Dental caries: symptoms, stages of the disease and photos

Caries – a pathological oral disease due to lesions of the tooth enamel by acids, alkalis and other harmful compounds formed as the result of the reaction of existing microorganisms in the mouth with carbohydrates. As a result, the enamel is gradually destroyed, and the teeth are spoiled spoil.

How does each stage of tooth decay look like on the photos?

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What are some ways to stop the bleeding after tooth extraction?

Sooner or later it happens to almost everybody. Dental clinic. A surgeon makes the final verdict: the extraction. And it is already impossible to change anything: time is lost, therapeutic treatment is not possible.

How to stop the bleeding after the tooth extraction?

When do milk teeth begin to fall out?

All parents go through a period when their baby’s teeth are changing. It is unlikely to be called the most enjoyable time for moms and dads. This is mainly due to the worries about their child. However, most children tolerate teeth changing without any problems. Many of them even wait for this event

When should milk teeth fall out?

Tooth loss
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Fighting white spots on teeth

The appearance of spots, stripes of a different color on the enamel is a sign that signals the adverse changes in the human body. White spots on the teeth are no exception. The most common reason for this phenomenon is the development of caries. There are other factors that require immediate

Why do white spots occur on teeth?

The causes of cracks on the tongue

A pure tongue, without cracks and plaque, indicates normal functioning of the human body. The appearance of any change suggests serious violations in the work of the internal organs. The causes of these changes are different, ranging from congenital predisposition, ending with metabolic

Why do cracks occur on a tongue?

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Alveolitis that occurs after tooth extraction

Alveoli or tooth socket is a deepening in the jaw, where the upper part of the tooth root is. Inflammation of a tooth socket is called alveolitis and occurs for several reasons. Treatment of the disease depends on timely diagnosis and identification of the factors influencing this process.

Why does alveolitis occur after tooth extraction?