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How much does it cost to set braces on your teeth?

how much do dental braces cost examples of prices

The most effective way to level the teeth is to use braces. A wide range of settings allows you to use them at any age. Price may vary depending on various factors.

Find out how much are braces and extra costs are associated with their installation.

What determines the price?

The following points are considered when choosing bracket systems:

  • Age. Systems for adults are much more expensive than a similar setup for teenagers or children.
  • Appointment. If the task is level several teeth, such a system will not be expensive. Correction of an entire oral cavity can be 2-3 times more expensive.
  • Manufacturer. The most popular are considered to be orthodontic appliances Incognito, Smart clip, Damon, STB.
  • A number of jaws. Depending on the degree of damage to the tooth doctor may advise the unit to the upper or lower jaw, or both at once. Therefore, when monitoring the price in clinics specify, the cost of how many units they indicate.

Installation of brackets is a process that includes several steps, each of which is a subject to payment. It begins with consulting a dentist, during which the doctor will mark the action plan and will tell you about the kinds of systems and indicate their price.

In addition to the basic costs associated with the purchase of the system, the patient has to pay additional expenses. This includes:

  • The installation of brackets. For this purpose, the dentist uses special brackets, arches, ligature and other devices, however, in addition to the payment system itself, it is necessary to take into account the costs for additional material.
  • Payment for the work of the dentist. Depending on the clinical status: the more prestigious the institution, the more expensive will be dental services. The advantage of elite dental centers is that they use modern equipment and constantly improve the skills of their doctors. The average price for dental services is 30-50% of the total amount for the installation.
  • The presence of disease. Before installing braces doctor will examine your mouth. If he finds the teeth or gum disease, you will need to be treated.

Payment of orthodontistThese costs do not end there because you will need to visit the dentist for a lift installation or replacement of individual components. After treatment, the braces are removed and polishing of teeth is needed. This service is also paid.

Then be sure to set the retainers that secure the result, while maintaining a correct occlusion. For this, you will have to pay about 10% of the total cost of treatment. When wearing retainers, you should visit the dentist for preventive procedures.

The price of all the treatment, obviously, is rather big, but you do not need to pay it all immediately, but within a few years.

The end price of bracket installation depends on the volume of the treatment, its complexity, the anatomical features of the structure of the jaw and the equipment that is used in the clinic.


The traditional system refers to the budget price. One will have to pay for such installation 3000$. For fixing the dentist uses noticeable to everybody around metal brackets.

A smile does not look very attractive. In addition, users of the system say it’s uncomfortable to wear. Adding another 550-850$, you can buy brackets in the color of the teeth, which will not bring discomfort.


Compared with metal ceramic braces will cost 1,5 times more expensive (from 4500$). The technique of installation is similar to the traditional system. They are also attached to each tooth, but the material used looks more aesthetic because it half-transparent.

It is also possible to match the ceramic to the tint of the tooth-colored. Metal wires that pass through the front teeth are quite noticeable, so more time will be needed for adaptation.

The disadvantages of ceramic brackets are their short period of life, they can crack, because the material is fragile.

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Users of such systems say about the convenience wearing them, they are not as noticeable to the people around. For a set of a plastic mouthpiece, you will have to pay 4300$ or more. Plastic systems are sufficiently strong and can be made in different colors, so they are often installed for children.


They are very strong, transparent, so do not reduce the attractiveness of a smile. To put a raw, you will have to pay from 3000$. Sapphire installation is well polished, has no sharp edges, so the patient gets used to them quickly.

They do not cause inconvenience during wearing. Braces can be easily removed and do not injure the enamel while wearing them.


Lingual BracesThe main advantage of such systems is their invisibility. They are installed on the back side of teeth. To do this, metal braces are fixed to the arc. In the first days after the installation of braces, a human speech is broken because of the unusual arrangement of the system; there are difficulties with the tongue movements.

Over time, people get used, and a speech is restored. Adaptation period can go up to 1 month. The process of manufacturing the device and its installation is quite time-consuming because in this case we take into account individual characteristics of a person.

Lingual braces price is high. Price per unit is 5800$. It should be considered that they look aesthetically better, but it’s harder to take care of them.


Features of a non-ligator device include the fact that the arc does not have a clear fixation lock. As a result, they slide along the lock, thus taking the shape of a tooth. During tooth movement areas on which it is needed to increase the pressure or reduce it are automatically highlighted.

Thanks to the free arc sliding the patient can reduce the number of visits to the dentist. Despite careful and gentle influence on the teeth, the device is several times more effective than others.

The most commonly used in dental offices are orthodontic appliances, Damon. You will need to pay for them from 3800$. The high price is associated with a reduction of treatment duration. Due to the possibility of self-regulating, the time spent on visiting the clinic is reduced by 25-30%.

The price of the combined unit

If a patient is fighting for an aesthetic appearance, but he has enough money, the dentist may recommend a combined unit. This means that several materials are used in the manufacture of the system. For example, on front teeth that are visible when you smile, ceramic braces are set, and on the rest – the metal.

Combined systems are an excellent opportunity to correct teeth, not to lose attractiveness and to have an effective treatment. The price of the device is not high: for two jaws combined ceramic braces, you will need to pay about 2500$.


These systems include all the devices that are hardly visible after their installation. These braces are made of ceramic or sapphire. Over time, they can change their color.

For example, on a ceramic orthodontic appliance, yellow plaque occurs with time, as a result of consumption of coloring drinks or food.

To avoid this, there are two ways out of situations: to make hygienic cleaning or wait for preventive procedures, the result of which will be the change of the ligatures. The second is a choice of quality products.

For example, Reflection system is made of polycrystalline aluminum oxide, which has a high resistance to color or decreases the formation of stain in the system.

Among the distinguished manufacturer of sapphire, installations are Inspire Ice. These products not only fulfill the function of healing but are also regarded as a piece of jewelry. Because they are made from an artificially grown material, the higher the price for them is justified by the good quality.

The price for transparent ceramic brackets with quality materials will cost from 2500$. For sapphire products, you will have to pay 1.5-2 times more.

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Decorative bracesA variety of systems has brought them to a new level. Today, braces are not considered to be an inconvenient piece of iron in the mouth. Many consider them as a beautiful ornament.

Especially for those who do not have dental problems, but want to wear braces, decorative systems are created. The price of such systems will from 250-1100$.

For adults and children – what is the difference

System price for adults is higher because it uses a greater number of fastening materials. Their treatment is much longer, and, therefore, the final price is higher. The price for children’s facilities starts from 500$ and can go up to 5000$.

Dentists recommend that adults for long wearing should install metal or ceramic braces to correct minor distortion, any that will please the patient. For children, plastic is the best choice. Products made of it is durable, reliable and of lightweight.

Additional services

To give the brackets a nice look it is possible to change their shape. Brackets can be made in the form of hearts and other decorations. Thanks to this, adults can persuade children, who are afraid of ridicule peers of their friends, to wear braces. Decorating of the systems is from 20$ to 130$ per one product.

Making conclusions, it should be mentioned that the installation of orthodontic appliance is a difficult and delicate work, so it cannot be cheap. It is necessary to carefully choose the clinic, especially for children, because you will have to often go there.

Before you begin treatment, you should know the full price, which includes the payment system, physician services, additional elements.

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