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Gel for gums when teething: types, features of application and prices

best gels for gums when teething

Teething is a painful process, through which all young children go. The baby in this period is very restless and gives mom a lot of trouble.

In adulthood, the people again face such unpleasant symptoms when wisdom teeth begin to grow. To ease the pain, special gels are used nowadays.

Signs of growth

Everyone knows that small children become moody during teething. But how do you know it’s time to apply the gel. To do this, examine the signs of the milk teeth formation:

  • Gums become of a pink or red color and inflamed.
  • There is a general state of deterioration and loss of appetite.
  • There is a constant and profuse salivation.
  • Face and cheeks become red.
  • The baby cries at night and does not sleep in the afternoon.
  • The baby shakes its head and touches the ear.
  • The baby pulls everything in the mouth to scratch its gums. It may bite or make smacked sounds.

On the background of teething, an immune system of a baby reduces, so many parents report an increase in temperature. Also, there is diarrhea or constipation. Constant secretion of saliva irritates the delicate skin on the chin, and a rash may appear. They can be lubricated with Vaseline, especially when going for a walk.

If you find these signs, you can safely apply the gel. Do not be afraid for the baby’s health, all products have been tested and will not bring any harm to the child.

Principe of appliance and types

 the use of gels for gumThe remedy is rubbed into the baby’s gums. You need to do this with a sponge or cotton swab. You can apply the remedy with your finger. Since it does not have a strong analgesic effect, it reduces the unpleasant symptoms experienced by the child, for 20 minutes.

Apply these remedies more than 6 times a day is not recommended.

Among the existing gums gels, there are the following types:

  • with cooling effect;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • homeopathic remedies.

Consider the effect of each of them on an example of various medicines.


Such preparations are composed of lidocaine, thus acting as anesthesia. As a result, the child is reduced pain, inflamed gums bothered him less.

Doctors do not recommend to give products containing lidocaine for those who have allergies, as there can a variety of reactions such as itching or rashes. The most frequently observed in children is the urticarial fever.

Among the popular remedies are:


Its main advantage is that it can be used for children who have reached 5 months of age. It is assigned when painful sensations while teething. According to reviews, this gel for gums when teething copes with its task, as it has an antimicrobial and anesthetic effect.

In addition, to it’s the main component- lidocaine there is also tsitilperidin added, which is antiseptic. It kills most of pathogenic microorganisms and fungi. With this action, it is used not only for teething, and as well when thrush in the mouth of a baby is detected.

The disadvantage is the fact that it has an extensive list of contraindications. It is not recommended for the following diseases:

  • hepatic, cardiac or kidney diseases;
  • bradycardia;
  • disturbances in the stomach;
  • hypotension;
  • sensitivity to drug components.

As a means contains saccharin, it is not recommended for children suffering from diabetes or diathesis. The gel acts for a short time. If there were unpleasant symptoms, then it is allowed to re-apply the medicine after 20 minutes. The multiplicity of use per day is not more than 6 times.

To buy this gel for gums when teething one can for as low as 12$ for the tube.

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Its main application is the removal of pain while wisdom teeth growth. Thanks to chamomile, which is a part of the drug, it has an antiseptic effect.

It is also a medicinal plant known for its wound-healing effect and the ability to reduce inflammation. The remedy quickly migrates to the sites of inflammation and reduces it. In addition, after application of the drug anesthetic and antimicrobial action can be expected.

Kamistad is assigned to remove the following symptoms:

  • Inflammation in the mouth.
  • Irritations of the mucous membrane by using removable dentures or systems.
  • With the growth of wisdom teeth and eruption of milk teeth in children.

The list of contraindications in the gel Kamistad is large and similar to the previous gel. It is not recommended to use for children who are under 3 months of age. The cost of funds is an average of 8$.

It is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendation. If Kamistad is used for small children, the rate of application per day should not exceed 3 times.

Dentinox Teething Gel

Dentinox Gel for children when teethingMost often it is used when the first milk teeth cut through, but can be used to relieve symptoms of growth of eights. The remedy has an anesthetic effect. It includes lidocaine and chamomile extract.

The remedies are often prescribed for those who have a high sensitivity to lidocaine, as it is contained in the medication in small quantities.

Polidocanol, which is a part of the drug, fights bacteria. Despite the low levels of lidocaine, it is not recommended to use more than 3 times per day. The maximum application period is 2 weeks. Dentinox costs about 10$ for packing.

Dentinox should not be taken by children who are allergic to fructose as this medicine contains sorbitol.

Dentol (Benzocaine gel)

The composition of the drug includes benzocaine. After applying it acts during 20-40 min. The drug has good antiseptic activity but has no antimicrobial effect.

It should not be applied to inflamed areas. It must be used no more than 3-4 times a day. The maximum application period is 1 week. The cost of drugs is 5$ for packing.

When buying a product one should pay attention to the dosage. Gel 7.5% can be used for kids from 4 months, 10% of the drug is suitable only for children older than 6 years.

How to apply cooling gel?

Before the procedure, you must wash your hands thoroughly. Then, squeeze a small amount onto your finger. Next treat inflamed areas with the gel, making light massage movements. If a child has already had some teeth, he may bite. In this case, it is better to use a cotton bud.

It is not recommended to apply the gel before breast-feeding. Lidocaine reduces the sensitivity of the baby, tongue gets numb, and it is difficult “to extract the milk.” As a result, the feeding is not efficient.


The main purpose of these remedies is the removal of inflammatory processes. This reduces gingival swelling and painful symptoms. Medications of this series can be used at any time, without reference to the food intake.


The drug does not contain lidocaine and its compounds are used to relieve the inflammation. It also possesses antimicrobial and analgesic effect. Gel reduces swelling and squeezing of soft tissue.

During application, the baby may feel a slight burning sensation that after 2-3 minutes leaves. After that pain immediately start to decrease. Holisal is the most expensive of these drugs. The cost can vary and you can buy it from 13$ to 17$ for a unit.

The main advantage of analgesic drugs is that they can act within 8 hours. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the agent is not washed away by saliva. Use frequency is 2-3 times per day.

Because of the fact that during teething baby pulls everything in his mouth, there is a chance to bring an infection. Part of the Holisal is tsetalkoni chloride which has a strong antimicrobial action. It destroys most viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

It is not recommended to use the drug for children who have not reached 1 year. In addition to relieving pain, it is prescribed for detection stomatitis or gingivitis.

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homeopathic gel for gumsThe peculiarity of such medications is that only natural ingredients are included in their composition. So they are absolutely safe and indicated for children from 3 months.

Most often, doctors prescribe medication Hyland’s Baby Teething Gel. It effectively eliminates the pain and can be used an unlimited number of times per day.

Gel relieves inflammation, heals wounds, has an anti-microbial and soothing effect, since it includes a number of medicinal herbs. Among them, there is Chamomile, Coffea Cruda, Belladonna.

What to use to remove the pain in during the development of wisdom teeth?

Since the process of their growth is very long, a person experiences the unpleasant symptoms for a long time. This is due to physiological causes, thick walls of the dental sac and solid mucosa.

As a first aid, special gels can be used. You cannot eat much hot or cold food during this period.

Among these drugs help to reduce pain during eights growth suitable are Dentinox and Kamistad. If symptoms persist after the usage, the body temperature rises and there is swelling, then you need to contact the dentist.


Remove the pain of teething in a small child is almost impossible. Therefore, it is not necessary at this time to disregard drugs.

Making sure that the reason of the whims is related to the teeth, you can safely use gels for gums. They temporary remove the unpleasant symptoms and give the opportunity to relax both for a mother and a baby.

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