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Lingual braces: the price of a smile and technology

invisible lingual braces price

Reluctance to have the metal structure in the mouth is the only barrier to Hollywood smile. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers an alternative solution – internal orthodontic system- “invisible.”

  • lingual braces Incognito;
  • standard model STb.

The content of the article:

  1. Incognito system
  2. System STB

Presented types should be considered from the standpoint of:

  • Reliance – static design cannot be seen in the articulation. Treatment of dental anomalies occurs imperceptibly and their temporary use does not affect the quality of life.
  • Health – braces prevent gum disease, the emergence of periodontitis, gingivitis, prevent problems in the temporomandibular joint. They are not prone to oxidation processes and are considered hypoallergenic.

Indications for installation: violation of occlusion (the displacement of the lower row in contact with the top).

Incognito system

Unique technology for the production of the system is known since 2006. Until that time, the constructive shortcomings of standard models caused a lot of criticism due to the complex adaptation period.

All operations were performed manually, and to exclude micro mistakes in places of bends in arch wires was considered impossible. Today, the process is completely carried out and a controlled by technique.

Habituation occurs in a few days and in the further exploitation of braces they do not create discomfort. Technology and installation of a lingual system- “invisible” is reduced to a few steps.

If the version with the classic design the treatment lasts up to 2 years, with Incognito term is reduced to six months. Sometimes it is enough for 4-5 months to correct the bite.

For each patient, there is created an individual project carried out in several steps:

  • panoramic pictures;
  • a plaster cast;
  • the results are sent to a lab in Germany;
  • after a pattern layout of a jaw is performed which is simulated by a computer program;
  • the printer prints a three-dimensional impression of each bracket in real format;
  • first, a copy of plaster is performed, then a model is cast with the addition of precious metals: silver, palladium or gold;
  • ready copies are sealed and shipped to the clinic. The whole process takes from 1,5 months.

Note: If for correcting defects universal plate fits, production time is reduced by half.

how much is Incognito lingual bracesOrthodontic systems prices compared with other types of correction, noticeably exceed. For comparison, the table shows the service center of aesthetic dentistry with the installation of brackets per row.

  • Lingual “Incognito” – 4800$;
  • Metal – 1000$;
  • Sapphire – 1800$;
  • Ceramic – 1200$;
  • Children Orthodontics – 350$.

Treatment is carried out simultaneously on both jaws, so the figures are to be multiplied by 2. The average price of 1 dentition row is 4750$; 2 – 8000$. The package includes:

  • Lingual races- “invisible.”
  • Doctor’s service: Control and activation of braces for a medical term and free replacement of parts in case of damage.

A nice bonus from dental centers – convenient payment scheme. These are installments, loans, and discounts.

At a cost for a model with gold contents of the dentition for 11250$, the patient is offered monthly pay from 300$ to 400$ for 18/24 months from the initial amount of 3700$. An orthodontic package will cost 17000$.

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What do factors determine the price?

Overall, the payment system in clinics is represented differently. Financial policy can be flexible and consist of different aspects. These are:

  • marketing offers;
  • medical report;

This means that the price indicated in the price list varies with discounts, promotions and revealed pathology.

For example, for the purchase of a medical package for 2800$ some clinics are offered a 5% discount. The assigned numbers in the category of orthodontic services are averages, which vary depending on the remoteness of the region and a list of services included in the treatment.

With the elite Incognito system the high price is due to expensive materials, individual treatment regimens, manufacturing lingual designs exclusively in Germany using the technological equipment.

Into the cost of a treatment session, qualification of the doctor is also included, his full or part time involving in the process. If a podiatrist at the same time has a few patients carrying out the basic steps (attachment and removal of the structure) but relies on the activity of the assistants in the intermediate stages, his limited participation will result in a discount for patients.

The experience of Clinics of Aesthetic orthodontics shows that the exact price is determined by a specialist after a prior consultation. He assesses the degree of difficulty of dentition defects and plans therapeutic interventions.

When signing the contract, the patient knows the estimated costs of each dollar. The agreed sum is stable and its subsequent correction is excluded.

In other institutions budget policy may be somewhat different. The principle is not built on a common set of services, and in some payments on the price list. This is the case when for diagnostics, installation, activation of the system and its individual contributions are made.

the price of the installation of Incognito braces on teethWith this approach, the difference is in the final sense, as initially it is difficult to determine the final cost of the package. It is noted that the sum of the single contributions is higher. For example:

  • The full activation of the system – from 1900$, partly – 60$;
  • Removing – 340$; partial – 225$;
  • Medical examination and replacement of ligatures – 30$;

Note! When signing the contract, the price of the system removing is not agreed. It is only at the last stage when the patient is notified of the additional costs. To limit them you should point work moments.

In addition to the list of medical manipulations, the price is determined also by such important aspects:

  • Preliminary clinical measures: sanitation (mild inflammation).
  • The theoretical course and demonstrate oral care, equipped lingual system.
  • Engaging in the process of costly apparatus Herbst in severe pathologies affects the final price.

The initial consultation with an orthodontist is from 35-60$; in the regions – about 20-25$. Paid standard package includes:

  • installation;
  • withdrawals (subject to amendment);
  • monthly visits for the purpose of inspection and activation of the system;
  • aesthetic polishing (an offer may vary depending on the clinic).

Due to the high cost of orthodontic care clinics offers such solutions:

  • On the bottom row – vestibular set design, the upper – inner. As a result, savings of 25%.
  • Buy medical course in installments.
  • Select STB system of medical steel.

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System STB

The standard model is considered to be universal and allows you to accurately fit the metal system in accordance with the tooth shape. In dentistry, it is represented by 2 species: ligature and self-regulating (non-ligature).

The second version is perfect, but it is effective in a small amplitude of curvature. Internal systems will slip and will keep the teeth in the correct position, and form a correct occlusion.

Braces manufacturing technology, compared with the previous one, is simplified:

  • a series of images;
  • metal molds are cast alginate mass;
  • silicone cap is performed, which is attached to the teeth with the help of medical glue;
  • after hardening, the silicone is removed.

The treatment lasts for up to 1.5 years.

STB system is different from expensive counterparts:

  • Miniature size, achieved by reducing the bracket ligature arcs.
  • The way of fixing provides mounting brackets on each tooth unit.
  • The material is a medical structure made of solid medical steel 1.5 mm.

Advantages of identified lingual systems: an opportunity to correct any defects of the teeth and their aesthetics.

Disadvantages: salivation and violation of diction at the initial stage, the high cost. Work in this area is ongoing, and technological products are being improved.

For the price STb is inferior to Incognito system, containing gold, and slightly greater than the sum of the vestibular (outdoor) correction.

STb lingual braces their priceInstallation and doctor’s service, on average equal $ 7500 per jaw. The contract includes metal braces in $ 3750 and dental services of the common position.

The network of clinics “Smile Dent” offers the first free consultation and a package of 11000$ for 2 jaws. Doctors of “Imperial Dent” are ready to perform a one-sided re-fixing lingual Stb for 4200$. The price range of therapeutic measures to work with the standard models in the metropolis and other cities vary considerably.

With regard to children, having an insurance for orthodontics eliminates the paid treatment. Younger patients usually set clear exterior views, high school students (after 12) – Braces “invisible.” Not insured cases are inferior to the numbers from price list for parents.

During the correction of the upper and lower rows combinations of different systems: the lingual and vestibular are not excluded. To calculate a total price, add up the costs required for both jaws.

The help of orthodontist and temporary operation of lingual systems is an expensive necessity. Investments in health and beauty will bring aesthetic results.

The correct position of the jaws forms a clear oval of a face and flawless smile will add confidence.

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