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Electric toothbrush for kids – how to choose one for different ages

electric toothbrush for kids of different ages

Toddlers grow very fast. It seems only yesterday the baby was born, a month later he or she already pleases parents with the charming toothless smile. Six months go by and, having “survived” a few difficult days, mom and dad admire the first tooth.

Since that time, it becomes necessary to take care of it. Yes, even if it is only one tooth, it requires attention and genuine care accessories.

Why is it contraindicated for the little ones?

To take care of the first teeth, you can use the fingertip. It is a silicone device, which an adult puts on the index finger. At the end of the cap, soft short fluffs are arranged. They do not injure the delicate mucous of children.

These bristles can clean the oral cavity and at the same time massage gums, thereby facilitating the process of eruption of other teeth.

When there appear even 6 teeth in the mouth, it’s time to purchase a normal brush. For children, a brush with a little wide head and soft short bristles are usually made. The handle should also be thorough enough, so the child can hold it with his unsteady hand.

A kid is still not able to thoroughly clean the mouth, but to make movements similar to those that the mother does, he can. When the baby had enough time to rub inside the mouth, it is about time for an adult to interfere; a mom or a dad brush baby’s teeth thoroughly and helps to rinse the mouth.

While the child is not yet able to spit out the toothpaste and rinse a mouth with water, not swallowing it, in the process of cleaning only a brush should be involved. Later, after the development of these skills, it’s time to get a special paste, designed for a specific age.

The smallest children should only use an ordinary toothbrush. Electric ones categorically do not suit them, as they may injure themselves.

Teaching children from an early age to brush their teeth, parents exclude future scandals over the sink. In the mind of the baby firmly stays a thought that this procedure is required. An example of parents and discipline in everything matters and relating to hygiene ensures the health of your teeth for a lifetime.

Why is it considered preferable to an ordinary one?

electric toothbrush is considered the most goodIt is scientifically proven that the electric toothbrush is more effective than manual.

What are its advantages?

  • Most modern electrical devices are created not only for hygienic purposes but also for prevention;
  • Electric brush for less time cleans the teeth as well as common for three minutes or more;
  • The rotating head helps to remove dirt better;
  • An electric brush gently massages the gums, and this is an excellent prevention of various diseases.

 nozzle for a toothbrushWhat are nozzles for Oral-B electric toothbrush, and how to use them?

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For a child aged 3 to 6 years

When the child fully masters the skills of oral care, you can buy him an electric toothbrush. Manufacturers produce them for children older than 3 years. Why is it not recommended to brush teeth with appliances for younger children? Their enamel is still not solid, so it can be easily damaged, even once by pushing too hard.

A rare baby can do a long three-minute cleaning process, and the electric toothbrush can handle the task quickly and efficiently.

To begin with, parents should brush a child’s teeth themselves, so a child gets used to new sensations. And then – to entrust this process to the child.

On the package, the age of 3+ must be specified. Only then you can buy it for your baby. It is specially designed for the not enough resistant enamel. On the package, there must be information about the stiffness, namely «soft» or «extra soft».

The maximum length of the bristles – 11 mm. The best option is the bristles of different length, shorter and longer. In this case, even in hard to reach places the teeth will be cleaned.

Another distinguishing feature of the electric brush for the smallest is that the connection of a head with a handle is soft, often corrugated. This option protects the child’s tender gums from pressure because a kid can press the head too much and cause injury.

The handle should be wide and made of non-slip material. Most often it is made in the form of fairy-tale characters. Such teeth cleaning turns into an entertaining game, and the brush becomes a very favorite toy, seeing which is always pleasant.

A useful feature is a change of the color of the bristles according to the degree of wear. To follow this is necessary because the bacteria accumulated on the old unit can cause irreparable harm to the child.

A popular model is the Brush Oral – B Kids Power Mickey D10. Its advantage lies in the fact that the model plays tunes while cleaning, and is also equipped with a timer. That is, the child will know he has to brush their teeth while playing cheerful music.

The price for this item is within 45 – 50 $. It is a small price to pay for the opportunity to teach the child to conduct the oral hygiene and dental health.

For children aged 6 to 8 years

electric toothbrush for kids 8 yearsSix years old is a turning age when the child overcomes a certain threshold in its physical and psychological development. The kid goes to school, changes his daily routine, responsibilities become greater. This also applies to hygiene.

The child is already in a state of brushing his teeth without the supervision of adults.

The head of an electric toothbrush is bigger, and the bristles become tougher. If the dentist does not recommend otherwise, you can buy the packing marked «medium», i.e. of medium hardness.

The handle should be comfortable and not heavy. Too bulky brush is uncomfortable to hold, it is difficult to rotate, and, therefore, the farthest or front teeth are cleaned worse than others.

Brush Braun stages DB 2010 is created taking into account the child’s abilities. The material from which it is made is lightweight and durable. The head is completely suitable for the oral cavity corresponding to the child’s age.

A handle in the form of heroes’ favorites cartoon will make going to the bathroom a welcome distraction. The price of the device is approximately 25$ This product is for a long time on the market and has firmly won the trust of customers and small lovers of purity.

For children aged from 8 to 10 years

An eight-year-old child is quite capable of fulfilling all hygiene procedures himself. Brushing your teeth at this age is a mandatory evening and morning routine. The kid is not only able to do it, but also understands the need for the process.

However, many children still refuse to go to the bathroom. To cheer them up a comfortable and beautiful toothbrush can help, by holding which in your hands, you can relax a little and take a nap while standing.

Brushes for kids of this age are equipped with a larger head than for younger tots. Bristles also become stiffer because the enamel is now not as fragile as previously.

The bristles must be made of artificial material. Natural fibers are the ideal place for bacteria. Therefore, the lifetime of such devices is considerably shorter.

The brush Philips HX 6311/02 For Kids is supplied with a nozzle for children of eight years. The handle is of very comfortable, ergonomic, rubberized material. Due to this, it is non-slip and the cleaning process becomes enjoyable.

The price of the model is about 92$. This high cost is due to the fact that the device is designed for many years because it also has a nozzle for the four-year kids.

From the moment when dentition is formed, you can switch to electrical appliances for adults. To determine whether the moment has come or not can only a doctor.

 price irrigatorWe will advise which oral cavity irrigator is better to pick according to the price and quality.

We’ll tell you in details about tooth wedge-shaped defect.

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General rules for selection

Before buying it is important to determine exactly what kind of a model you want to see in your bathroom. There are a few simple rules, guided by which you can buy exactly what you need for your child:

  • The ergonomic handle with non-slip coating;
  • A small head that is convenient to fit in the mouth and get to the back teeth, the molars;
  • Bristles of varying length, to cleaned the surface well;
  • No matter how great the temptation to save the money is, it is better to buy one product from the reputed manufacturer and no longer worry about the health of the child.

We must remember: nozzles for the device must be available because they need to be changed not less frequently than once every three months. Proper storage (upright, head is not hidden under the cap and is ventilated) is a pledge that they will honorably serve their term.

Oral care of childrenAnd in the end, it is not superfluous to remind that children’s health depends on the diligence of parents. Teach a child to care for him- or herself is the duty of mothers and fathers. No matter how wonderful is hereditary, if to forget to brush your teeth, they will soon be destroyed, and unpleasant visits to the dentist will become a habit.

So why not to take advantage of the experience of many parents and recommendations of experts? An electric toothbrush, selected age-appropriately, will help to make the cleaning process enjoyable and give the child a beautiful smile.

Favorite characters whose image is often manufactured on the handles, turn a pastime in the bathroom in a fun game.


Parents who have purchased electric toothbrushes are rarely unhappy. To conduct hygiene becomes much more interesting, and the child does not have to be taken by force to the bathroom.

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