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The coating dentures: types, features, and prices

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The loss of one or more teeth changes facial appearance, leading to atrophy of tissue sand bones. To avoid this, the coating dentures are used. With their help, the tooth row is restored, returning the person an attractive smile.

What are the coating dentures (prosthesis)?

This is a removable design (photos will be shown below), which consists of several elements:

  • Basis. The special plate on which all the details of a system are situated. It may be made of plastic or metal.
  • Artificial teeth, which repeat the correct form of the present.
  • Fasteners that allow a reliable fastening of the prosthesis which remains stationary not only in the quiescent state but also during chewing. They are of the following types:
  • Attachments. They are fixed in the root canals or caps.
  • Magnetic fasteners. They consist of two parts: one is placed at the root, the other – at the basis.
  • Clasps. Represent metal hooks. Today, they are the least popular, as can be seen when worn.
  • Telescopic crowns. They provide the most aesthetic appearance because they are completely hidden.

The best option that provides secure fastening is the presence of three or more locks. In this case, the patient takes food safely, without worrying about installation strength.


what are for cover denturesThe coating prosthesis is called so due to the fact that it is installed on top of the damaged teeth or implants. Depending on the method of fixing the following types of the construction are distinguished:

  • partial – is being installed on a preserved row of teeth, even if there was one whole tooth;
  • full – in this case the prosthesis is placed on the implants as tooth row is completely absent.

We offer you to see photos of dentures on the lower jaw here. Learn their design features and advantages.

Modern technologies

Today, the most commonly used dental prosthesis is based on BPS technology. Its use gives the reliability of the design and increases the life of the product. The special features of artificial elements of this material include:

  • Lower abrasion of units, compared with other systems.
  • A large range of shapes and colors.
  • Excellent combination of all layers of the product in between.
  • A color stability which remains for a long time.
  • Ensuring good abutment of jaws.
  • The formation of the minimum amount of plaque.


Dentists recommend installing design with the following problems:

  • The fracture of tooth crown or the need to amputate part of it.
  • When a serious abrasion of tissues begins.
  • Incomplete tooth or several edentulous (complete absence).

How to install prosthesis

Installation of artificial teethThe works take place in several stages:

  • Full examination and preparation of the oral cavity, including sanitation.
  • The doctor removes the prints from the jaw apparatus.
  • On the basis of the data, a plaster model is made. Based on what he saw, the dentist makes conclusions and selects the most appropriate version of the prosthesis.
  • Then the time model is made, which replaces the basic design until it is made.
  • The preparation of the abutment teeth is made for the patient.
  • Using silicone material, the print of the dentition is made.
  • Then doctor proceeds to the most complex and lengthy process – the production of a permanent system in a special laboratory.
  • Its setting for the patient is done and, if necessary, corrective procedures should take place.

Methods for installing the prosthesis

The coating prosthesis is installed in cases where there are single roots. They are used as the supportive element. At edentulous, the structure is attached to the implants.

Combined prosthesis is impossible. Simultaneous attachment to the remains of teeth and implants significantly reduces mobile function.

Doctors’ opinion

Dentists say thatWhat fastening method is the best to choose? Experts agree that it is better to set the coating on prosthetic implants. They are more durable and provide reliable fixation in contrast to attachments on the teeth. The design provides a constant load, so the real roots begin to fail over time.

Special features of fixation

Sometimes, there arise some difficulties at the stage of the preparation of the oral cavity. The following procedures are performed to exclude them:

  • conducting gingivotomy with elongation of the crown and the elimination of periodontal pockets;
  • removal of highly placed strands or bridles.

Depending on the degree of atrophy of the bone tissue installation features can vary:

  • if it reaches the half length of the root, then you cannot do without the beam;
  • large atrophy requires magnetic clamps or telescopic crowns.

Differences of coating prosthetics from full prosthetics

First of all, the coating dentures do not have a strong effect on the mucous membrane. It also helps to prevent degenerative processes occurring in the maxillofacial part. It is provided thanks to the slight pressure on the remaining teeth.

As additional details, it is possible to use various elements which increase the strength of the installation and facilitate its application.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of using this design include:

  • The ability to set despite atrophy in the lower or upper jaw alveolar ridges.
  • The high functionality of the coating method of the prosthesis through the load transfer to the abutment teeth.
  • A slight pressure on the mucosa.
  • A small period of adaptation.

Furthermore, they can be used as an adaptation prosthesis prior to installing a permanent construction.

In most cases, these systems are suitable for patients who have a tendency to gag reflex. For their use, it is not necessary to perform a bone augmentation procedure.

Among the disadvantages, there is a high price and complicated care in the case of fixing the prosthesis to the remains of teeth.

How to maintain the prosthesis?

the rules of care for denturesAfter the installation of artificial elements, an oral health care can be divided into two groups. One includes a number of recommendations for preventive dental care. In this case, everything depends on doctor’s actions.

The second include actions to be taken by the patient on a daily basis. It depends on the individual care how long the system will last.

Preventive measures

The dentist will give recommendations to the patient, based on consulting the clinic for relining. This procedure is necessary for a tighter adherence of the prosthesis to the gums.

All the problems with the wearing of the system also need to be addressed to the doctor. The design allows to make denture repairs, for example, when the matrix is worn out, it is removed and replaced with a new one.

Every year, you need to visit the dentist for preventive measures, which include the relocation of the system.

Regular procedure

Any removable design is prone to contamination. To take full care, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Cleaning of the construction from plaque and other debris twice a day.
  • After each meal remove the system and perform rinsing of the mouth with water.
  • Before going to bed, the prosthesis is removed and placed in a container with a special liquid.

For cleaning dentures, it is recommended to use special tools. This can be a brush in the form of their interdental brush with removable nozzles and irrigators. The last with the help of a trickle of water performs an excellent job of washing hard to reach places.

To eliminate bad breath, it is recommended to replace the usual toothpaste to special means – gels, pills or powders for to take care about dentures.


There are some diseases in which it is not recommended to set this type of prosthesis:

  • diabetes;
  • impairment of the immune system;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • pathology of the nervous system;
  • a bleeding disorder.


how much coating prosthesisIt is rather difficult to calculate the final price of the coating denture using a system where the patient’s teeth are used as the basis. It is an individual process, as the state and other subtleties are taken into account.

So how much do the coating dentures exactly cost? When using implants, the price is formed based on the materials used and the payment for dental services. The scope of work also forms the final price of the prosthesis.

For example, the acrylic will cost 630$, and the installation of the implant is 950$.

The minimum cost of one design is 1650$.

The use of additional elements determines the final price. For example, a beam system would cost more than others and will be about 3375-3900$, implant cost comes to 5300$. The simplest installation is considered to be spherical, which is from 1400 to 2000$.

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