Correction of occlusion using braces: Before and After pictures

We all know, and folk’s wisdom says: beauty is not the most important thing in a man. But we all want to be not just happy. And happiness is somehow cannot be imagined without external beauty. In particular, without a perfect smile. Malocclusion does not just make teeth ugly, but often deform facial

Braces – "Before" and "After" pictures

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What is the best choice for mouth irrigator?

Everyday dental hygiene is very important. To perform the morning and evening procedures qualitatively, it is not enough only to use regular toothpaste and toothbrush. Some scraps of food remain, and as a result, a favorable environment for the spreading of bacteria and microbes appear. All of this leads to

The oral cavity irrigator. Which one is better to choose?

Dentures: Which is better to choose, and how to choose them?

If prosthetics is necessary, each patient faces the question about kind of a system to choose to restore dentition. The right thing, in this case, is to go to a specialist and get the necessary advice on dentistry. An experienced orthopedist will tell you about the benefits of

Dentures. Which one would be better

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Teeth veneers – the price issue

Veneers are called special plates that can replace an outer layer of the tooth. They are made of different materials using different methods. Their price mostly depends on it. Installing veneers can have another name – teeth lamination, which speaks for itself. They are applied not only for therapeutic purposes. Cosmetic

Teeth veneers and the prices

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