Description of the structure of a human tooth

Teeth are not only bone formations for mechanical processing of food, but also they are indicators of health and well-being of a human. Since ancient times, people have had to eat hard food, which needs to be carefully shredded and processed. In particular, white, straight teeth with pink gums

What is the structure of teeth of a human?

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When do milk teeth begin to fall out?

All parents go through a period when their baby’s teeth are changing. It is unlikely to be called the most enjoyable time for moms and dads. This is mainly due to the worries about their child. However, most children tolerate teeth changing without any problems. Many of them even wait for this event

When should milk teeth fall out?

Tooth loss
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How and when do the children’s teeth grow?

The first baby tooth is always a special occasion for any mom. It is important to know the key points related to the eruption, with possible problems that may arise due to the process, as well as methods for solving these problems.

How do the teeth grow in children?

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Approximate time of the eruption of milk teeth

For most kids the process of eruption of milk teeth begins at about six months. However, for many reasons, beginning of the eruption could shift towards a reduction or increase in the age. In the not too frequent cases, children can be born with teeth already, and sometimes first appear only after the first year […]

Approximate terms of the milk teeth eruption

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