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Methods of treatment of parulis at home

treatment methods and means of flux

In a situation when the cheek is swollen and hurts no one laughs anymore. And the pain is not humorous.

The only right solution is immediately to go to a doctor. But sometimes, for various reasons, a visit to the dental clinic is delayed. And here some home treatments that can take off (or drown) pain and stop the inflammatory process can come to aid. But first of all, we will tell you about this insidious disease.

Causes and stages of the disease

Parulis is scientifically defined as odontogenic abscess which is a bacterial disease mainly caused by not following of basic hygiene requirements. When food particles are not cleaned in time, they undergo disruption, with pathogenic microflora affecting the teeth (caries), as well as the surrounding tissue (e.g., gingival pockets).

Other causes for parulis are

  • wrong treatment (infection after doctor’s intervention, badly filled root canal);
  • chronic inflammatory infection (e.g., furunculosis);
  • mechanical injury.

The inflammatory process begins without forming purulence (the initial stage of the disease). Pain appears when biting, and sometimes it is spontaneous.

Eventually, purulence is formed (acute phase), which progresses from the apex to the periosteum and cannot find a way out. The hardening appearing on the gums is rapidly growing in size.

Soft tissues of the face begin to swell. The pain intensifies, acquiring sometimes unbearable and pulsating character.

Further development of the disease leads to a general malaise and increase of body temperature. In the absence of medical care, complications may occur (e.g. abscess – blood infection), carrying a threat to the patient’s life.

Sometimes the disease (especially for people with weak immune systems, including old people and children) has softly frank symptoms or becomes chronic. During periods of remission, the pain almost disappears (until the next recrudescence). Thus, a delay in treatment can lead to not less serious consequences than during the acute form of the disease.

Methods of surgical interference

surgical treatment of the parulisThere are two methods of treatment:

  • With the removal of the tooth. After removing a surgeon-dentist makes the gum incision (1-2 centimeters) to clean tissues and sets the rubber strip (drainage).
  • Without removal of the tooth. The doctor removes purulence through an incision, makes unsealing and root canals cleaning, sets drainage.

In both cases, antibiotics are prescribed as well as other necessary medications in order to eliminate the inflammation, and the patient is being observed by a doctor and passes the relevant medical procedure within a few weeks.

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In this article, we will talk about periodontitis symptoms and treatment.

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Home methods

Baking soda

For the solution, we take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt. According to the first recipe, the mixture is poured into boiling water (200 ml), then is cooled down to room temperature and is used for rinsing the mouth every two hours. According to a second recipe, dissolving is made in warm water, the intervals between treatments are reduced to 30 minutes.

To the already prepared we can add 2 drops of 5% iodine.

Rinsing is carried out to achieve a positive effect. In addition to removing the pain, the soda-salt solution helps to make the ripening of an abscess faster.

Additional effective mean (other than rinsing) is soda poultice. A teaspoon of baking soda is placed inside a tampon made of cotton or gauze, which is sunk in warm water and placed between the cheek and painful part of a gum for 2-3 hours.


Iodine 5% (which is in any first-aid set) helps when home treatment of parulis is needed: sore gums have to be lubricated three times using a cotton swab. To achieve a greater effect, on the outer part of the cheek, opposite to an abscess, iodine should be applied several times a day.


The juice of aloe leaves is a treasure well full of medicinal substances that have antibacterial and analgesic effects, influent a rapid healing of wounds. It is very good if a valuable plant is always at hand.

For the treatment of parulis, one should mix a leaf juice with an equal amount of warm water.

Prepared solution should be used to rinse the mouth at intervals of 2 – 3 hours. From the second day, the medical procedures should be implemented 3 times per day.

In folk medicine freshly prepared mush from the leaves of aloe and celandine (at a ratio of one to one) is also used. Grinding is carried out using a blender, the resulting homogeneous mixture is wrapped in several layers of gauze fabric. Medical compress is applied on sore gums and place for 2 hours.

Other methods

folk prescription treatment of an abscessFor the treatment of odontogenic periostitis many herbs, vegetables and bee products are used. Here are a few popular recipes for the preparation of rinse infusions:

  • sage and mustard grass plaster (60 grams) is brewed in 1.5 liters of a boiling water (therapeutic procedure should be carried out at least 8 times a day);
  • sage, oak bark, tutsan (60 grams) draw in 1 liter of boiling water (rinse is to be carried out about 10 times a day);
  • oak bark, stinging nettle leaves, rhizome (10 grams), sage leaves (8 grams) are placed in a pan, add 1 liter of boiling water and keep for about an hour in a water bath, rinse your mouth with obtained broth every six to eight hours;
  • brewed green tea and sage leaves (you must apply a solution when it is hot, adding to it a little bit of table salt);
  • vinca, angelica, birch buds, peppermint (60 grams), brew in 1 liter of boiling water (carry out medical procedures 6-12 times per day);
  • take an equal amount of chamomile flowers, acacia, birch buds and leaves of sage, 2-3 tablespoons of the resulting mixture, pour there half a liter of boiling water (use up to 5 times a day);
  • dissolve a pharmacy tincture of propolis in half a glass of warm water and use for rinsing and wash.

To enhance the effects of medicine prescribed by a physician one should prepare the infusion according to the following recipe: knotweed (20 grams) and psyllium (40 grams) are poured into 2 cups of boiling water and draw for several hours, the resulting infusion is taken three times a day.

For the treatment of severe swelling the following mixture is used: 1 tablespoon of the roots of sweet flag (dried and ground) draw in 0.5 liters of boiling water for about 3 hours. The solution is used warm to mouthwash after meals.

Good anti-inflammatory effects have the following simple folk methods:

  • cabbage leaf boiled for 1-2 minutes, cooled and applied to the inflamed area of gums;
  • freshly made juice of onion is used to impregnate a cotton pad, a compress is fixed in the area of parulis.

For ease of symptoms, an ointment is prepared by the following recipe:

In a water bath refined sunflower oil is heated (200 milliliters) and beeswax is therein dissolved(matchbox), add a smashed half of a chicken yolk. After 10 minutes the heating should stop.

Allow it to settle for 7-10 minutes after which the mixture should be filtered through a nylon cloth in a glass jar and placed in a refrigerator. Before using this ointment should be slightly warmed. Rub into the diseased gums twice a day.

Regarding the children

treatment flux in childrenThe immunity system of a child is weak, so odontogenic abscess can cause complications for the child’s body, such as even a blood poisoning. In a case of impossibility of immediate treatment (which is highly recommended), you can use the methods of folk traditional healing.

The safest way is rinsing using soda-salt solution (half a teaspoon of baking soda and salt dissolved in a quarter of a liter of warm water). The procedure should be carried out within a few minutes at any opportunity.

Use of pharmaceuticals

Chlorhexidine has a strongly expressed anti-inflammatory effect. For a mouthwash take water solution with a concentration of 0.05%.

The procedure is carried out for 15-30 seconds, 2-3 times a day. You cannot swallow the solution. After rinsing it is advisable not to eat or brush your teeth for an hour.

It is also good to rinse a mouth with solutions of Chlorophylliptum (one tablespoon per cup of warm water) or Malavit (solution on the basis of medicinal herbs and silver ions is used in accordance with the instructions).

There are special gels and ointments for the treatment of parulis, for example, Lidocaine or Xylocaine 5%.

For application to the sore spot, you can use a cotton swab drawn with the mixture of ointments: Ichthammol Ointment (Draw out salve) and Streptocidum in an equal amount.

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General recommendations

During the treatment you need to follow the following rules:

  1. it is forbidden to heat the sore spot, you must refrain from taking hot baths and saunas;
  2. do not use bandages, as they create a thermal effect;
  3. excessive exercise is forbidden;
  4. one cannot take pain medication before the visit to the doctor, especially Toradol, and Aspirin: they negatively affect blood clotting;
  5. it is not recommended to do self-treatment with antibiotics;
  6. at the first opportunity, one should contact the dental clinic;
  7. when a sharp deterioration in health one should immediately call an ambulance.

Conclusion. About the importance of timely treatment at a dentist

An odontogenic abscess is a serious inflammatory disease that does not go by without the professional treatment.

The described methods can only temporarily relieve the condition of a person and a to slow down the development of pathological processes.

In order to avoid serious complications (including death), it is necessary to visit the dental clinic as soon as possible. Taking care of your health is, after all, your own business. Be healthy!

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