Periodontitis: causes, symptoms, types and photos

Periodontitis is not a rare problem, so you should talk about it more carefully. In particular, about the symptoms and the causes of the disease. What is periodontitis? The name comes from the word periodontal – a set of specific tissues that surround the tooth and allows it to be attached to the bone and […]

Symptoms of periodontitis manifestation and its photo

The baby is teething: symptoms, terms, and tips for moms

The children are always teething in very different ways. This process can take place practically painless, and can be accompanied by a mass of unpleasant symptoms and complications. To determine in advance how it will proceed is impossible, although there are some factors,

The symptoms of teething

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Symptoms of eruption of wisdom teeth

The most difficult both when cutting and during their life, the so-called wisdom teeth. Yet they are called simply “eights” because of the location on the jaw – and the top and bottom on both sides, they are eighth. Start to grow such teeth much later than the others – between the ages

What are the symptoms of wisdom tooth growing?