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What to do, if teeth stagger?

teeth stagger what you need to do

Many people prefer not to go to the dentist until they have a severe toothache, which can no longer be ignored. However, there is a problem, which does not cause pain symptoms, but in fact is very serious and requires mandatory treatment. The main symptom – when the teeth start to stagger.

The fact is that this may be caused by many factors, including the general diseases, even though symptoms are dental only. That is why you should immediately consult a specialist, as soon as staggering of one or several teeth became apparent.

Why is this happening?

As already mentioned, there are many causes of this problem. They can be divided into four main groups.

Gum disease

This is one of the major reasons. All the inflammatory periodontal diseases (parodontosis, gingivitis, periodontitis) weaken the attachment of the roots in the gum tissue. That is why mobility and apparent staggering start. Bleeding, swelling, inflammation, abundant cavities – are the symptoms equal to staggering.

In addition, there also exist cysts and granulomas, which influence a root and lead to the same result.

Chronic and common diseases

There is quite a large number of diseases when staggering teeth can be called one of manifestations. Here’s the short list.

  • arthritis (joint disease);
  • heart and cardiovascular systems disease;
  • psoriasis – a chronic dermatosis affecting the skin;
  • problems in the thyroid;
  • diabetes;
  • tumor growths;
  • osteoporosis.


Teeth may also stagger tooth after bumps or other similar effects. Most likely, this effect results in a fracture in the root area, so it cannot properly hold the crown. Another possible option, when in the place of impact inflammation starts, then it may also be a cause.

Bruxism can be also attributed the injury – teeth squeak when uncontrolled compression.

The period of pregnancy

At this time a woman’s body undergoes drastic changes. In particular, metabolic processes associated with the absorption of calcium are violated, which can also be the cause of this problem.

Front Teeth

stagger front teethVery often front teeth are exposed to the process of pathological mobility. What to do in this case.

  • The first step –  is an appointment to a specialist. A dentist is required to conduct the necessary research in order to identify the cause of this phenomenon. The treatment is impossible without it because only after eliminating the cause, you can fight the symptoms.
  • Your doctor can refer to another specialist if the reason was some kind of a common disease. First of all, there is a need to treat it.
  • In the dental clinic, it is required to conduct a session of professional oral hygiene to eliminate confounding factors – of infection and inflammation, deposits on the enamel surface, and so on and so forth.
  • Among other things, it is necessary to do an X-ray shot of the front of the jaw, especially if you have recently had any injury.
  • If mobility was caused by a blow or other trauma, most likely, only one tooth will stagger. If the root is broken, it will be necessary to conduct a surgery to remove fragments.


Steps to resolve this problem should always match the reason for which it has arisen.

  • Quite often the reason for molar staggering may be a cyst. It is formed around the root tip. In this case, the doctor will determine the treatment depending on the degree of development of neoformation. There maybe two ways – therapy, which lasts for a long time, and surgery, more radical.
  • If the staggering process spreads on several teeth in parallel on both sides of the jaw, the most likely the reason is one of the inflammatory periodontal diseases.

    The range of treatments includes a mandatory professional hygiene, as the infection spreads from deposits on enamel and near gums. An anti-inflammatory therapy is also applied. Physiological procedures, in particular, massaging of gums, are aimed to accelerate the gingival tissue regeneration.

    Sometimes you may need to curettage (removal of sub gingival deposits) and gingivotomia and gingivectomy (excision in different planes of the gingival pocket wall).

  • If the underlying cause of the problem was the malocclusion, it is necessary as soon as possible to carry out the treatment (orthodontic trainers for kids, braces, and so on), so the load is the same for all parts of the jaw.
  • In the case of bruxism, there is also a special device, which is called the mouth cap. Since uncontrolled creaking usually occurs at night, it should be worn every night before going to bed. Then it is possible to eliminate a major factor.

What to do, how to strengthen the molars, which began to stagger strongly? The most important thing to understand is that it does not matter whether it has something to do with age or not!

In addition to professional practices, be sure to strengthen the self-holding hygiene. In particular, it concerns the correct teeth cleaning technique and the correct choice of the toothbrush.

The required preventive measures include the overall strengthening of immunity. If you have any bad habits, you need to get rid of them, as it often happens to be the cause of teeth staggering.

Wisdom Teeth

Although tooth extraction – is an extreme measure, which in modern dentistry is not often applied, still there are cases when it is needed. It is in this category, where likely staggering wisdom teeth fall.

Then doctor must take the final decision after the examination and an X-ray of the jaw area.

“Eights” – are always the most problematic teeth. They can improperly develop and grow, and that often leads to a staggering. To minimize damage to all the others, the wisdom tooth will likely have to be removed.

Baby Teeth

a childs teeth stagger and fallAround the age of five, children’s teeth begin to change. If you notice that one of the teeth began to stagger in this period, it should not become a cause for concern.

After all, this process is natural – for a permanent tooth to cut through, baby tooth need to fall out. At a loss, primarily, resolves the root, so holding only due to the gum crown will stagger.

Do not immediately try to pull out the tooth, which only began to stagger. You can speed up the process somewhat, giving the baby harder and solid food. This is the most natural way.

However, there are occasions when you must immediately remove it. For example, if you notice that a child is experiencing severe discomfort and tries to chew on one side only. This may affect the further formation of the dentition and the correct bite.

If staggering occurs not during the change of teeth, but, for example, before, this may be due to trauma or dental disease that is accompanied by inflammation, and general malaise. In this case, you must always consult a pediatric dentist to provide an adequate treatment and prevent further problems.

Methods Used At Home

You can strengthen the teeth at home. To do this, there exist many recipes of traditional medicine, which are quite effective. However, if the problem is compounded, it is better to consult a specialist, because the staggering process can lead to a tooth loss.

Massage from staggering

It will help to restore blood flow to the gums.

You need to take a thin tree twig (preferably fruit) and begin to chew it carefully. Direction – from the top to the down. In the early stages, it should be done very carefully and you should monitor your state.

After about 2 weeks another exercise with a twig is added. It is clamped with front teeth and clenching jaws, gently move them back and forth, right and left.

After further 3-4 weeks, besides two previous exercises, perform the third. The twig is clamped between teeth with a hand, and then slowly pull.

Rinse with propolis and calamus root

In two containers individually pour 1 oz. of dried root of calamus and propolis on 17 fl.oz. of vodka. Breed them for 12-14 days. When solutions are ready, you need to rinse your mouth for a few minutes a day with a mixture of 1 part of propolis and 2 parts of calamus.

For gums

Mix one teaspoon of burnt salt with 0.7 oz. (2 teaspoons) of honey. This mixture should be rubbed into the gums, preliminary putting it in a small piece of thin calico or other similar tissue.

Homemade Paste

Calamus root is hardly crushed and mixed with an equal amount of a conventional dentifrice powder. At a time, you need to use about half of a teaspoon. The procedure is performed regularly three times a day.


how to cure your teeth stagger at home

Photo: Fir oil

Gauze pads need to be moistened in the fir oil. Then it is for 7-12 minutes applied to the gums. The procedure is performed once a day for 2-3 weeks.

After a few months, you can take a course again. You should be careful and if there are some a burning sensation, the lotion should be removed, even if a given time has not passed yet.


Unfortunately, this recipe is only suitable for the warm season, as yarrow has to be fresh. Juice of this plant should be once a day rubbed into the surface of the gums. During the procedure do not swallow, and after – rinse thoroughly.


For 2-3 weeks you need to rinse your mouth with a solution of propolis. In order to make it you need to take a ready-made 15-percent tincture. In a glass of warm pure water add 20 drops of tincture.


A garlic clove should be slightly, so that there is some juice, crushed. It is rubbed into the gums once a day for three weeks. The course is repeated a week later.

Folk remedies for the strengthening of the gums may be used parallelly with professional treatment. This will help to speed up the recovery.

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