Tooth decay: causes, treatments, and photos

Dental science distinguishes a lot of diseases that are associated with all sorts of gums and teeth damages. The vast majority of them appear due to insufficient hygiene measures and pathogens. At the same time, they are not so scary.

Decayed teeth: etiology, photos

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A correct occlusion: photos, types

More than 70% of people suffer from the malocclusion. Many people believe that this pathology affects only their appearance and as a consequence the social life. However, this is a common mistake. The development of malocclusion has serious consequences, affecting the entire body. What does the term mean? Let’s consider the term correct occlusion. A […]

The correct occlusion in human. Photos, description

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Periodontitis: causes, symptoms, types and photos

Periodontitis is not a rare problem, so you should talk about it more carefully. In particular, about the symptoms and the causes of the disease. What is periodontitis? The name comes from the word periodontal – a set of specific tissues that surround the tooth and allows it to be attached to the bone and […]

Symptoms of periodontitis manifestation and its photo

Veneers: photos “Before” and “After”

Snow-white teeth of correct form – is a one more reason to smile. A beautiful smile is a necessary part of the life of the modern and successful people. It is not always that teeth have just such a look. Darkening of the delicate enamel layer, trauma, and congenital conditions

Veneers: "Before" and "After" picture

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Correction of occlusion using braces: Before and After pictures

We all know, and folk’s wisdom says: beauty is not the most important thing in a man. But we all want to be not just happy. And happiness is somehow cannot be imagined without external beauty. In particular, without a perfect smile. Malocclusion does not just make teeth ugly, but often deform facial

Braces – "Before" and "After" pictures

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