What determines the price of dental grafting?

Currently, dentistry has reached such heights that everyone can have smooth and healthy teeth. Modern methods of restoration, implantation, which not so long ago seemed fantastic, has become real. One disadvantage is high prices, sometimes the same fantastic as a result.

The price of teeth grafting

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How much will it cost to get a denture made?

Sooner or later, almost everyone has a need to visit a dentist-orthopedist. No artificially created material cannot compete with what nature has created. If a bad tooth can be restored without the help of a prosthesis – the doctor will suggest taking advantage of this opportunity. Using special light-curing materials doctors achieve complete similarity with […]

How much is to get a denture made?

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How much does it cost to set braces on your teeth?

The most effective way to level the teeth is to use braces. A wide range of settings allows you to use them at any age. Price may vary depending on various factors. Find out how much are braces and extra costs are associated with their installation. What determines the price? The following points are considered […]

How much do braces cost?

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What is included in the price of metal-ceramic dentures?

Reconstruction of destroyed or lost due to various reasons teeth today is almost the most popular services provided to their patients by dental centers and clinics. There are many kinds of such a recovery, in particular, metal-ceramic prosthesis.

Metal-ceramic dentures and the prices

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Teeth veneers – the price issue

Veneers are called special plates that can replace an outer layer of the tooth. They are made of different materials using different methods. Their price mostly depends on it. Installing veneers can have another name – teeth lamination, which speaks for itself. They are applied not only for therapeutic purposes. Cosmetic

Teeth veneers and the prices

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