Methods of treatment of ulcers in a mouth

treatment of mouth ulcers in adults

The occurrence of ulcers in the mouth is very unpleasant. Anyone who has ever faced something like this knows that this problem is very ambiguous because there are many reasons for its occurrence.

Therefore, there is not one universal way to get rid of it. The painful mucosal defect in the form of mouth ulcers may result in a variety of diseases.

To solve the problem of getting rid of ulcerative lesions of the oral cavity, it is necessary to consider the most common cases, to identify the causes and conduct an appropriate treatment.

Causes Of Occurrence

It is very difficult to name absolutely all the reasons. However, it is pointed out that most of them can be divided into three large groups. This classification is a multi-leveled because each group has its own main types of diseases and causes.

Local diseases

This refers to the disease of the oral mucosa itself. In almost all cases this is a consequence of one of the many kinds of stomatitis. Ulcers can have a different shape, color, and soreness.

  • Herpetic stomatitis (herpetiform). Caused by the herpes virus, and brings a lot of discomfort because the sores appear in large numbers. In this case, they are colored grayish color and usually have no clearly defined shapes and visible borders.

    Affected areas are mainly the lower side of the tongue and the bottom of the oral cavity. Similar to those that characterize normal herpes. Healing in most cases lasts for about a week and a half and is held without scarring.

  • Aphthous stomatitis. An occurrence of a large number of ulcers on the palate, tongue, mucosa of lips and cheeks are common for this kind. The specific reasons are not clearly defined even now.
  • Necrotizing recurrent periadenitis. It is a consequence of chronic canker sores when the occurred damages get injured, and the disease can last for years.

Common diseases

Ulcers occur as symptomatic local manifestations of diseases related to malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, syphilis, tuberculosis, and some infectious diseases.

In each case, the treatment should be held by a specialized professional. Typically, this happens as a local therapy after getting rid of the main problem.

Traumatic factor

Constant traumatic effect on the mucous membrane in the form of intentional or accidental bites (possibly due to a malocclusion), an incorrectly selected toothbrush or other factors may lead to ulcer formations in the places of injuries.

Another cause of similar damage may be poorly conducted dental treatment, permanent or removable dentures, as well as the effect of certain medications, acids, and alkalis.

Typically, such ulcers disappear after about two weeks without any complications and traces. However, ulcers can be of more complex chronic forms one of the kind of stomatitis in the case of re-injury on the healing stage, lack of hygiene, a weakened immune system.

Aphthous stomatitis – what is it and how to treat it?

aphthous stomatitis om a lipThis disease should be discussed separately because of its prevalence and complexity, chronic nature and long term of treatment. About one-sixth of the population in a certain period of life can suffer from this disease.


The most common cause is the individual human allergic reaction to foods, drugs, or inadequate response of the organism to certain types of bacteria.

Not fully working due to many factors, the immune system can also cause Aphthous stomatitis. This may also include the weakening of the body’s defenses and the lack of vitamins (especially C, and B12), folic acid, iron, on the background of a poor diet.

A set of measures to get rid of the problem

In most cases, the course of medication is not required. Changing the diet, a healthy daily routine, a careful treatment of the mucosa (no injuries), the rejection of hard food, which exacerbates the external manifestations of ulcerative – such measures can relieve a person from the disease.

To facilitate the symptomatic pain and get rid of the discomfort, use a local anesthetic ointment, such as Benzocaine. In the case of increasing pains, injectable anesthetic agents can be used.

Result Of General Diseases

In addition to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, there are a few general diseases that cause mouth ulcers.

  • Syphilis. Chronic infectious disease, one of which manifestation is the occurrence of oral ulcers after an incubation period (about three weeks). At the first stage, it is almost painless formation, healing completely, star-shaped scars may form in the future.

    Treatment of ulcers is basically removing traumatic factors and oral rehabilitation after total therapy at venereal Diseases clinic.

  • Tuberculosis of the mucous membrane in the mouth. Ulcers occur as a consequence of regular TB when bacteria enter the mucosa through the damaged tissues. It differs by strong painful sensations. During remission after hospital TB treatment antiseptic and anti-inflammatory therapy with oral sanitation are applied.
  • Necrotizing acute gingival stomatitis. On the background of weakening factors, an infectious disease may appear. Local treatment is carried out surgically. Antibiotics and vitamins are prescribed at the same time. It is also important to increase the number of calories in the diet.
  • HIV. Approximately one-third of patients have ulcers in the mouth. Infectious disease doctors help in this case. Dental therapeutic measures are added.

Methods And Medicine

In each particular case of oral ulcers, various measures to fight them are used. If oral ulcers are white – then there is one treatment, if red – another. It all comes down to several treatments:

  • Dental care. As part of this process sanitation must be conducted, i.e. a complete dental and mucosal treatment, including orthopedic measures. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the impact of traumatic factors. You must comply with all rules of hygiene – brushing teeth, rinsing after meals and so on.
  • Dealing with causes. In severe cases, this is the treatment of common diseases.
  • Strengthening the immunity. The diet, daily routine, taking vitamin complexes and other necessary measures are important here.
  • Medication.
  • Antibiotics of penicillin and cephalosporin group.
  • Binders, such as tannin.
  • Antiseptic and healing tools – chlorhexidine, solkoseril, piromekain ointment.
  • Antiseptic rinse – peroxide yodovidon, furatsilin, bikarmint.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial sprays – proposol, ingalipt and others.

What can you do at home?

how to treat ulcers in a mouthAt home, traditional remedies to help eliminate unpleasant symptoms are the most commonly used. This is possible only in relatively mild cases.

If the ulcers become chronic, and there is the occurrence of a very large number of them and severe complications are caused, it is recommended always to consult a specialist. First of all, it is a dentist.

Traditional methods and measures

  • Consuming vitamin rich natural juices.
  • Refusal of carbonated beverages.
  • Use cold or slightly heated food.
  • Rinse with plain water before eating.

Folk remedies

  • Rinses with baking soda (possibly with salt), parsley and carrot juice.
  • Chewing basil leaves, which influence the quick healing of ulcers.
  • The use (you can only chew) of peppermint leaves.
  • Using the juice of onion and garlic for a local application.
  • Rinsing with herbal tinctures and decoctions of St. John’s worth, Potentilla, oak bark, feverweed, Marigold, walnut leaves, chamomile, linden.
  • It can be used as rinsing or irrigation of mucosa.
  • For the treatment of ulcers, a mixture of honey, chopped almonds and yarrow is used.

If The Disease Has Touched A Child

For the treatment of children, almost the same methods as for adults are applied. However, it should be borne in mind that the child’s body is more susceptible to many drugs, so easier forms of the drugs are used and the dose is reduced.

Alcohol tinctures for the treatment of ulcers in the baby’s mouth and rinse cannot be used. The best is to take carefully sieved herbal teas, salt, and soda.

Infants ulcers can occur as a result of thrush. In this case, it is possible to use local antifungal agents, for example, nystatin solution as candidiasis is a fungal disease.

oral ulcers in babyVery necessary is to follow strict hygiene measures, not only of the mouth but also in general. This may also include the use of separate dishes for everyone and compliance with the rules of hygiene by adults.

General measures to strengthen the immune system are also needed. If the disease takes a chronic form, it is necessary to see a specialist. Among other things, it the specialist may prescribe antibiotics, vitamins, antihistamines and antiallergic agents.

Self-treatment is possible only in case if the ulcer in the mouth appeared for the first time and there are no other symptoms. In all other cases- first of all, the consultation with a dentist is obligatory, and then – with other relevant specialists.

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