What to do, if teeth stagger?

Many people prefer not to go to the dentist until they have a severe toothache, which can no longer be ignored. However, there is a problem, which does not cause pain symptoms, but in fact is very serious and requires mandatory treatment. The main symptom – when the teeth start to stagger.

What can be done when teeth stagger?

Methods of gums treatment at home

About 30 people out of 100 are facing the problem of gingivitis. This is a serious statistic, encouraging a thorough study of the problem, beginning with its origins. Before you begin treatment even of the simplest disease, you need to find out the causes and estimate the degree of complexity of its symptoms.

How to treat gums at home?

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What to do if an abscess is formed on the gum?

Abscess on the gums looks like a small pouch, a cavity that is filled with pus. It is formed due to various reasons. Also If to use a medical term, such formation can be called as an “abscess” An abscess is a consequence of infection in a healthy tissue.

How to treat an abscess on the gum?

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Methods of treatment of periodontal disease using folk remedies

Periodontal disease is accompanied by soreness of the gums and bleeding. The consequence of not treating the disease can be a loss of teeth. In addition to the recommendations of the dentist, there are folk remedies to help improve and facilitate the patient’s condition.

Treatment of periodontal disease with folk remedies

Periodontitis: causes, symptoms, types and photos

Periodontitis is not a rare problem, so you should talk about it more carefully. In particular, about the symptoms and the causes of the disease. What is periodontitis? The name comes from the word periodontal – a set of specific tissues that surround the tooth and allows it to be attached to the bone and […]

Symptoms of periodontitis manifestation and its photo

How and using what is it to treat the inflammation of the gums?

A huge number of people suffer from gum disease. If you start treatment on time, you can avoid a lot of problems. Because gum disease, in addition to being itself the cause of a lot of unpleasant and painful sensations, has the risk of dental problems. In some cases, this even leads to their loss.

How to treat gingival inflammation?

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