Why does a toothache appear after removal of the nerve, when is it necessary to ring the alarm?

When a complication of tooth decay takes place, the enamel damage occurs, which leads to the formation of pulpitis. As a result, the person experiences severe pain. Sometimes the only solution to the problem is the removal of the nerve. Modern treatment methods allow conducting a procedure under

What to do if there occurs a toothache after the removal of the nerve?

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Sore wisdom tooth: what to do in this case?

Rarely a period of the wisdom teeth growing goes unnoticed. Usually, it is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. Unfortunately, severe pain can occur not only at the stage of their formation. Due to the physiological characteristics, “eights” are located in the mouth not properly,

What is necessary to do if wisdom teeth hurt?

What if a toothache appears after tooth filling?

Most people take care of the condition of their teeth and promptly pay visits to the dentist in order to conduct a proper treatment. Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that such interference becomes the cause of pain (as a result of tooth filling).

Why can be there a toothache after the filling?

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What to do if the wisdom tooth is growing towards the cheek?

An eruption of wisdom teeth cannot be avoided – they are included in the general number of 32 units and complete rows from the both sides. Depending on the structure of the jaw, an “exit” of wisdom teeth can be completely unnoticed, but can also take several years.

Is it dangerous when the wisdom tooth is growing towards the cheek?

Wisdom teeth
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What is the best medicine for a severe toothache?

A toothache can cause a lot of trouble. It is an inability to eat normally, to work, the occurrence of insomnia and more. In addition, it can also be accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms – fever, inflammation of the gums, general malaise. When the pain in the mouth, especially in the area of the teeth, […]

The medicine against a toothache

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