How does the numbering of the teeth take place in dentistry?

A visit to the dentist can turn into a surprise when you hear the doctor’s diagnosis. The fact is that each tooth has the number assigned to it, with two-digit value, for example, “39”, “48”. Naturally, it causes a bit of surprise at patients because everyone knows that a healthy person

How does numbering of teeth is held in dentistry?

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Lumineers for teeth: description, photos before and after, feedbacks, pros and cons

Very often any external problems with teeth, such as spots, yellowing, chipping, etc. are the reason why people practically stop smiling. And this may already affect their lives. After all, sociability and cheerfulness are also important factors in the search of a job, a career and a personal life.

Photos with lumineers: what was before installation and what will be after it?

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Description of the structure of a human tooth

Teeth are not only bone formations for mechanical processing of food, but also they are indicators of health and well-being of a human. Since ancient times, people have had to eat hard food, which needs to be carefully shredded and processed. In particular, white, straight teeth with pink gums

What is the structure of teeth of a human?

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Why does a toothache appear after removal of the nerve, when is it necessary to ring the alarm?

When a complication of tooth decay takes place, the enamel damage occurs, which leads to the formation of pulpitis. As a result, the person experiences severe pain. Sometimes the only solution to the problem is the removal of the nerve. Modern treatment methods allow conducting a procedure under

What to do if there occurs a toothache after the removal of the nerve?

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Plates for teeth leveling: the variety and nuances of the application

Uneven position of teeth at the today’s level of development of dentistry is not a problem. At the moment, there are many techniques that make your smile perfectly even. Some ways of dentition adjustment are designed for use from the earliest age. One of such methods is an installation

How do plates for teeth leveling look like?

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The toothbrush Curaprox – description, advantages, at what price you can buy it?

Everybody knows about the need to maintain good oral hygiene. However, teeth cleaning twice a day does not always lead to a desirable result. In fact, the quality of hygiene procedures is influenced by a correct choice of a toothbrush. The company Curaden offers its users a wide range of tools for

Is it worth at all to buy a toothbrush Curaprox?