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Methods of treatment of periodontal disease using folk remedies

human periodontal disease treatment with folk remedies

Periodontal disease is accompanied by soreness of the gums and bleeding. The consequence of not treating the disease can be a loss of teeth. In addition to the recommendations of the dentist, there are folk remedies to help improve and facilitate the patient’s condition.

Causes of occurrence

Why this unpleasant disease occurs is uncertain. However, the study of periodontal disease has led to the conclusion that it can often be inherited.

Doctors also highlight a number of diseases against which periodontal disease often develops:

  • diabetes;
  • bone injury;
  • systemic diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • gastrointestinal disease.

Illness also develops at the wrong nutrition of tissues, which are located around the teeth. It may occur as a result of atrophy of the alveolar processes. As a result, the gums become soft and fluffy, it drops and bares its teeth.

The disease mostly occurs in older people, but at the wrong care and hygiene can also appear in young.


Among the major signs of the disease highlighted are:

  • bleeding gums or pus discharge from them;
  • the presence of a small layer of plaque;
  • itching sensation on the gums;
  • denudation of the necks of the teeth, as a result of people experiencing sensitivity when taking hot or cold drinks;
  • observed plaque deposition.

Since the signs of periodontal disease are not pronounced, the patients often miss the visit to the doctor. In the early stages, the teeth remain seated, and the gums look slightly reddened. Then, to these symptoms pain is added.

If during the biting of solid food there are traces of blood, it is the first sign, indicating that you must immediately consult a dentist.

Healing procedures

Treatment of periodontal disease independently

Photo: salt vs periodontal disease

Traditional medicine as the main method proposes strengthening sensitive gums. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Prepare an ordinary salt, the best small, or make from it a strong solution. Then rub the gums. After that, it is recommended to perform massage. To do this, perform light pressing movements to the gums, till ichor comes out.

    To fix the effect prepare the solution from one gidroperita tablet. In severe pain, you can take 2 pieces. Water -1 cup. Next, with the prepared solution rinse the mouth. 3 days are enough to reduce pain or even get rid of it.

  • Take sauerkraut and thoroughly chew it. You can also take the juice out of it and use it to massage the gums. Proponents of the folk treatments claim that after 7 days, the disease will pass completely.
  • Prepare drug on the basis of fine salt and olive oil or any other vegetable oil.  Lubricate the mouth with this mixture, gently rubbing it. This way you can not only get rid of the periodontal disease but strengthen and whiten teeth.
  • Over the following recipe, you will have to work hard. It is necessary to pre-dry the banana peel and grind it. Then mix it with fine sea salt and olive oil. The remedy should be rubbed into the gums, at first, the upper, then lower.

    Gruel, which was formed in the mouth is not recommended immediately to spit. It is better to delay it for a few minutes. The procedure can be repeated twice a day.

  • The mixture for brushing teeth, preventing them from becoming unstable and eliminates bleeding. To do this, take 2 parts of soda, one of salt, and three of birch ash. Brush your teeth twice a day.

The easiest way to relieve symptoms of a periodontal disease is to pour salt on the toothbrush and clean the mouth as usually. Pretty easy method to reduce pain in the first days of use.

It is also possible to prepare salt solutions and to rinse a mouth. This “medicine” has an antiseptic effect. As a result, the bacteria are destroyed, which destroy the tooth cloth. Adding iodine to the composition can improve the action of the drug.

Recipes using herbs

When gum swelling, toothache it is recommended to use the following recipes:

Option 1

Common plantain should be well washed, scalded with boiling water. Then knead a few leaves in hands. Then they are placed in the mouth and chewed. You can stick a few leaves to the gums.

Plantain juice well eliminates bleeding gums. Relieving of the state has been observed for two days after the beginning of treatment.

In winter, you can prepare the dried leaves of the plantain. Before using they are either soaked or made in broth.

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Let’s talk about decayed teeth.

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Option 2

The following recipe is quite complicated but effective. For the production of medicines, a large number of grasses and cereals is required. It is necessary to prepare: valerian root, elecampane, and burdock, celandine, chaga, series, adonis, yarrow.

Then add to grass any cereals except rice. Suitable is oats, barley, wheat and other cereals.

All components must be carefully ground. To do this, you can use a coffee grinder or blender. When mixing, all the components are in equal parts, in addition to fungus and celandine, which is necessary to use in 1: 2 and 1: 4.

The mixture should be placed in glass containers, filling them with little more than a quarter. Pour unrefined sunflower oil till the top. The medication should be left within 60-62 days. Every day you need to get the container and shake it well.

After 2 months the contents of the cans is poured into an enamel bowl and heated to a hot state. Then pour into bottles and leave for a shorter period – 30 days. After this time period, the drug is considered ready.

It has high anti-inflammatory action. It should be rubbed into the scalp for 30-45 min. During this time, you need to take a few sips into the mouth and lubricate the gums and teeth.

Make a procedure for the night, and then go to bed.

It is recommended to wash your hair the next day. The head is desirable to wrap in a warm cloth. The course of treatment is 10 days. Then make a break for 20 days and repeat the treatment again.

Do not swallow the medicine of cereals and grasses on the basis of crude oil. After rinsing, spit it.

Option 3

Spoon horseradish. Fresh herb or dry is milled and then combined with the liquid. Then put the medicine on the stove and bring to a boil. The broth before use should infuse for 30 minutes. The frequency of rinses is 2-3 a day.

Quick recipes

fast cure periodontal disease

Photo: aloe vs periodontal disease

There are traditional methods of treating a periodontal disease which does not require the purchase of special components. For them, you can use products that are at almost every home.

We give the most effective recipes:

  • Medicine of beet. To do this, fresh vegetables are pulverized, it is best to grate. Then it is applied to the teeth and gums. Hold the mixture within 30 minutes. A week later, periodontal disease will be cured.
  • With aloe. This healing houseplant is at almost every home. To do this, take a leaf of aloe and cut it in half, and then apply to the teeth. You can leave them overnight. Procedures rate is 7-10 times. This method helps to remove inflammation and clean bleeding gums.
  • Cranberry. North berry is great to help from bleeding gums. To do this, simply take a few berries and put them in your mouth. Then crush them and massage the gums and teeth. This procedure may be carried out after each meal.
  • Sorrel treatment. It is made very quickly. For this purpose, it is made into juice after diluted with water. The resulting composition to use as rinsing.
  • Pine needles. It is very simple, as they simply need to be chewed for a few minutes. Then, spit the resulting mass. With this method bleeding gums pass quite quickly.
  • Seeds of onion. They need to be boiled and left to infuse for a day. Capacity with a decoction is better to wrap up warm cloth. After straining, rinse the mouth three times a day.

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Let’s consider recipes alcohol-based or which require some time for their insistence:

On the basis of celandine

Its leaves must first be chopped. Put them in a glass bowl and fill it with vodka or alcohol. Leave the medicine within 14 days.

Then, after every meal perform rinsing of the oral cavity. For the positive effect, it is recommended to conduct a 10-day course every month.

In order not to hurt the gums alcohol should be mixed with water by half.

Infusion of horseradish

This medicine is used to strengthen the gums and kill bacteria. To prepare it you must chop the root of horseradish and place it in a glass jar. Then fill it with boiling water.

It is enough to leave it for the day. Use it to rinse. The infusion can be swallowed, then it will perform cleaning of vessels.

Based on the pine tar

assistance with periodontitis

Photo: pine resin vs periodontal disease

It needs to be filled with alcohol, and then watch as the sap is released. As it releases add new portions of vodka. Tincture should be very strong. It should be lubricated into the gums daily.

Folk remedies are prefabricated recipes, often invented by people far removed from medicine. Tinctures, decoctions, and massage may not be as safe as they seem at first glance. Therefore, before embarking on the treatment of periodontal disease, you should consult your doctor.

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