Plates for teeth leveling: the variety and nuances of the application

Uneven position of teeth at the today’s level of development of dentistry is not a problem. At the moment, there are many techniques that make your smile perfectly even. Some ways of dentition adjustment are designed for use from the earliest age. One of such methods is an installation

How do plates for teeth leveling look like?

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Distal (prognathic) occlusion in human

Improper closing of dentition leads to many problems. Except external changes, a person has difficulties in chewing food. Doctors note that a malformed occlusion leads to a change in body proportions that violates many functions of the body. To avoid such anomalies

What exactly is a distal occlusion?

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A correct occlusion: photos, types

More than 70% of people suffer from the malocclusion. Many people believe that this pathology affects only their appearance and as a consequence the social life. However, this is a common mistake. The development of malocclusion has serious consequences, affecting the entire body. What does the term mean? Let’s consider the term correct occlusion. A […]

The correct occlusion in human. Photos, description

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Mouthguard for leveling the teeth: types, advantages, and features of use

Nice and straight teeth are dreams of, perhaps, any adult. But not all are owners of a perfect smile. Not corrected for childhood defect causes inconvenience to any of us. But at the thought of this correction, many imagine metal brackets or, at best, braces and, being afraid to look ridiculous, continue to live with […]

What are the mouthguards for teeth alignment?

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Correction of occlusion using braces: Before and After pictures

We all know, and folk’s wisdom says: beauty is not the most important thing in a man. But we all want to be not just happy. And happiness is somehow cannot be imagined without external beauty. In particular, without a perfect smile. Malocclusion does not just make teeth ugly, but often deform facial

Braces – "Before" and "After" pictures

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