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Veneers: photos “Before” and “After”

Veneers photos teeth Before and After

Snow-white teeth of correct form – is a one more reason to smile. A beautiful smile is a necessary part of the life of the modern and successful people.

It is not always that teeth have just such a look. Darkening of the delicate enamel layer, trauma, and congenital conditions – all of these defects can be corrected by referring to the help of cosmetic dentistry.

One of the most effective ways, and in some cases the only option is the installation of veneers. This technology relates to micro prosthetics. Its two main objectives are to restore teeth functionality and their appearance.

Their outer look is very thin, 0.3 mm facing laminas, with which you can change the color and shape of teeth, correct occlusion, many shortcomings, eliminate the effects of trauma. Quite a large list of indications for which the veneers can completely solve the problem despite the fact that they recover only the upper layer of the tooth.

Indications for installation

There are many cases that show the installation of porcelain veneers.

  • Tetracycline staining takes place after treatment at the time when there was the formation of dental tissues. It can have many tints – brownish-gray, orange-brown, brown-yellow, lemon and others.
  • The coloring of an enamel in pink happens after removal of a tooth pulp and not following the sealing technology.
  • Hypoplasia – an inborn defect, which means that the entire tooth or a portion of its tissues are underdeveloped. Mostly while this phenomenon the top layer, the enamel is affected.
  • Imperfect amylogenesis – enamel hypoplasia due to the presence of the mutant gene.
  • Fluorosis, the so-called speckled disease – the appearance of numerous brown or white spots on the surface, associated with the glut of fluorine.
  • Erosion of the enamel, when an affection is frank – second and third degree of damage to the front part of the front.
  • The wedge-shaped defect – enamel affection is not associated with the appearance of dental caries, which is expressed outwardly by an appearance of a kind of a step wedge-shaped in place of a neck of the tooth (the place of contact with the gums).
  • Lack of quality enamel which manifests itself in its strong abrasion. This leads to changes in the edge shapes, common hue, an occurrence of splitting, and blackening defects.
  • Neglected caries is when affection is already visible on the outside of the front teeth, or cover it.
  • A demineralization of an enamel is possible, which can occur, in particular, after orthodontic treatment, braces removal.
  • diastema treatment before VeneersA diastema treatment (too long distance between the two central incisors) and three (an option when there are gaps on both jaws, not only in the center).

    Installation of veneers is used if such treatment is not possible or not desirable using orthodontic techniques.

  • Breakdowns and splits, which appears as a result of the mechanical trauma or an impact.
  • The darkening that occurs naturally because of the age or a constant use of dyes.

lining the teeth veneers pricesApproximate prices for the teeth veneers lining will be named by our specialists.

We will talk here about which denture is better to set.

By the link: https://dentistexpert.org/beauty-and-care/toothbrushes/electric-oral-b-advantages-types-prices.html – Oral-B electric toothbrush nozzles are described.

Examples of installing

There are specific examples beneath where various problems were resolved with the help of micro prosthetics using veneers.


The patient was observed to have a gap between the two pairs of upper front teeth. Another “twains” are slightly displaced (twisted) along its right axis. Furthermore, the lower edge of one central was lower than the adjacent edge.

One of the advantages of componeers is that the end result can be obtained directly on the day of treatment. No time-consuming procedure of processing the initial work with a tooth. In addition, the client gets the result that is already known to him, since they use the factory composite laminates, selected by color.

In order to solve the customer’s problem, 4 componeers are set on the upper teeth. All defects are completely eliminated: the two central teeth are of the same length, and the second teeth are of a slightly larger size and are correctly located, not “falling out” of the entire row. Problems with the selection of a color to match the other teeth have arisen as the natural enamel hue of a patient is of milk color.

The customer complains of a very strong abrasion of the upper layer of the teeth and all associated with this, not pleasant appearance. The teeth had jagged edges, were of strong brown color, the edges of canines were practically skived.

It was decided to establish componeers for six front teeth on the upper jaw. As a result, the restored teeth look naturally, the defective cutting edge is eliminated, perfectly matched tint is chosen, the correct form of the canines is made.

Ceramic veneers to correct the effects of trauma

As a result, of the traumatic impact in the game of hockey, during which no adequate protective measures were used numerous splits are formed on the front teeth, quite a large part is broken off. Furthermore, too noticeable color change is observed in several places. Such manifestations are possible because of the implicit hidden injuries.

A direct method was used for the first case. This is taking all procedures during one day when the composite materials are applied in layers. After a few years, the appearance is strongly deteriorated – there are cracks, numerous darkening, the detachment of the applied material.

ceramic veneersInstalling ceramic veneers allow for about 15 years not to worry about the appearance of your teeth and smile aesthetics. Therefore, the client decided to hold such micro prosthetics.

Besides the above-described defects, there is a displacement of the upper row of teeth in the direction of the line of symmetry. To eliminate this special laser with which the circuit can be adjusted gum was used. This procedure is not only safe but also painless.

Before the gum tissue finally heals, the patient wears a temporary veneer, which also perform the function of protection.

Final restoration includes the installation of four porcelain veneers, which greatly improved the appearance without loss of naturalness, as the color was selected, the shape and the small details that make the natural look of enamel.

Aesthetic solution

All of the front teeth had a rather dark, brown tint. They were not symmetrical – because of too dense arrangement, some of the teeth were “squeezed out” of the line of proper growth. This is especially observed in the lower jaw. In the top row of first and second had a considerably different form.

In this case, the client asked to do a number of restorations of all things visible as the bottom and top. For this purpose, we used 20 porcelain veneers – five on each side of both jaws.

With this restoration, you do not pick a tint of future dental structures and to select the one that liked the customer, for example, to make a dazzling white smile. To spot the difference from a natural enamel can only dentist at the reception, as all visible teeth have exactly the same look.

Aesthetic correction after orthodontic treatment

In many cases after orthodontic treatment, only dentition is corrected, that is occlusion. With such a treatment it is not possible to correct the shape and color. If there were spots, darkening of enamel, cracks, and / or splits, then they will remain afterward.

Here is one example, where the look is completely unsatisfactory although the teeth are straight and healthy.

  1. The form of incisor did not allow to completely remove the gap. In addition, the color and transparency were very different from the natural, as there were earlier attempts to restore by a direct method using a light-cured material.
  2. While orthodontic treatment to correct the “twisted” position separation method was successfully applied. Its consequence is an unbalanced cutting edge, both in the top and in the bottom row.

After inspecting the dentist will suggest you an option that does not include the adjustment of the two front incisors, despite the fact that they stand at bit different levels. It was decided to install six ceramic veneers – on both, the top “second teeth” and the four lower front – “second teeth” and “first teeth”.

The result is a completely natural and beautiful smile, since neither transparency nor tint of installed structures do not differ from natural, and the two rows (upper and lower) have a smooth edge line.

dental crowns which would be better photoWe will figure out, which dental crowns would be better and we will look at its photo.

And so here – prices for the teething gums gels are named.

Here: https://dentistexpert.org/orthodontics/braces/how-much-time-is-needed-to-wear.html – Read, how much it is needed to wear the braces for complete correction of malocclusion.

Restoration with 20 of ceramic veneers

20 of ceramic veneersCondition and appearance were completely unsatisfactory and caused concern. The fact is that after the removal of the six in the lower jaw, the other teeth began to shift slightly to fill the vacant spot.

Enamel was initially not hard enough, that is why there was its quite noticeable abrasion. The edges became of irregularly flat shape. And the teeth had a shaped like a petal, but strongly curved downward.

In places, of bending, there were numerous damages, splits, and stains. The color of enamel – brown-yellow – was even spoiling the existing picture. The solution for such a case is a complete restoration of all visible tooth and placement of an additional implant. The implant has a metal-ceramic crown; the color is fully consistent with the chosen tint of veneers installed.

In this case, the installation of temporary structures, performs aesthetic and protective functions is obligatory. They are placed after all the preparatory procedures after removing the impression and stay while there is a constant production of ceramic veneers.

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