Removal of wisdom teeth – the possible consequences

Removal of wisdom teeth is a frequent phenomenon in our days, as third molars, or “eights”, as they are called, they are a throwback. They are not involved in chewing, but they create a favorable environment for the development of oral bacteria and yeast. “Eights” often are the cause of the adjacent teeth caries, because […]

What consequances emerge after whisdom tooth removal?

Root apex resection – why the operation is needed and how it is carried out

Resection of the tooth is a microsurgical operation to remove a cyst at the top of its root. Usually, pus formations are formed about a cyst, tumors which without timely treatment cause negative consequences for the organism. The main ones include the appearance of headaches, the development of chronic sinusitis, a common ailment. The operation […]

Why is a root apex resection performed

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