegetable oil, mix with an egg-white and an ampoule of novocaine. All should be thoroughly mixed and lubricated on the tongue, gums and oral mucosa of children.
  3. Recipe of garlic. Garlic cleaned, chased through a “masher” several times to obtain a homogeneous paste. Then add mixed yogurt. This medicine is used to treat the mouth for children over 5 years. For babies, this recipe will not work because of the bitter taste of the drug.
  4. Treatment oral cavity with vegetable juices (carrot, beetroot, cabbage). Fruit juice can be diluted with boiled water and used for oral cavity once a day, particularly after eating. For children, it is recommended to rinse mouth with a strong tea or water, for older – the hydrogen peroxide can be added in broths.
  5. Highly effective treatment from stomatitis is using aloe juice and kalanchoe plants. Therapeutic substances cover the mucous membranes of the mouth, kill the pain and bacteria.

How to help adults?

To treat adult stomatitis is possible in two ways: to use medicines or folk recipes. Drug therapy of adult stomatitis is similar to the children’s treatment. To treat the disease use creams, gels, ointments, pills and capsules.

Before you start to treat this disease, it is necessary to give up smoking and alcohol. Otherwise, therapy will be ineffective.

It is also important to follow a diet, do not eat sour, salty or sweet foods: it provokes the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, causes pain.

Folk medicine for adults is slightly different from the recipes for children. The most popular recipes are below.

  • Treatment with propolis. Propolis broth on alcohol is used to treat lesions of the oral cavity. Previously they must be treated with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Treatment with oils. Rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, flax or peach are effective for stomatitis treatment. They are sold in drugstores and are used for wiping sores with a cotton swab. Such means regenerate tissues, heal wounds.
  • Raw potato puree helps to treat the disease. It should be thoroughly chewed, “spreading” around the mouth. It is not necessary to swallow the used mixture.
  • A mouthwash of raw chicken egg. It is mixed into the boiling and cooled water, and the resulting mixture is stirred and applied to rinse the mouth.
  • Also, the use of natural antiseptics teas (chamomile, oak bark, St. John’s worth, Potentilla). To improve therapeutic effect in ready-broth hydrogen peroxide is added.
  • With extensive lesions of the mucous membrane rinse the mouths with not strong solutions of potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide or rivanola.

The use of soda

stomatitis how to cure at home sodaSoda is an awesome substance that is used in cooking, at the household and for the treatment of certain diseases, which include stomatitis. The use of this substance helps to reduce pain and speed the healing process of ulcers in the mouth.

Furthermore, it has the following advantageous properties:

  • Destroys bacteria, it acts as an effective antiseptic.
  • It helps to neutralize the acid level in the mouth.

Treatment of stomatitis with soda is safe for the health of both adults and children, including newborns.

As a medicine soda is used in mouthwashes, rubbing wounds and ulcers with gauze soaked in soda, a single ulcer can be simply sprinkled with the “healing powder.” Procedures should be performed regularly, 3-5 times a day until the complete recovery.

Prevention of the disease

Everyone knows that any disease is easier to prevent than to deal with its treatment. To conduct stomatitis prevention one should meet the following requirements:

  1. to observe the rules of oral hygiene;
  2. to have a rational diet, take vitamins;
  3. to train the body;
  4. to avoid hypothermia and infections;
  5. to avoid burns of mucous membranes in the mouth (not to drink hot beverages or eat hot meals).
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