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How to treat periodontal disease at home?

treat periodontal disease at your home

The term “periodontal disease” is popularly used to refer to a fairly wide group of diseases characterized by degenerative lesions of periodontal – periodontal tissue.

As a result, the teeth, are so to say, put forward from the bones, acquiring pathological mobility. The disease is now widely spread among humans.


For a long time, the disease can exist unnoticed. But developed, periodontal disease begins to progress rapidly and becomes the cause of a significant deterioration in the quality of life of the patient: the patient has discomfort and feels pain while chewing food.

Among the first signs of periodontal disease, which signalize the beginning of the pathological process are the following:

  • aggravated reaction in response to thermal and chemical stimuli encountered at their contact with the surfaces of the necks of the teeth;
  • unpleasant specific odor from the mouth;
  • gingival bleeding (especially vividly manifested symptom during brushing);
  • throbbing, burning and itching in the gums;
  • change in the color of the gums – they become pale.

Other more pronounced symptoms develop later:

  • retraction – a process that occurs due to a lower level of the gums and is characterized by exposing the root of the neck of the tooth, that outwardly manifests through the increase in the length of the teeth;
  • the occurrence of destructive pathologies of dental tissues, which are not caused by caries: enamel erosion, the formation of erosion, etc.;
  • possible swelling of the gums;
  • the characteristic fanlike divergence of teeth is a consequence of the defeat of the ligamentous apparatus;
  • loosening and loss of teeth.

Why it occurs?

The defining cause of the disease is considered to be a lack of blood flow to the gums, which is why their degenerative changes occur, that can as the result in severe cases loss of teeth.

There are several factors that can trigger the occurrence and development of periodontal disease:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • certain chronic illnesses and diseases of various organs and body systems: HIV, diabetes, oncology, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular system and thyroid, etc.;
  • hormonal fluctuations that usually occur due to menopause, pregnancy or puberty manifested in exacerbation of the sensitivity of the gums and increase in their exposure to various types of destructive processes;
  • violation of the key rules of mouth hygiene;
  • the use of certain medications;
  • avitaminosis;
  • regular violation of the rules of healthy eating;
  • smoking.

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Special diet

what to eat with periodontitisTreatment of periodontal disease is impossible without a special diet. This special diet must be observed at least six months – only, in this case, you can count on a stable positive result.

Patients are encouraged to eating solids, fiber-rich foods. Thus, the food must be chewed so that the load on the dentition is equal.

First of all, it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables – they are also a kind of simulator for the patient, contributing to strengthening the gums and provide the body with essential vitamins and elements.

For a person suffering from periodontal disease, it is important to regularly include milk and dairy products in your diet, like cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream. All of the above is a rich source of calcium, which is known to strengthen teeth and gums.

Finally, some of the products on the way to recovery will have to be abandoned altogether. These are sweets and food adhering to the teeth. Chips, candies, and cookies are retained in the mouth and stimulate the formation of plaque, which provokes the development of periodontal disease.

The patient should daily eat salads with fresh vegetables, rich in folic acid, herbs, fruit and berries, cereals (buckwheat, oats, millet), fish, milk and dairy products. As for the drinks, one should give up carbonated drinks, strong black tea, and coffee in favor of the natural juices and green tea.


Periodontal disease brings the patient a lot of trouble, significantly reduces the quality of life and also very long and hardly treated. Like any disease, periodontal disease is easier and more rationally to prevent, moreover, that does not require special efforts to do so.

Most of the preventive measures are very simple, they very quickly become part of the normal way of life:

  • competent oral health care;
  • timely detection and treatment of chronic diseases;
  • proper nutrition and periodic usage of vitamin-mineral complexes;
  • annual visit to the dentist, even in the absence of complaints.

Method of coping with the diseases

Periodontal disease treatment should be comprehensive to achieve positive results. One should not forget about the treatment at home.

Proper regular mouth cavity care

Teeth cleaning must be carried out not less than twice a day. Today there is special toothpaste against periodontitis, which, of course, by themselves are not able to overcome the disease, but it can reduce the intensity of its manifestations – to neutralize bad breath, reduce bleeding gums and etc.

During the procedure, it is desirable to use a special rinses and tooth threads intended for cleaning the interdental spaces.

It is important to remember to clean the back of the tongue, on which usually a lot of bacteria settle: it also needs a thorough cleaning. Mouthwash as the last step of the process is recommended using, at least, two glasses of warm water.


Mouthwashes with propolis tincture or calendula, which can be found in almost any drugstore bring significant relief when periodontitis.


The notable therapeutic effect is achieved by massaging the gums with the use of essential oils of peppermint, coriander, lemon, eucalyptus and orange.

It is necessary to apply a modicum of funds to the pads of the index finger and thumb, in advance, of course, having made a thorough mouth cleaning and washing hands. Then, with circular massaging movements move in the direction from the gingival margins to the center.

The procedure should be repeated at least twice a day. Massage improves blood flow to the gums, and essential oils provide an additional effect.

And it is very important to observe a special diet – mentioned above.

What does traditional medicine offer?

traditional recipesOn the way to recovery, in addition to the prescribed by doctor medications, it is worth to try, traditional medicines, which are sometimes even superior to pharmaceutical products for efficiency.

“Natural” traditional medicine can provide a reducing effect on the tissues of the gums and teeth.

Among the most popular traditional medicine are the following:

  • rinsing,
  • compresses,
  • gymnastics,
  • the use of bee products.


Before you begin this procedure, you must thoroughly clean the teeth. Repeat it least 2-3 times a day.

Tincture of oak bark

The ingredients of the drug are the bark of oak and linden flowers, which must be mixed in a ratio of 2: 1. The resulting mass is poured into boiling water (about a cup of liquid at the expense of a teaspoon), cooled, filtered through gauze – and natural product is ready for use.

Regular rinsing of the mouth using this tincture effectively reduces inflammation, knits and defeats bacteria.

Herb St. John’s wort

Prepared mixture is very simple, just follow these steps:

  • 5 tablespoons of herb pour with boiling water;
  • leave this mixture for 4 hours;
  • strain through cheesecloth.

Essential oils and tannins contained in the tincture, reduce inflammation and bleeding gums.

Tincture of walnut leaves

It is necessary to take 2 teaspoons of walnut leaves and pour them into a glass of boiling water. After that tincture should stay for about an hour, then strain it through cheesecloth. The resulting infusion contains substances that fight bacteria and heal wounds.

Rinsing the mouth at least 5 times a day allows you to quickly overcome the unpleasant manifestations of a periodontal disease.


Compresses made on the basis of medicinal herbs, have very beneficial effect on the gums:

  • improve the blood supply;
  • stop with bleeding;
  • cease inflammation.

On plantain

The crushed into mush leaves of the plantain are useful to lay to the gums three times a day for about a quarter of an hour. This simple and affordable mean has a powerful healing effect.

According to numerous reviews – a method of treating periodontal disease at home is fairly efficient.

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Of aloe

poultice of aloeThe plant is pre-washed and cuts along the fresh aloe leaf, which must be applied to the sick gums for a night. To cure the disease, it usually takes about 10 such sessions.

On beetroot

Washed and peeled beet should be rubbed on a very fine grater. The resulting slurry is mixed in equal parts with olive (or sunflower) oil, and effective remedy for periodontal disease is ready. It is enough to put it on the gum three times a day for a quarter of an hour – and the unpleasant symptoms of the disease will soon disappear.


To perform the exercises, you will need a green coniferous twig. Conventionally, the complex can be divided into three parts:

  • The first three weeks you need daily to bite natural “simulator” from the top down.
  • After that, add the following exercise: a twig should be tightly compressed with the front teeth while the patient tries to move the jaw in turns to all 4 sides (left and right, forward and backward).
  • After two months of performing complex, one more exercise is introduced. The starting point is squeezing one end of a twig with teeth, and the other with a hand, and trying to tear off a piece of “simulator” in this position.

Propolis and honey

These priceless honey products can be used for lotions and rinses, and just rubbed into the gums.

Propolis and honey have a pronounced healing effect, they effectively improve blood circulation, fight inflammation and nourish the gums.

Periodontal disease – a serious disease that not only degrades the quality of life of the patient but also can lead to complications such as various violations of the gastrointestinal tract, sepsis, loss of teeth, etc. That is why it is important timely to diagnose this pathology and to proceed to its liquidation.

Treatment of periodontal disease should be integrated with the use of pharmaceutical products and traditional medicines. Of course, the entire process takes place only under the supervision of a specialist.

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