Tetracycline teeth: signs of the disease and the therapy

Some patients come to the dentist with the problem of a strong discoloration of tooth enamel – from light gray to dark brown. The full name for this phenomenon is as follows – tetracycline staining of teeth. This diagnosis is based on many factors, including not only

What are tetracycline teeth?

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Methods of treatment of periodontal disease using folk remedies

Periodontal disease is accompanied by soreness of the gums and bleeding. The consequence of not treating the disease can be a loss of teeth. In addition to the recommendations of the dentist, there are folk remedies to help improve and facilitate the patient’s condition.

Treatment of periodontal disease with folk remedies

How and using what medicine to treat the stomatitis in adults?

The inflammatory process that occurs in the oral mucosa, which is manifested in the formation of ulcers, vesicles or even whitish plaque, most of all is diagnosed as stomatitis. Until recently, the disease predominantly has affected children’s organisms, but declination of population’s immunity, environmental degradation, and many other related factors have influenced to the wide […]

How to treat the stomatitis in adults?

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