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Nylon dentures: patients’ and dentists’ feedbacks

nylon dentures honest feedback

The need to install dentures inevitably makes the patient choose most appropriate among a huge variety of options. In such a situation it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons of each type of product, since among them there is no ideal, of course.

For example, nylon has undoubted advantages in terms of appearance, but its durability perhaps is far from perfect: for the construction not to be deformed and not to cause inconvenience, it needs regular adjustment at the doctor.

What are they?

This is a removable or partially removable structure, which can be used to recover a large number of lost teeth without radical intervention into the organism. Their main advantage is the improved aesthetics.

Most constructions include metal clasps, which are often visible to others. In this same article, there are nylon fasteners, which merge with the gums.

The advantages of this material include it’s hypoallergenic. Many patients cannot wear, for example, acrylic dentures because of allergy to the material. Nylon in this respect is also absolutely safe.

When a small amount of tooth loss (1 to 3) micro prosthesis can be used. Its advantage over a dental bridge is that during the installation it is not necessary to grind the abutment teeth.

Application instructions

It is recommended to use this product for:

  • patients with complete or partial absence of teeth;
  • those who are allergic to any metals and other materials;
  • people with diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • patients with diabetes;
  • people with a dangerous profession (since the prosthesis is extremely difficult to break down);
  • patients having periodontal disease (as the use of this product does not lead to a loosening of the teeth).

Care after item

Special care for dentures will allow you to extend the service period and maintain their quality for a long time. Periodically consult your doctor for professional care.

But beyond that it is required to regularly perform a number of simple steps at home:

  • after eating you must rinse your mouth so that the prosthesis is being cleansed of remnants of food;
  • as well as natural teeth, artificial should be cleaned twice a day using a brush and paste, which will be advised by the dentist;
  • to protect the product from shock, it is better to perform its recovery and fixation over a water-filled sink or over a soft towel;
  • construction cleaning should be performed by a special soft brush as tight can cause scratches;
  • you must carry out regular disinfection with the help of special tools.

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Approximate prices

how much is a removable dentureProduct price depends on its type and, of course, clinics. In big cities, the price of a fully demountable structure varies from 700$ to 1800$. Partially removable are cheaper – about 500$-1100$. Micro prosthesis will cost from 240$ to 700$.

What do patients and professionals say?

People’s opinions are rather contradictory. Analysis of reviews are showing that the quality of the product depends on the manufacturer, and speed of the patient’s adjustment to artificial teeth, the presence or absence of discomfort, pain and other unpleasant sensations – from the physician professionalism.

We have analyzed several feedback websites and dental web portals and that’s what we have found out:


A week ago, I put a nylon prosthesis. The first couple of days, of course, there were problems with diction, but now everything is slowly getting back to normal. In general, it is not as bad as it seems.


I have nylon dentures, and I have decided not to keep the teeth, completely removed and installed a removable structure. It is superbly light, looks beautiful, and no one even notices, that these are not my teeth.

In the morning you put on the gel, at night, you take it off and wash. In general, you don’t have to take them off. I got used only in a couple of weeks after that everything is fine.


Unlike plastic prostheses nylons are not necessarily to take off at night.


For the past 4 years, my husband wears nylon prosthesis from the American manufacturer and very pleased with it. He walks with them, almost without taking them off, but constantly rinses his mouth after eating.

However, the product was rubbing at first, but as it turned out, the problem was that it was bad polished. After it was adjusted, everything is all right, there is no discomfort.


At first, the prosthesis was very tight to put on and off, but in general, it should be so, otherwise then they will be too loose. I wear them for almost 3 years, and now they are not so snugly.

There were problems after the installation of the first prosthesis: I had a gag reflex, and the construction was loose, so I could not wear it. As a result, due to the constant high load on the remaining teeth that were very weak, I had to delete a few more.

I went to another doctor, he set me a new prosthesis. The difference is very noticeable: the new I were up till now and I am quite pleased with them, I absolutely do not feel them.


I am just delighted with these dentures! Especially, I like the fact that they do not cause allergies. Of course, they are more expensive than usual, but you can find a place where they are established for a reasonable price.


excellent flexible denturesAlmost a year ago I rejected the implants, as there are contraindications, and have put a nylon prosthesis. The result is very good: I have never had anything to undermine, I do not feel discomfort and chew almost everything.

It is lightweight and convenient, easy to care for then: removed, cleaned and put back. I recommend them.


Just yesterday set a nylon construction on the lower jaw. The doctor, of course, spent a lot of time with it, but in the end, it sat perfectly. Yesterday still felt discomfort, but today it is better, so I think this week I’ll get used to the new teeth; so far I am very pleased.

Caring for them is not difficult, you don’t have to even remove them at night, however, the doctor still advised to take them off, so the gums may rest from time to time.

Jason – dentist

Nylon prostheses are more gentle to gums because they do not contain metal. Due to the translucency and a small thickness they look attractive. To install them, supporting teeth do not have to be a grind, so in general, it is a good way out for those who have lost their teeth.


Today I have installed nylon prosthesis. When wearing, it was very painful, but after a few minutes, the pain was not felt anymore. Discomfort from pressure on the gum passed within 6 hours.

Despite the fact that the prosthesis fits snugly, now I almost do not feel it. You cannot distinguish them from real teeth, even in color, it is the same as natural teeth and gums. In addition, it is very light, it can be said, weightless. They are comfortable, the feeling of a foreign body is not felt.


I removed a couple of teeth due to the cysts. Implantation was not going to work, so I decided to put a nylon micro prosthesis. Price, however, seemed high, but compared to the implantation, it is not much. The prosthesis is very good and sits tight, not dumped. After it has ceased to be felt it in my mouth.


When I lost three teeth, I was afraid to put the implant, so I decided to try for some time to put the nylon micro prosthesis. Now I am not going to change anything because the quality impressed me, and it sits in the mouth very well.


Prostheses are good, nobody notices that they are not real teeth, like mine, and it’s still a lot better than going without teeth. But I advise you not to listen to anyone, and to remove them at night.

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In this article, we have announced the prices for metal-ceramic prosthetics for teeth.

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Immediately after installing it I felt like how hard it was with no teeth. It was installed perfectly: a feeling that new teeth grew! The only thing that I, at first, did not like is that clasp is too tight, but the doctor corrected it in a few minutes, and now I feel absolutely no discomfort.


I set it six months ago. In general, I have no complaints, however, there was one problem: clasp damaged my enamel, and because of this sensitivity of a healthy tooth has increased.

But after fluoridation, this problem does not bother me. Glad that chose nylon, as I’m afraid to imagine what surprises could have given a metal clasp.

Mark – the dentist

Most of our patients come with a complaint that the construction is of a great burden on the gums. But this problem can be easily eliminated with the help of correction.


Diabetes at 52 years resulted in the almost complete loss of teeth. I chose nylon prostheses, as among the contraindications there was no diabetes. The installation went well: a high level of quality with the normal price. Of course, somewhere in the first two weeks, I felt a little discomfort, it was unusual, but I soon ceased to feel the prosthesis. I do not take it off even at night. Now I can eat normally and not only products, which have passed through the grater.

Robert – dental technician

broken flexible dentures

Photo: broken denture and perfect denture

Work with prostheses showed that the flexible articles are not suitable for prolonged use. They can be ordered but as temporary. It is better not to wear for more than 1 year.

Paul – dental technician

It is long since I have been engaged in nylon prosthesis and want to say that during this time the qualitative characteristics of the products have improved markedly.

However, they are directly dependent on the manufacturer, so you should not save much: it is better to pay more and stay happy with the lack of discomfort and attractive appearance of new teeth than to carry a bad bargain, and suffer from a poor-quality product.


So, opting for a nylon structure, you get enhanced aesthetics of new teeth: in the mouth, they are practically invisible.

But it is important to remember that it is not enough to solve the problem with an appearance of the structure, it is necessary to pay attention also to the choice of the manufacturer, the clinic, where you will install it, and the doctor. Your comfort will depend on this when using prostheses.

For the final decision, in any case, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

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