How can you harmlessly whiten your teeth at home?

A beautiful and white smile gives a person confidence. But modern dental procedures are very expensive. Alternatively, you can try home whitening. How to carry out the procedure, and what methods are considered to be the safest?

Methods of teeth bleaching at home

Laser Teeth Whitening: reviews, prices and description of the procedure

Among the many whitening systems it is difficult to choose the most effective procedure. Laser technology stands out among the other with its excellent results, strengthening teeth and simultaneous treatment. This is what the leaflets say to us. And how is everything really going on, patient testimonials will help to understand? What is the procedure? […]

Reviews on the laser teeth whitening

Crest 3DWhite Whitestrips – teeth whitening strips: varieties, prices, reviews

Beautiful white teeth smile was simply a dream not so long ago. Not many people could afford an expensive whitening procedure. Modern methods of whitening can not only save money but also get effective results, without leaving home. One of such tools is whitening strips of brand Crest. Features The Crest Company, having a vast […]

Crest Whitestrips – strips for teeth whitening. Reviews and description.

Teeth whitening “Zoom 3”: description of the procedure and reviews for it

Even if you keep a careful oral hygiene and brush your teeth regularly using an expensive toothpaste and a brush, it does not substitute timely professional cleaning of plaque, tartar, and whitening. The well-kept teeth and white smile is a symbol of well-being, health, and beauty. Modern technologies which are used in dentistry allow painlessly […]

Reviews for “Zoom” teeth whitening technology