Electric toothbrush for kids – how to choose one for different ages

Toddlers grow very fast. It seems only yesterday the baby was born, a month later he or she already pleases parents with the charming toothless smile. Six months go by and, having “survived” a few difficult days, mom and dad admire the first tooth. Since that time, it becomes necessary to take care of it. […]

How to choose electric toothbrush for kid?

Approximate time of the eruption of milk teeth

For most kids the process of eruption of milk teeth begins at about six months. However, for many reasons, beginning of the eruption could shift towards a reduction or increase in the age. In the not too frequent cases, children can be born with teeth already, and sometimes first appear only after the first year […]

Approximate terms of the milk teeth eruption

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Teeth grinding in sleep: causes and treatment

Quite often people face the phenomenon of grinding teeth during sleep. It occurs for both adults and children (even very small babies). This phenomenon has different names – odonterism, bruxism. The second term is more common in the medical definitions. Teeth grinding is really a serious problem, if it repeats often with same intervals, as […]

Why does a person grit the teeth while sleeping?

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What is the best medicine for a severe toothache?

A toothache can cause a lot of trouble. It is an inability to eat normally, to work, the occurrence of insomnia and more. In addition, it can also be accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms – fever, inflammation of the gums, general malaise. When the pain in the mouth, especially in the area of the teeth, […]

The medicine against a toothache

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Gel for gums when teething: types, features of application and prices

Teething is a painful process, through which all young children go. The baby in this period is very restless and gives mom a lot of trouble. In adulthood, the people again face such unpleasant symptoms when wisdom teeth begin to grow. To ease the pain, special gels are used nowadays.

The gel for gums when teething

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The baby has the temperature when teething – is this normal or not?

Hassles associated with the birth of a child are always plentiful and not always pleasant in some cases. If the baby gets sick, and it can happen at any age, parents are alarmed and are looking for a way to help him. But it also happens that the malaise – is not a manifestation

The temperature in child when it is teething

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