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How much time is needed to wear braces?

how long time do you need to wear braces

Let’s imagine the situation: Your occlusion requires wearing of braces, so, sooner or later, you will have to agree.

Why not do it immediately, without delaying a beautiful smile in a long box. It depends   on what is considered to be long, you might say because to put up with braces you will also have not for a month or two. Let us examine the question – how much time you need to wear them to correct your occlusion.

Period of “treatment” for children aged 14 years

Firstly, why do we take this age – because before, the orthodontist will not prescribe correction using braces. In an extreme case – the minimum age is 12 years old.

The thing is that before this age human jaw continues to take shape, and there is a chance for the natural fix of deflection. As it is likely that the new “surprises” will still appear.

There are several factors that affect the use of braces at a young age:

  • Hereditary “mobility” of teeth: how quickly the bone undergoes the changes;
  • The immunity of the child;
  • Gentle dental care and products;
  • The degree of deflection of the occlusion.

As a rule, the sooner the bad “piece of iron” is put, as they are called by teenagers themselves, the sooner they will be removed. But you should not count on the fact that this period will be shorter than a year and a half.

Plus, it is necessary to explain to a teenager that after braces are removed he or she has to for some more time apply the anchoring mouthpiece or retainer, which we discuss below.

The period of wearing for adults

adults wear braces for a long timeTo answer this question is more difficult, although the above factors have not gone away.

Normally, to correct severe deflection of an occlusion, one has to deal with a foreign skeleton on teeth up to 2-3 years, but there are cases when the products have to be worn up to 5 years (presumably when the situation is very bad).

But do not give up, if you have already put a “device” on the teeth, or just planning a visit to the orthodontist. Those who have been using braces for at least 3-4 months are already beginning to observe positive changes in their smile.

What is true, for the first time after putting the device the patient pursues an unbearable pain, because of bone changes that occur, to which not tissues nor brain were ready. Therefore, the doctor may prescribe an analgesic drug.

Under no circumstances should you remove the braces, even at night, not to mention a longer break. It threatens the teeth to return to its former state, and quite quickly.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to recognize the axiom: the older is the person when he puts on the braces, the longer he will need to wear them. Often the orthodontist adjusts the period of their use as treatment goes, but to the longer side.

And it is very good, if after the teeth are “put in the right place”, the occlusion will not return to its former position. And there are cases when patients have to wear the good old “piece of iron” again.

Additional factors that increase the time of wearing braces

It is obviously, that such factor as the material out of which teeth correction systems are made affects the time of usage of systems. For example, the firm Damon and products produced by it have a stable positive reputation among many doctors.

Metal braces that were made ten and even twenty years ago brought a lot of inconveniences and were worn longer. Modern sapphire, ceramic and metal are so much easier and more efficient to wear.

A diet of the patient strongly influences the treatment time and, most importantly, the service of brackets. The physician should advise when the installation of correctors in the jaw, which foods you can eat and which are not allowed.

After all, the construction is very fragile, and if it is clear that nuts and seeds are out of the question, apples, carrots, heavily roasted meat are also to forget about. And a number of other products.

Metal models are the most durable. Next, comes the sapphire, ceramic, which over time may deteriorate. Finally, the plastic, which brakes and most often unstuck.

The doctor must also inform the patient that the viscous and sugary foods can harm products:

  • Toffees and nougat;
  • Chewing gum;
  • Buns;
  • As well as coloring products – tea, coffee, red wine, berries should be excluded if you wear clear braces.

A condition in which the teeth, gums, and other tissues are when wearing braces, also affects the period of treatment.

If the patient is carefully caring for the smile, brushes teeth, uses dental floss, then problems such as stomatitis and periodontal disease will not occur. Similar diseases are known to be very bad combined with wearing braces.

teeth after using braces pictureWe suggest looking at the picture of the teeth after using braces. How effective they are!

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We will tell here about oral cavity irrigator, which is better to choose when having braces.

Whether the period of wearing the brackets is increased if there was a breakdown

 if brackets brokeIt is not a rare thing, which is obtained in the process of wearing – a piece of a system breaks off. This can happen for several reasons, of which the most obvious is the careless handling of products. For example, too rapid brushing of teeth, eating hard foods.

Too severe stress at the outset of wearing: bite undergoes a strong deformation and it can cause the damage, so that even a slight misalignment of teeth has a great effect of pressure on the braces, and they fly off.

In this case, one thing is clear: the sooner you contact your orthodontist and correct this mistake, the less likely it is to miss the moment of reparation and to create a need to wear braces longer.

Period of wearing the retainers

For example, a patient “rewinds the time” of wear, but the “suffering” does not end there.

In order to secure the results of wearing, the doctor recommends the use of a retainer or removable mouthpiece for a certain period.

The retainer is a special wire construction, which is attached to the teeth instead of braces. Usually, it is placed behind, so that it does not even spoil the appearance of a ready smile.

It is even worn imperceptibly, as the jaw is already used to the new position of the occlusion. But if you do not wear a retainer, the whole result can be spoiled in one month.

There are removable and non-removable retainers. Wearing removable constructions is appointed to those whose teeth have been corrected rather quickly, and who had not yet turned 35 years old.

Duration of wearing has an individual character, too: if the braces are worn for 1.5-2 years, the retainers may be appointed to wear for 4-5 years, with the right to take them off at night.

Fixed structures are “prescribed” after 35 years, and those patients who have observed complex twists of molars. The choice depends entirely on orthodontist; it usually depends on several factors:

  • How long the treatment took place;
  • What anomalies were corrected;
  • What kind of braces are used, etc.?

Do not forget that in the course of treatment you will have to regularly visit the orthodontist.

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Here: https://dentistexpert.org/orthodontics/mouthguards/for-leveling-the-teeth-types-advantages-and-features-of-use.html – are the photos of the mouthguards for teeth leveling.

Period of wearing the plates and trainers

 retention period after the bracesAn alternative to retainers and mouthpieces can be more simple constructions, such as plates. This is an arc of the wire and the polymer, which follows the contours of the gums and palate.

A plate is made from a cast, it also needs to get used to, and in addition, daily clean of debris and disinfection is needed. They are worn from six months to two years.

Trainers are made of silicone, their principle is similar to the action of the plate and retainer. The product is also put on the teeth after wearing braces. Also, trainers can be used independently – when it is necessary to wean people from harmful reflections, for example, incorrect swallowing, a constant ceasing of a tongue. They need to be worn until you see a visible effect.

Period of wearing a mouthguard on teeth

Another type of fixation equipment with which the result of wearing braces is secured is mouthpieces. They remind the very same construction that is used by the boxers during the fight to protect the teeth. With the only difference that they are of the same shape as the shape of the occlusion.

They are made of plastic, and they have a solid structure. Usually, caps are transparent and do not cause any inconvenience, especially after what was to go through in the process of wearing braces.

The difference between mouthpieces and retainers is that they are removable only. This kind of “case” is necessarily taken out of the mouth before brushing teeth, during the meal, and sometimes at night. They are made from biopolymers, which do not cause allergic reactions, often transparent, but also available in color.

Orthodontists agree that mouthpiece should be worn in a mouth for the same time as braces themselves. But this is only a general rule.

Sometimes, in order to combine two useful effects, after the main treatment sharing cap and retainers at the same time is prescribed.

The decision of a doctor is affected by such factors: the complexity of the infringement and the period of its correction, the patient’s age.

In the first few months of wearing, an orthodontist will recommend a mouthpiece at night to put every day. Then, as the observation of a doctor, the frequency can be reduced, and you’ll have to put them through the night, and then completely once a week at bedtime, for a preventive effect.


When braces are removedWhatever the occlusion is, a chance to fix it using the brackets remains at any age. The main thing is to choose the right system and adjust its wearing only following the instructions of the observing orthodontist.

The time of wearing braces and retainers or mouthpiece depends on several factors and can be between 1.5-2 years to 4-5 years. During this, the dentist should be visited at least twice a year (and preferably once every 3-4 months) and you should be consulted about changes within the wearing period.

To get used to the alien structure in the mouth, it takes only 2-3 days, when you will have to be patient.

Set yourself positively, imagining how beautiful your smile will be, and how the treatment is successfully progressing, because the result will be visually evident after a couple months of wearing.

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