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How and using what medicine to treat the stomatitis in adults?

how correctly to treat the stomatitis in adults

The inflammatory process that occurs in the oral mucosa, which is manifested in the formation of ulcers, vesicles or even whitish plaque, most of all is diagnosed as stomatitis.

Until recently, the disease predominantly has affected children’s organisms, but declination of population’s immunity, environmental degradation, and many other related factors have influenced to the wide spread of the disease among adults. Therefore, it is important to know and to take measures in time for the treatment and prevention of stomatitis.

Root causes

Most often the development of stomatitis occurs in adults due to the active motion of bacteria, viruses or infections. This turn of events is possible only with reduced immunity due to the occurrence of diseases of other organs and systems of the body (diseases of the oral cavity, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, upper respiratory tract, HIV, cancer, etc.).

In addition, active multiplication of pathogens in the mouth can be triggered by the lack of attention to personal hygiene of the mouth (the use of someone else’s toothbrush, drinking from the same bottle, ignoring the emergence of dental tartar, etc.).

The lack of certain elements in the body due to poor or unbalanced diet (vitamins of the group B, zinc, iron, folic acid) can also cause characteristic ulcers in the mouth.

Another common factor that provokes stomatitis is an injury of tissue of mouth surfaces. Patients themselves often point out that the plaque and mouth ulcers occur at the site of accidentally damaged mucosa (scratches at the tooth fragment, crown or denture, biting cheeks, damage by solid food, burns, exposure to chemicals).

Of course, not always traumatizing of oral cavity leads to stomatitis, but in combination with other factors, such an outcome possible.

Symptoms of the disease

Stomatitis manifests itself by the appearance of puffiness and painful inflammation, accompanied by a burning sensation. In this place in a short time, a single oval or circular-shaped sore with a red aureole is formed.

The patient is concerned with pain, excessive salivation and bad mouth odor. There are some difficulties with chewing and speech. Acute forms of the disease can occur at a temperature rise to 39 degrees.

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What can be done at home?

how to cure stomatitis at homeStomatitis treatment at home can be positive if you approach the process with all the responsibility and regularly to handle all the ulcers and blisters:

  • Possible assistance in the treatment of stomatitis in adults will give hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to dissolve one teaspoon of peroxide in 1/2 cup of boiling water and rinse your mouth three times a day. This procedure will help to get rid of the pain.
  • Garlic and sour cream mixture are among the means of struggling with stomatitis in home conditions which has received very good reviews. Garlic must be finely grated and mixed with a small amount of sour cream. The composition should be kept in the mouth for a half an hour 2-3 times a day.
  • Stomatitis is safely losing with regular mouthwashes with vegetable juice (kale or carrots). Fresh juice mixed with water in a ratio of 1/1 and three times a day rinsing procedure should be performed.
  • A decoction of onion peel well reduces inflammation, even in advanced cases. For its preparation, you need onion husks (5 tablespoons), and 500 ml. of water. Husks should be boiled 15 minutes, then cooled and left for a night.

    A prepared broth should be strained, then add boiling water to bring the total volume of 500 ml, and is used for its intended purpose. Rinse the mouth three times a day.

Any of these measures should be accompanied by the use of fruits and vegetables to provide the body with vitamins and beneficial elements, which stimulate the immune system.

These methods will certainly help in a few cases, however, if the occurrence of stomatitis is periodically repeated, you will likely need a complex treatment and a specialist consultation.

Usage of folk remedies

Stomatitis is a disease that has quite a long history, so it is not surprising that traditional medicine knows many effective ways to combat this disease.

The broth of herbs can significantly ease the situation until a complete cure.

  • Oak bark has anti-inflammatory properties. For curative drug, you must on low heat for 10 minutes after boiling, simmer 1 tbsp. of the bark in a glass of water. Rinse a mouth with a cooled broth up to five times a day. This portion is only for one rinse. For convenience, you can prepare a decoction once for the whole day.
  • Aloe is an excellent folk remedy that helps when stomatitis. For therapeutic effect, you must squeeze the leaves to get a small amount of juice, and treat them to the damaged mucous (by conventional pipette). This procedure must be repeated up to 3 times per day.
  • During the summer, for the treatment of stomatitis, you can use the juice of plantain. To do this, you must collect the fresh leaves, rinse them well, twist in a meat grinder and squeeze through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid is used to treat the ulcers and blisters.

    Plantain can be saved to use in the winter by drying. When disease occurs again use one teaspoon of dried leaves with boiled water, broth for a half an hour, filter and rinse.

  • And another popular recipe to combat stomatitis is a decoction of burdock.

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What drugs you can use

how to treat the stomatitis in adults with drugsIn medicine, it is decided to differentiate several types of stomatitis. Depending on the variety of the disease certain drugs are prescribed to deal with it:


Ambazone (Faringosept). The drug has a bacteriostatic effect. It is indicated for the treatment and preventive measures to combat inflammatory formations in the mouth.

Geksasprey. Biklotimol is the main active ingredient of the drug. It has an antiseptic effect. Excellent for disinfecting the entire oral cavity.


A weakened immune system is not able to resist the development of candidiasis. Typically, this occurs against major diseases of internal organs and systems involving the use of large amounts of antibiotics.

Coping with stomatitis, in this case, helps:

  • Diflucan (fluconazole). It is produced in the form of capsules and is indicated for all forms of candidiasis.
  • Levorinum. This drug also is antibiotic having antifungal activity. You can purchase it as an ointment or special lyophilisation for a solution for rinsing.
  • Candide. A broad-spectrum drug.


Oxolinic ointment. The antiviral drug. Actively opposed to herpes viruses, influenza, adenovirus. Available in the form of an ointment, which should be applied to the affected areas.

Viru-Merz. Created to combat the herpes virus. Several times reduces the duration of treatment.

Acyclovir. Widely known antiviral drugs used to combat herpes-stomatitis. As analogs include Zovirax, atsigerpin, gerviraks, vivoraks.


Allergic stomatitis is yet another manifestation of the disease of the oral mucosa associated with a certain body reaction to certain allergens. As the treatment, such drugs are prescribed: tavegil or its analogs, Phencarolum.


In rare cases of acute stomatitis antibacterial agents are prescribed: chlorhexidine digluconate, sumamed, amoxiclav, augmentin.

In addition, along with substances that act directly on the source of the disease, drugs are used to facilitate the healing of damaged tissue: Solkoseril, karotolin, propolis spray.

Stomatitis on the tongue

Oral candidiasis in adults

Photo: Oral Candidiasis (Bacteria on the tongue)

Depending on the nature of the occurrence of stomatitis on the tongue, the treatment can be carried out on your own using home remedies or recipes of traditional medicine, using drugs, prescribed by an expert after a thorough examination.

To disinfect and accelerate the healing of wounds a rinse decoction of chamomile, calendula, linden blossom will help. Raw potato juice.

To avoid acute pain, it is necessary to observe a certain diet – to abandon the sharp, bitter food, the use of various spices, and salt and sugar when possible. Unleavened food should be taken only in the pasty state at a room temperature.


The most important rule for preventing stomatitis is oral hygiene. Using twice daily toothbrush and toothpaste is required.

To help these health facilities floss and rinse antibacterial solutions are added. Of course, we should not ignore the visit to the dentist, and on time to sanitize the mouth.

Healthy and balanced nutrition is the foundation of a strong immune system, so it is important to keep track of what and when you eat. With a lack of vitamins, it is recommended several times a year to take a course of vitamin-containing preparations.

And the main thing, of course, is not to let the disease run. And even if you find yourself stomatitis symptoms, you must immediately apply comprehensive measures for the elimination of the disease, including rinsing medicinal decoction, use of antiviral and antibacterial drugs and measures to strengthen the immune system.

Be healthy!

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