Should you be afraid of red spots on the tongue?

If eyes are the “mirror of the soul”, the tongue – is a reflection of the state of human health. A little foolish look, people, who carefully observe the tongue, which doesn’t differ with a special beauty. But this should be done, because it is even more foolish to miss a serious illness,

Why do red spots appear on the tongue?

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What to do, if teeth stagger?

Many people prefer not to go to the dentist until they have a severe toothache, which can no longer be ignored. However, there is a problem, which does not cause pain symptoms, but in fact is very serious and requires mandatory treatment. The main symptom – when the teeth start to stagger.

What can be done when teeth stagger?

What you can rinse your mouth with after a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction – it is an unpleasant procedure which the doctor uses as a last option. Unfortunately, discomfort does not end there. Quite often, after the removal procedure, a place where an unhealthy tooth was located hurt. One of the options for facilitating the unpleasant symptoms

What to use for rinsing if the gum hurts after the removal of the tooth?

Sore wisdom tooth: what to do in this case?

Rarely a period of the wisdom teeth growing goes unnoticed. Usually, it is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. Unfortunately, severe pain can occur not only at the stage of their formation. Due to the physiological characteristics, “eights” are located in the mouth not properly,

What is necessary to do if wisdom teeth hurt?

Methods of gums treatment at home

About 30 people out of 100 are facing the problem of gingivitis. This is a serious statistic, encouraging a thorough study of the problem, beginning with its origins. Before you begin treatment even of the simplest disease, you need to find out the causes and estimate the degree of complexity of its symptoms.

How to treat gums at home?

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Distal (prognathic) occlusion in human

Improper closing of dentition leads to many problems. Except external changes, a person has difficulties in chewing food. Doctors note that a malformed occlusion leads to a change in body proportions that violates many functions of the body. To avoid such anomalies

What exactly is a distal occlusion?

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