The coating dentures: types, features, and prices

The loss of one or more teeth changes facial appearance, leading to atrophy of tissue sand bones. To avoid this, the coating dentures are used. With their help, the tooth row is restored, returning the person an attractive smile.

The features of the coating dentures

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Clasp prosthesis on the upper jaw: features, advantages, prices

Clasp prosthesis is a popular and effective type of prosthetics, aiming to restore the already lost teeth. The demand is due to excellent functionality, aesthetics and performance. The medical products are of all possible kinds replaced both separate units, and the entire dentition.

What is the clasp prosthesis for the upper jaw?

Nylon dentures: patients’ and dentists’ feedbacks

The need to install dentures inevitably makes the patient choose most appropriate among a huge variety of options. In such a situation it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons of each type of product, since among them there is no ideal, of course.

Nylon dentures and feedbacks on them