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Teeth veneers – the price issue

how much costs veneers

Veneers are called special plates that can replace an outer layer of the tooth. They are made of different materials using different methods. Their price mostly depends on it.

Installing veneers can have another name – teeth lamination, which speaks for itself. They are applied not only for therapeutic purposes. Cosmetic dentistry today is supposed to meet the main criteria – naturalness.

Veneers are absolutely invisible, they look completely like real teeth and make a smile attractive and dazzling. Only a dentist can determine whether the teeth lamination previously took place.

Components of cost

Of course, to talk about the cost is only possible when to talk about kind separately, because now there are so many different veneers, presented as a service in modern dental clinics and centers.

First of all, you need to know what constituents the full cost of the service has. After all, the price of the product itself is far from than final.


In some clinics initial consultation may be included in the final cost, but not everywhere. Sometimes this service may cost about $53.


The fact is that the installation of veneers cannot always be carried out. Usually, at the primary consultation, the doctor will say whether this procedure can be carried out.

The cost of diagnostics, including all eventual examinations, can cost from 30 to 150 dollars, sometimes even more. Everything depends on their number and price itself.


This step is also associated with contraindications to the teeth lamination. First of all, it should be mentioned that almost all of them are conditional. Therefore, the cost of this phase in each case may vary greatly.

Caries is the first factor when to install veneers is impossible. However, tooth caries is easy-solved problem.

The cost of one seal depends on the material used to make it, the clinic and the region. It can range from $170 to $450. The number of seals required is individual.

A small thickness of the layer of enamel and direct occlusion are more complicated problems, which in this case cannot be decided.

Bruxism. If a person is suffering from bruxism, manufacturing the special caps can only help in the case of highly desirable installation of veneers. This will cost from $190 to $500 (roughly). The price again depends on the clinic, the type of material and caps.

Treatment of periodontal disease and periodontitis is also required. The cost of the services ranges from $425 to $550 and even higher. This is only approximate prices.


The impression is a mandatory step. Usually, it is included in the cost of manufacture and installation (fixing on the tooth by covering it).

Price per veneer

Depending on the material value of a “laying” can differ and can start from $350 and come to $875 and more. But it would be wrong to consider only this price, even if all other previous items were not considered.

Methods of manufacturing and the manufacturer himself also affect the final cost.

Specialist work – installation

Usually, the price for alignment of the front teeth by veneers is not considered separately. However, it is strongly influenced by the clinic, its location, professional qualifications and other factors.


Prices for the same veneers of similar materials can vary greatly in different clinics. The difference may be up to 40%. Too little cost has to alert the client and make him think about whether or not to install it here.

These are the main factors that affect the prices of Veneers. Now a little more about the value of each individual kind.

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The cost of ceramic models

price of ceramic veneers

Photo: Ceramic Veneers

It is impossible here to talk about the specific amount of money, that the customer pays for a veneer. It will depend in particular on the material used. Here are two basic materials for the manufacture:

  • porcelain (rather a crude definition);
  • zirconium dioxide.


Porcelain is by far one of the most common materials for the manufacture of these products. Its structure and composition more than others are similar to natural tooth enamel.

Has excellent strength characteristics and practically does not change color with time. Its use allows achieving a very high aesthetic performance.

The price of one unit in average is about $500-$1100. In most cases even the cost of temporary plastic veneers is included, which are intended to protect the teeth after the necessary layer of enamel was skived.

There are differences in the technology. First – is layering method and the second – is injection molding. The price difference is insignificant. It’s only $50-$100. However, you should ask your dentist how required product will be manufactured. If possible, it is better to pay a little more and choose the second option.

Zirconium dioxide

Manufacturing is performed by CAD / CAM technology. Veneers do not consist of only one zirconium dioxide. This material is only the frame, which subsequently is fused with a specially prepared porcelain mass. The strength of such products is slightly higher than that of even the pressed porcelain.

The main advantage is that turning and complete production tested using a special machine is made by casts. This eliminates errors in the formation of each individual veneer.

The cost can vary on many factors but eventually starts approximately from $700 to $1300. The cost of all the ongoing works, in addition to the preliminary diagnosis, consultation, and possible treatment is already included in the main price. The highest price can come to $2000-$2500.

There is another system, by which the manufacture is made- ceramic IPS Empress. It refers to the type of metal-free. The cost is about the same as in the first described CAD/CAM systems.

  • Ceramic veneers that produced in Germany – E-MAX, Empress aesthetic – $500 per one unit. However, it’s quite uncommon cases when one unit of the veneer is set.

    Typically, the amount is equal to 6-12 (restoration of the three front teeth, two-quarters/ and each another quarter) or more – up to 20 units. In this case, price varies – from $2635, in the case of the producing of 6 units, and to $5252, if it’s produced just 12 units.

    And in those amounts already included the cost of virtually all the manipulations and subsequent check-ups, consultations and warranty.

  • Swiss metal-free veneers, produced by technology ZirkonZahn CAD/CAM – the price per one unit is already – $740.

Composite models

price of composite veneers

Photo: Composite Veneers

One of the most important advantages of these products is the installation speed. The fact that the composite veneers are mainly referred to the so-called “direct type”, that is, their manufacture is carried out using photopolymer conventional composite material (and fillings) directly on the spot- on the tooth in the patient’s mouth.

This means that during one visit (not including the initial consultation and possible therapeutic action) one should be fully ready to get renewed teeth.

Average cost on the market may vary from $480 to $500 that depends on region.

A little more expensive are the products of the same material but manufactured separately, i.e. using an indirect method. They are also of higher quality than the first, however, of lower quality than that of ceramic. A major role is played by the human factor and the qualification of a dentist.

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Another type is the Lumineers or, as they are called, Hollywood teeth veneers – just look at photos of celebrities, to understand what it was about, and what is their price. They are produced only in the United States with a technology that is patented and is not disclosed. Time for the manufacture and delivery of ordered products is about a month. The cost can exceed $2000.

It will vary strongly on the number of required Lumineers, sometimes even in the form of payment – cash or card.

  • 1-2 pcs. – about $800
  • 3-7 pcs – about $750
  • 8-10 pcs. – about $680
  • Supplements may be about $350.
  • If you pay by the bank transfer, price per unit will be higher on the average $125-$130.

However, you can find a clinic, where the cost of similar products does not exceed $1300-$1400.

Analysis of patient’s reviews of this service

It is hardly necessary to give here the responses of individual patients. On the websites of each, there are enough of them. We can only reduce most of them to something more or less common – the characteristics and prices of each type of veneers.


Almost all patients highly evaluate these products. There is one of a significant disadvantage in our time – the cost is much higher than that of the composite.

Benefits to patients’ words:

  • Strength and reliability. This is an important factor. The higher the reliability, the longer will the veneers serve. Doctors say about 20 years, but the reviews are limited to 5-6. Exceptions are only extreme cases – blows and injuries, sometimes deliberate, like biting hard nuts.
  • High aesthetic quality. It is noted, immediately after installation, and after a long time. Veneers do not darken, are not amenable to color changes even if use colored of food and drink.

The best reviews for “Hollywood” veneers. They have the highest aesthetic appeal.


Here it makes sense to talk about the disadvantages, at which patients point. Among the advantages, there is a very high rate of completion of all work and relatively low cost.


  • The darkening or color change after some time. Strong color change causes people to change these veneers on ceramic.
  • Insufficient strength, thereby requiring replacement.
  • The lack of naturalness. If work is performed on one or two teeth that means they can be very different from the natural, which brings some inconvenience to patients.

You, dear readers, as well, have the opportunity to share your opinion about veneers in the comments to this article.

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