When is it a proper time to start brushing the teeth in your child?

All parents know about the importance of oral hygiene. However, almost all of them face the question about   the proper time to start brushing teeth in a child. All the experts agree that it should be started from the beginning of the eruption. But in the age when the first tooth appears

When to start brushing children's teeth?

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How to brush your teeth with a brush and floss? Video tutorial

We are used to carrying out daily oral hygiene since childhood. A correct, systematic procedure of molar cleansing removes bacterial plaque, even in hard to reach areas of the mouth. The regular procedure is the key to healthy gums, teeth, nasal mucosa, which makes it possible to minimize and delay a tooth decay. The technique […]

How to brush the teeth in a right way? Instruction and video

What is the best choice for mouth irrigator?

Everyday dental hygiene is very important. To perform the morning and evening procedures qualitatively, it is not enough only to use regular toothpaste and toothbrush. Some scraps of food remain, and as a result, a favorable environment for the spreading of bacteria and microbes appear. All of this leads to

The oral cavity irrigator. Which one is better to choose?