Does it hurt or not to remove a wisdom tooth?

Removal of wisdom teeth or, as they are also called, “eights” is very common. When it comes to such interference, patients set a perfectly logical question about how painful is the procedure. Everyone knows that the “eight” is a molar, and the roots are in the jaw. Many people are afraid of the procedure

Wisdom tooth removal - is it painful or not?

Description of the structure of a human tooth

Teeth are not only bone formations for mechanical processing of food, but also they are indicators of health and well-being of a human. Since ancient times, people have had to eat hard food, which needs to be carefully shredded and processed. In particular, white, straight teeth with pink gums

What is the structure of teeth of a human?

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Sore wisdom tooth: what to do in this case?

Rarely a period of the wisdom teeth growing goes unnoticed. Usually, it is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. Unfortunately, severe pain can occur not only at the stage of their formation. Due to the physiological characteristics, “eights” are located in the mouth not properly,

What is necessary to do if wisdom teeth hurt?

What to do if the wisdom tooth is growing towards the cheek?

An eruption of wisdom teeth cannot be avoided – they are included in the general number of 32 units and complete rows from the both sides. Depending on the structure of the jaw, an “exit” of wisdom teeth can be completely unnoticed, but can also take several years.

Is it dangerous when the wisdom tooth is growing towards the cheek?

Wisdom teeth
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Removal of wisdom teeth – the possible consequences

Removal of wisdom teeth is a frequent phenomenon in our days, as third molars, or “eights”, as they are called, they are a throwback. They are not involved in chewing, but they create a favorable environment for the development of oral bacteria and yeast. “Eights” often are the cause of the adjacent teeth caries, because […]

What consequances emerge after whisdom tooth removal?

Symptoms of eruption of wisdom teeth

The most difficult both when cutting and during their life, the so-called wisdom teeth. Yet they are called simply “eights” because of the location on the jaw – and the top and bottom on both sides, they are eighth. Start to grow such teeth much later than the others – between the ages

What are the symptoms of wisdom tooth growing?