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Mouthguard for leveling the teeth: types, advantages, and features of use

orthodontic mouthguards for teeth leveling

Nice and straight teeth are dreams of, perhaps, any adult. But not all are owners of a perfect smile. Not corrected for childhood defect causes inconvenience to any of us.

But at the thought of this correction, many imagine metal brackets or, at best, braces and, being afraid to look ridiculous, continue to live with what they have. And for no good reason.

Modern orthodontics has various ways to correct some defects of dentition, which do not cause discomfort and are not visible to others. Such methods include the use of a mouthguard for teeth leveling.

What are they?

A mouthguard for leveling is a special pad on the dentition, in a certain way acting on it in order to make even all of its units.

The linings are performed of polymeric materials (silicone or polyurethane), they are barely visible and do not cause discomfort to the person using them.

They are absolutely safe for health and easy to clean, do not impose restrictions on food choices or lifestyle. That is, they are the perfect way to correct some deformities, of the location of the teeth in adults, by an invisible to others way.

Operating principle

Before manufacturing and wearing the system one has to pass a period of diagnostic measures, in which a treatment plan is made. Orthodontist carefully studies the teeth location, determines the need for exposure to each one of them. Plaster models from casts are made, computer simulation technology can be applied.

As a result, a series of mouthguards-overlays are developed, which in a step by step use will let the teeth take the correct position in the row and in relation to each other.

Tightly worn system generates pressure on individual teeth moving them in the right direction and does not allow others to change the position if this is not required. After taking needed positions under its influence, they will be retained therein without further modification.

So after two weeks, a new mouthguard is needed and a transition to the next stage of treatment is taking place.

aligners for teethSo gradually there is a leveling of the dentition. In the course of treatment, which, depending on the existing problems can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 -3 years, it will take several removable linings. In a step of diagnostics, a doctor can predict the duration of exposure and to determine the number of mouthguards needed, and hence the cost of the course.

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Leveling mouthguards can be classified according to different criteria. The main among them are the following:

  • standard;
  • individual.

Standardized is made from a thermoplastic material which is softened in hot water, and after putting on the dentition solidifies, taking its shape. As originally individual characteristics are not taken into account, so the linings of this kind may not fit a certain person.

The second type is more expensive but effective, as it is made based on the structural features of the jaws and dentition. Individual plates are made after a computer simulation result of treatment and can perform a gradual exposure with high accuracy.

Manufacturing materials of the mouthguards are:

  1. silicone;
  2. polyurethane.

Silicone mouthguards for leveling the teeth are thicker but cheaper. They are recommended by orthodontists to wear at night and a few hours in the afternoon. Often such mouthguards are used to secure the treatment result at the end.

Polyurethane mouthguards are thinner and invisible, they should be worn 24/7, with breaks only for eating and caring oral procedures.

Selecting the mouthguard to level the teeth depends not only on treatment goals but also on payment possibilities of the patient.

Indications for use

The use of mouthguard for an occlusion correction is effective in the following cases:

  • the presence of gaps between the teeth;
  • slight malocclusion;
  • tooth displacement along a particular axis;
  • slight crowding of the teeth in certain areas;
  • strengthening of the results achieved with the help of braces.

However, there are restrictions on the use. A mouthguard will not be effective if there is a serious defect of occlusion, it is not recommended for surgical problems in the dentition, so the orthodontist takes the decision to select it as a method of treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages

orthodontic alignersA leveling mouthguard has a number of advantages over other systems used to level teeth:

  • A significant advantage of the mouthguard is an ability to take it off to eat or for hygienic care.
  • Convenience. A mouthguard is not felt in the mouth, it does not lead to a violation of diction, tightly held on the teeth.
  • The absence of pain. Only in the period of getting used to a strip, a person may experience a mild discomfort, which then disappears, and when changing the mouthguard will not occur again.
  • Aesthetics. A mouthguard is made of transparent and relatively thin materials, so it is almost invisible. A person does not feel uncomfortable when communicating, having a normal life and simultaneously solving the orthodontic problems.
  • Hygienic. The outer and inner surfaces are easy to clean.
  • Safety. A cover does not harm the gums and the tooth enamel.
  • The combination of wearing a mouthguard and a teeth whitening procedure is possible. For this purpose, its inner cavity is filled with a special composition.

Among the disadvantages only two can be mentioned:

  1. A mouthguard is only used to correct a minor deviation of occlusion. In the case of serious deviations other methods are used, for example, setting the bracket system.
  2. One such mouthguard has a relatively high price. But we must tell that in the course of treatment you need several (up to 30 pieces). Therefore, the leveling of the teeth using a mouthguard is a very expensive treatment, and you should calculate your financial capabilities before starting the treatment.

In the rest, a mouthguard is an effective and easy way to fix some of the deviations of occlusion in adults.

Features of a hygienic care

A leveling mouthguard is easy to use and take care of. It is necessary to follow these recommendations to maintain the system in good hygienic condition:

  • when taking the food, they must be removed;
  • before putting on it should be washed in warm water (the temperature should not exceed 40-50 C, as the hot water may deform the material);
  • the outside is cleaned using brushes and toothpaste;
  • before going to bed it should be washed and put on the teeth after the hygiene procedures of the mouth;
  • if the pad is not designed for continuous wear, it should be stored in a water tank;
  • if the mouthguard should be moved (for example, to bring to the appointment with the orthodontist), then you need to use a hard case for it;
  • no kind of mechanical, physical impact on the system is allowed, as well as exposure to high temperatures.

Following these guidelines will keep the appearance of the system and its medicinal properties until replacement by the next one. At the next visit to the doctor do not forget to take it with you.

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how much is the mouthguards for teethMalocclusion defects fixing using a mouthguard is not cheap. And the prize of it depends not only on the clinic which you choose. The total cost of the course of correction of occlusion is composed of several factors.

In average, to buy a mouthguard for teeth leveling can cost about 600$. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of growth disorders and dentition. But it may not be less than 3 months.

The system is changed every two weeks as a tooth direction to the correct position is achieved in stages. That is for the shortest course you will need to change the system 6 times, which is for 3600$. The more serious problem is, the longer it takes to fix it, which means that the cost of treatment will be more expensive.

If you are using a mouthguard to fix the results after the bracket system, its use will be cheaper because the teeth are in the correct position, and there is only a need to maintain it so.

The cost of the system to correct the occlusion depends on its type. Thus, the standard is much cheaper than the individual. A silicone price is lower than polyurethane.

But will you save money by selecting a cheaper one is a moot point. Maybe your problem can be solved only by using more expensive, with individual characteristics and goals of treatment.

Typically, the approximate price of the treatment you can calculate at the diagnostic stage when the doctor identifies the problem and makes a forecast on the duration of its correction and the kinds of effects on teeth. Perhaps, in your case, it is better and cheaper to receive a set of therapeutic measures: bracket system plus a mouthguard for leveling.

To buy a system to correct an occlusion is better at dental clinics and after the doctor’s advice.

Many clinics offer free consultations of an orthodontist. You can determine if this option of your occlusion correction is suitable for you and how long can the treatment be, and then decide whether there is a necessary financial ability to pay for it.


How effective was your treatment with the leveling mouthguard? You can leave your feedback in the comments to this article. Maybe somebody will choose this method of fixing the occlusion, after reading your feedback.

Mouthguards for teeth leveling are not only an effective but also a convenient way to fix small deviations in their location. You can live a normal life and level the teeth for a beautiful smile. And the people around you will not know that you are wearing a mouthguard to fix your occlusion in one case: unless you do tell them about it.

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