Methods of treatment of ulcers in a mouth

The occurrence of ulcers in the mouth is very unpleasant. Anyone who has ever faced something like this knows that this problem is very ambiguous because there are many reasons for its occurrence. Therefore, there is not one universal way to get rid of it. The painful mucosal defect

How to cure mouth ulcers?

Irrigator of a mouth cavity Aquajet

Very few people know about the existence and purpose of irrigator of an oral cavity. This is one of not yet too common innovations in the medical dental technology. Almost all of them know about it only when visiting the dentist when having problems with the gums or teeth. This instrument is worthy

What is an oral irrigator Aquajet LD-A7?

Crumble teeth, what to do in such a case?

This phenomenon has no age boundaries. Crumbling teeth are observed not only in the senior age, but it occurs in young people and children. A variety of reasons contributes to the process of destroying. Treatment of the disease is aimed at eliminating these factors.

What should a person do, if the teeth crumble?

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Geographic tongue of the child: causes and treatment

Geographic tongue is a disease that affects the mucous membrane of a tongue. In medical practice, the disease has a different name – desquamative glossitis. It has an inflammatory and a degenerative nature. Glossitis is an inflammation, and the adjective “desquamative”,

What are the causes of a geographic tongue in a child?

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When is it a proper time to start brushing the teeth in your child?

All parents know about the importance of oral hygiene. However, almost all of them face the question about   the proper time to start brushing teeth in a child. All the experts agree that it should be started from the beginning of the eruption. But in the age when the first tooth appears

When to start brushing children's teeth?

Dental care
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Why does white plaque appear on the tongue?

Quite often during, before or after brushing teeth, people notice that there is a white plaque formed on the tongue. Do you need to worry when finding such a phenomenon? Or, perhaps, it is normal. To understand the issue and to answer these questions, you need to know why the tongue is

Why does white plaque appear on the tongue?

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