Lingual braces: the price of a smile and technology

Reluctance to have the metal structure in the mouth is the only barrier to Hollywood smile. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers an alternative solution – internal orthodontic system- “invisible.” lingual braces Incognito; standard model STb. Presented types should be considered from the standpoint of: Reliance – static design cannot be seen in the articulation. Treatment of […]

The cost of lingual braces

How much does it cost to set braces on your teeth?

The most effective way to level the teeth is to use braces. A wide range of settings allows you to use them at any age. Price may vary depending on various factors. Find out how much are braces and extra costs are associated with their installation. What determines the price? The following points are considered […]

How much do braces cost?

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How much time is needed to wear braces?

Let’s imagine the situation: Your occlusion requires wearing of braces, so, sooner or later, you will have to agree. Why not do it immediately, without delaying a beautiful smile in a long box. It depends   on what is considered to be long, you might say because to put up with braces you will also have […]

How long do you need to wear braces

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Correction of occlusion using braces: Before and After pictures

We all know, and folk’s wisdom says: beauty is not the most important thing in a man. But we all want to be not just happy. And happiness is somehow cannot be imagined without external beauty. In particular, without a perfect smile. Malocclusion does not just make teeth ugly, but often deform facial

Braces – "Before" and "After" pictures

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