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Dentures: Which is better to choose, and how to choose them?

dentures any better product overview

If prosthetics is necessary, each patient faces the question about kind of a system to choose to restore dentition. The right thing, in this case, is to go to a specialist and get the necessary advice on dentistry.

An experienced orthopedist will tell you about the benefits of

different types of prostheses and will help you to make the right decision, especially because the modern medicine has made a great progress and offers patients a wide range of removable and fixed structures, which meet all hygiene requirements and the quality and safety standards.

Types of dentures

According to the classification of types of dental replacement, structures are classified on the basis of a permanent presence in the mouth or the temporary use of them, as well as the degree of interference with the prosthesis in the jaw tissue.

  • Fixed constructions are permanent. They are set for a long time and are used to recover the missing items or correct deformations in tooth tissues.
  • Removable constructions are set at the full or almost complete absence of units; they are used when necessary. They imitate dentition and are worn on the jaw.
  • Implants are shafts implanted in the jaw at a certain depth, which over time become an artificial substitute for the missing pieces by ingrowth into the bone tissue of the jaw.

Any kind of prosthesis solves dentition problem, eliminating the cosmetic imperfections and discomfort because of missing teeth when eating and communicating.


Removable dentures for patients

Photo: Full Dentures

Removable prosthetics is popular among senior people who have lost teeth and cannot do without them when eating and speaking, as well as feel the uncomfortable from the cosmetic point of view.

Removable constructions, offered by modern dentistry have many advantages:

  • they do not differ in appearance from natural teeth;
  • easy to look after – they just need to be washed and cleaned and stored properly;
  • they are easy to use, easy to remove and put on;
  • they are made of environmentally friendly materials and are absolutely harmless;
  • removable constructions are economical and affordable to everyone.

Modern removable constructions do not cause allergic reactions; one should not be afraid of it. Local or generalized allergy may occur if you are hypersensitive to the substance, used for the prosthesis.

In order to avoid this, please contact a professional clinic, where there are the necessary equipment and qualified personnel.

Removable dentures vary in manufacturing material and design features:

  • Acrylic is made of high-quality plastics, are the most popular because they are inexpensive, quickly made and comfortable for patients. But first, before installing the plastic construction, it is necessary to check their allergic reaction on the patient.
  • Nylon construction differs from acrylic only in the manufacturing materials. They have the same positive properties plus another – they do not need to be removed overnight. Attention is drawn to the fact that implants undergo elastic deformation in the mouth during chewing and may slightly injure the gums in the zone of last units.
  • Clasp dental prostheses differ from the previous ones on the device: they are fixed with the help of a strong plate and arcs and they are single elements. Benefits of this construction include the ability to distribute the load evenly across the dentition and are easy to adjust to for patients.

Comparing price categories of the presented removable dental products, it should be mentioned to the clients of clinics that budget option is the installation of acrylic dentures, the second place on price will be nylon construction, and the most expensive are clasp constructions.

This kind of prosthesis has the know-how – the offer of conditionally removable products. They are attached to the neighboring teeth with the help of specialized devices – fasteners.

Despite the apparent fragility of structures that replace individual lost units, they serve for years and are quite stable.

To the innovative methods of removable prosthetics, we include replacing items on the vacuum suckers, attached to the ledges on the jaw. The patient is convenient to use them, he can install and remove them at home himself.

veneers on the teeth price photoWe will tell you the price of veneer to the front tooth. What is included in the price of the service?

In this article, you can see veneers before and after the placement.

Here: https://dentistexpert.org/beauty-and-care/toothbrushes/electric-oral-b-advantages-types-prices.html – We have named the prices on popular models of the Oral-B electric toothbrush.


dental crowns and bridges

Photo: Dental Bridge

Non-removable (fixed) prosthesis are applied in the case of tooth decay and the loss of one or more units.

Among middle-aged and youth demand on this method is very high. This is due to the fact that the removable structure is more natural substitution than removable.

Aesthetically, this type of dental orthotics can be used to change the shape of the teeth and improve their color.

  • Foremost among the elements are crowns, with the help of which one or two lost teeth are replaced.
  • The indications for installation of dental bridge – is the lack of a few units in a row. This is done with the help of crownwork on the teeth adjoining to the defective side. They are the backbone of the pontic and hold it firmly, creating anatomically natural and strong dentition.

    The advantages of this method are the aesthetic perfection and absolute comfort for the patient. Pontic construction feels in the mouth as a natural component of the dentition and does not require a lot of time getting used to.

  • Veneers are most often used for aesthetic purposes. They are plates of thin material, usually transparent, superimposed on the crooked, chipped, discolored teeth. Special adhesives are used for fixing the plates, which firmly hold the structure in the mouth and is completely harmless.

    The popularity of veneers is now increasing, as they contribute to the improvement of human appearance.

Implantation as a promising technology

Implants can be attributed to the type of interspecific prostheses, as they are applied to the removable and non-removable dental products. It is not just the installation element on a spot of the missing tooth, but also the reconstruction of the lost unity.

It is possible using a method of implanting a shaft in the jaw bone. Titanium shaft tends to adhere to the bone, on top of it the metal or ceramic crownwork or is set, and an artificial tooth becomes an integral part of the dentition.

Implantation is an innovative technology in orthopedics and is used in many dental clinics. This method is recommended by orthopedists, but not because it is more expensive, and the clinic benefits from it, but because it is universal and solves all of the problems at once.

With the help of an implant the tooth row in its natural form can be reinstalled, beautifully made, and it will serve a long time. The implants installed by professionals will serve more than 20 years.

Implants may be titanium, tantalum, for the manufacture of crowns ceramic, zirconium and other eco-friendly and natural materials are used. They do not cause allergies and are not rejected by the organism. Therefore, implantation is the safest method of teeth replacement.

These prosthetic elements can be installed in the absence of a single unit, and many teeth. Moreover, the number of implants may be significantly smaller than the number of units of missing dentition, since the dental pontics can be installed on implanted shafts.

In some cases, a conditional-removable construction is applied, which is, the implant without final supports with lateral fixation. The advantage of such prostheses is the ability to remove them for cleaning and washing, the disadvantage is that they are less reliable in comparison with fixed implants.

Approximate prices

dentures which are better pricePricing for the prosthesis is made up of several components:

  • the complexity of the design of the prosthesis;
  • the cost of materials of which a replacement element is manufactured;
  • the complexity of the prosthetic process.

It is obvious, that the dentures which are made of synthetic materials are cheaper, and non-removable crownwork of ceramics and metal, as well as dental pontics made of precious metals, will be expensive.

Implantation as a complex technology with the use of rare-earth metals as well cannot relate to the budget way of orthopedics. Nevertheless, dental services are now available to everyone, and patients can choose the way of prosthetics, depending on their financial possibilities.

In most of the clinics the installation of removable replacement constructions is made at the next prices:

  • $700 (Plastic);
  • up to $1500 (Nylon);
  • over $1800 (Clasp).

The price of replacement of dental pontic elements depends on the size and number of pontic units in a structure. Implantation of one tooth will cost from $2000 on domestic implants, up to $3000 for products made in Israel and $4000 for Swedish-American production.

dental crowns which would be better photoWe will tell you what kinds of the dental crowns there are and which are better. You will easily make the right choice.

In our review, it is described how much does metal-ceramic tooth denture cost.

On this link: https://dentistexpert.org/beauty-and-care/whitening/in-office-tw/crest-3dwhite-whitestrips-varieties-prices-reviews.html – you will find the reviews of the teeth whitening strips – Crest Whitestrips.


Responding to the most important question for yourself: “What kind of dentures is it better to install?” – the patient should listen to the recommendations of experts and opinions of those who have already made a substitution of dentition.

Most reviews of patients who have completely lost teeth show that nylon replacing elements do not meet the requirements of comfort because they make it hard to chew.

Among the removable constructions, acrylic is much more comfortable, and clasp constructions are even better. Therefore, if you do not want to choose the wrong products, listen to the opinions expressed by patients in the forums.

Those who need partial dentures give their positive feedback to the implantation and veneers. It is more expensive, but the quality of orthopedics, in this case, is much higher.

When implanted using computer modeling, dentition is recovered so that the replacement corresponds to the natural location units for 100%. The only drawback is the duration of the process of implantation, but patients’ responses convince, that for a good result it is worth waiting.

Using veneers eliminates any aesthetic defects and makes the perfect dentition. Whichever of these methods a patient chooses, it should be an individual decision that will ensure a comfortable use of the prosthesis.

Modern dental clinics are able to solve any of your problems and have many offers of innovative technologies and advanced designs constructions for replacing the row of lost teeth.

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